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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: thomas
Priority: normal Milestone: 10.0
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New minor version

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comment:1 by thomas, 3 years ago

1.14 is new LTS-version. See

From :

Version 1.14.0
(27 May 2020, from /branches/1.14.x)

 User-visible changes:
  - Minor new features and improvements:
    * Experimental shelving feature is now disabled by default (r1875039)
    * Reinstate support for experimental shelving v2 from SVN 1.11 (r1875037)
    * Introduce 'svnadmin build-repcache' command (r1875921 et al)

  - Client-side improvements and bugfixes:
    * Add 'changelist' option to 'svn info --show-item' (r1869481)
    * Allow simultaneous use of 'svn log' --quiet and --diff options (r1871916)
    * Fix 'svn info' for file that was inside replaced directory (issue #4837)
    * Don't abort if the server redirects to a non-canonical URL (r1873375)
    * Fix merge assertion failure in svn_sort__array_insert (issue #4840)
    * Escape filenames when invoking $SVN_EDITOR (r1874057 et al)
    * Small performance optimization for FSFS rep-cache.db (r1875918)
    * Fix a crash seen when using git-svn with kwallet (r1875680)

  - Server-side improvements and bugfixes:
    * Fix 'svnadmin load --normalize-props' for versioned properties (r1868203)
    * prevent SMTP errors from impeding later emails (issue #1804)
    * Add option to specify the SMTP port to connect to (r1872398)
    * Make work on Python 3 
    * Fix handling for non-ASCII characters (r1874393)
    * Fix an undefined behavior problem in FSFS caching code (r1876054)

 Developer-visible changes:
    * Require at least version 1.5 of APR (r1874094)
    * Support Python3 in the py-swig bindings; requires py3c (r1869354 et al)
    * Support building with SWIG 4 on Python 3.x (r1869853)
    * Fix svnserveautocheck for Python 3 (r1868151)
    * Support Python 3 in addition to Python 2 (r1871211)
    * Fix warnings in Ruby bindings with Ruby >= 2.7 (r1876020)

Note: New dependency on py3c when building SWIG

comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Note that python2 support will be removed at a later point release of subversion.

SWIG bindings for the languages we have available are definitely needed for packages such as nmap (for it's update script) and for Mercurial (which uses the python bindings).

We'll probably need to add py3c to the book if it's not in there already.

comment:3 by thomas, 3 years ago

py3c required:

checking for py3c.h... no
configure: WARNING: py3c library not found; disabling python swig bindings

comment:4 by thomas, 3 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to thomas
Status: newassigned

comment:5 by thomas, 3 years ago

Add new Python3 module (to enable the swig in subversion)

junit java archive (to run java tests in subversion): Place it somewhere on the system (e.g. /usr/local/java/lib/)

Add LANG= to the checks. At least the java test produces failures when language is non-englisch

LANG= make check-javahl

comment:6 by thomas, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed in r23213

comment:7 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Milestone: 9.210,0

Milestone renamed

comment:8 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Milestone: 10,010.0

Milestone renamed

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