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New version.

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Patch 357 - 2020/07/05

  • several minor optimizations for the ReGIS and SIXEL features, improving performance by 10%.
  • add resource decGraphicsID to allow displaying graphics when the emulation level would ordinarily disallow this.
  • add control sequences for fast switching of color palettes: XTPUSHCOLORS, XTPOPCOLORS, XTREPORTCOLORS
  • amend change for soft-hyphen from patch 328 to avoid stripping replacement-characters which would be shown with malformed or overlong UTF-8 input.
  • corrected an error-handling case in decodeUtf8, matching a similar fix in patch 268.
  • add a test-driver for ptydata.c
  • minor cleanup of macros.
  • fix some errata in
  • allow immediate repaint-on-palette-changed if double-buffering is enabled.
  • deprecate codes 10/11 in sgr push controls, changing those to 30/31, to avoid confusion with sgr 10-19.
  • modify SGR parameter handling to stop if an unrecognized parameter is encountered, to guard against malformed or nonstandard sequences.
  • modify DECERA color for consistency with other erasures/clearing.
  • ECH should not be masked by DECSCA.
  • extend DECFRA and REP to accept any “graphic” character rather than just Latin1, etc.
  • add -C option to and, to demonstrate mixed semicolon/colon separators which are implied by ECMA-48.
  • update sample terminfo to reflect the documentation improvements.
  • update description of 88/256/direct color in to point out that using semicolons is a deprecated legacy feature, and standard terminal applications should use colons.
  • modify configure-check for tgetent to conditionally include termcap.h, enabling configuration using clang's pedantic-errors option. See Other Compatibility in ncurses' curs_termcap(3X).
  • remove some unnecessary pointer checks.
  • accept terminal-id and add DA response for VT131, VT132.

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 23366.

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Milestone: 9.210,0

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Milestone: 10,010.0

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