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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Hey hey,

This is a new major release of ModemManager, which will be the base for the 1.14.x stable series (the new "mm-1-14" branch in git). The release has been tagged as "1.14.0".

Thanks to everyone involved!

ModemManager 1.14.0

The following notes are directed to package maintainers:

 * This version requires:
   ** GLib/GObject/GIO >= 2.48.0
   ** libmbim >= 1.24.0 (for the optional MBIM support)
   ** libqmi >= 1.26.0 (for the optional QMI support)

 * Build updated with several improvements:
   ** The build has been updated to use by default all warnings enabled by AX_COMPILER_FLAGS(), and therefore when building the release from a git checkout, autoconf-archive >= 2017.03.21 is now required. This new build dependency isn't required when building from the release tarball.
   ** Also when building from a git checkout, beware because by default --enable-compile-warnings=error is enabled, which implies -Werror. If you'd like to build from git and avoid -Werror, you should explicitly use --enable-compile-warnings=yes (to keep the warnings but without being errors), --enable-compile-warnings=no (to disable all the extra warnings enabled by default) or --disable-Werror (to unconditionally make all compiler warnings non-fatal).
   ** Users can now preselect which plugins to build and install during configure, with the --enable-plugin-[PLUGIN-NAME] options. The user can also build and install all except for some, just by using the --enable-all-plugins option followed by --disable-plugin-[PLUGIN-NAME]. By default all plugins are enabled, so all of them built and installed. This new set of options are useful for users building custom systems where they already know what kind of devices they're going to have, it isn't recommended for standard distributions.

The only updates in the public API are the following:

 * Modem interface:
   ** Added support for AT-based and/or QMI-based 5G devices, which will report the new MM_MODEM_CAPABILITY_5GNR capability.
   ** Deprecated the MM_MODEM_CAPABILITY_LTE_ADVANCED capability, as it was never used in any implementation.

 * Bearer interface:
   ** Added additional 'attempts', 'failed-attempts', 'total-rx-bytes', 'total-tx-bytes' and 'total-duration' values in the 'Stats' property exposed by the Bearer objects.

The most important features and changes in this release are the following:

 * The daemon switched to 'STRICT' filter mode by default. The old 'DEFAULT' mode is renamed to 'LEGACY' and is considered now deprecated. Under the 'STRICT' filter mode, the TTY blacklist and greylist are ignored, and the port probing mechanism uses its own heuristics to guess whether a given TTY is owned by a modem or not.

 * Added a new implicit whitelist rules applicable in 'STRICT' filter mode, so that all devices with a USB vid matching one of the vids allowed by the different installed plugins are implicitly allowed.

 * Updated daemon logging so that we always prefix the messages with a string identifying which modem the log refers to, making it easy to grep logs for one specific device if the system has more than one.

 * Updated the probing logic to make sure we don't attempt a re-probe when the device is gone.

 * Probing logic now allows new ports detected up to 1500ms since last port added, useful on OpenWrt setups where ports are notified one by one via hotplug events.

 * AT:
   ** Moved the charset definition logic to the initialization phase instead of the enabling phase, because the feature support checks may already require string processing based on the current charset.
   ** Updated manual registration operation to attempt using current charset (e.g. UCS2) if ASCII fails.

 * QMI:
   ** Devices using the LOC service for GNSS will now also setup the list of required NMEA traces before starting the engine.
   ** Implemented 3GPP USSD support using the Voice service.
   ** Update carrier code if registration changes from one roaming operator to another.
   ** Explicitly disable autoconnect during modem enabling phase, because it interferes with our connection management logic.
   ** Fallback to raw-ip if WDA Get Data Format requests arguments, as in most new 5G devices.
   ** Updated to always use the asynchronous close() operation.
   ** Handle disconnection indications during connection attempts.

 * MBIM:
   ** Update carrier code if registration changes from one roaming operator to another.
   ** Implement reset in Intel-based and Qualcomm-based devices.
   ** Avoid LTE attach config/status if unsupported.
   ** Updated to make sure all allocated QMI CIDs are released during shutdown.

 * SIM interface:
   ** Don't allow sending PIN/PUK if not required.

 * 3GPP interface:
   ** Fixed manual re-registration to the same operator.

 * CDMA interface:
   ** Don't allow multiple concurrent activation attempts.
   ** Disallow empty carrier code in automatic activation.

 * Bearer interface:
   ** Updated to avoid connection checks or stats updates while disconnecting.

 * libmm-glib:
   ** New 'mm_location_gps_nmea_get_traces()' method to retrieve a NULL terminated array of strings with all cached NMEA traces.
   ** Deprecated the 'mm_location_gps_nmea_build_full()' method.

 * mmcli:
   ** Added a new 'any' lookup keyword for the --modem and --sim options, useful
      when the system is only expected to have one single device.

 * Plugins:
   ** broadmobi: new plugin, right now just with port type hints for the BM818.
   ** foxconn: new plugin to support the T77W968 (both with and without eSIM).
   ** dell,dw5821e: added support for the DW5821e with eSIM variant.
   ** huawei: don't delay reporting network initiated disconnects.
   ** huawei: try to read port type hints from interface descriptions.
   ** huawei: avoid using the QCDM port during a voice call.
   ** cinterion: skip sim ready check for modules that don't support it.
   ** cinterion: implemented radio/band handling for LTE modems.
   ** cinterion: added Signal interface support bsaed on AT^SMONI.
   ** cinterion: added support for MBIM based devices like the PLS62-W.
   ** quectel: updated to detect SIM hot swap via +QUSIM URCs.
   ** fibocom: added support for QMI based devices like the FM150.
   ** ublox: ignore error when disconnecting last LTE bearer.
   ** ublox: implement support to enable and detect +UUDTMF URCs.
   ** ublox: added blacklist rules for GPS modules in the plugin itself.
   ** sierra: implement manual and automatic CDMA activation.
   ** novatel: implement manual and automatic CDMA activation.

All the features and fixes which were backported to 1.12.x releases are also present in ModemManager 1.14.0.


comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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Fixed at r23323

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