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New point version.

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2020-07-22, Version 12.18.3 'Erbium' (LTS), @codebytere
Notable Changes

        upgrade npm to 6.14.6 (claudiahdz) #34246
        update node-inspect to v2.0.0 (Jan Krems) #33447
        uvwasi: cherry-pick 9e75217 (Colin Ihrig) #33521


    [0d79c533ef] - async_hooks: callback trampoline for MakeCallback (Stephen Belanger) #33801
    [bfffb977ad] - benchmark: fix async-resource benchmark (Anna Henningsen) #33642
    [09277fa5e4] - benchmark: fixing http_server_for_chunky_client.js (Adrian Estrada) #33271
    [5a6d80f25f] - buffer: remove hoisted variable (Nikolai Vavilov) #33470
    [e057189ee8] - build: configure byte order for mips targets (Ben Noordhuis) #33898
    [d77eaeefb8] - build: add target specific build_type variable (Daniel Bevenius) #33925
    [d56585ec8d] - build: add LINT_CPP_FILES to checkimports check (Daniel Bevenius) #33697
    [a5ce90c46b] - build: add --v8-lite-mode flag (Maciej Kacper Jagiełło) #33541
    [11dad02e50] - build: fix python-version selection with actions (Richard Lau) #33589
    [bba41bf6e1] - build: fix makefile script on windows (Thomas) #33136
    [817f6593ee] - configure: account for CLANG_VENDOR when checking for llvm version (Nathan Blair) #33860
    [a9c5b3348c] - console: name console functions appropriately (Ruben Bridgewater) #33524
    [d8365bc71e] - console: mark special console properties as non-enumerable (Ruben Bridgewater) #33524
    [80782cb261] - console: remove dead code (Ruben Bridgewater) #33524
    [18dc03d6a5] - crypto: fix wrong error message (Ben Bucksch) #33482
    [b64963e5c3] - deps: upgrade npm to 6.14.6 (claudiahdz) #34246
    [9ee9688fe0] - deps: uvwasi: cherry-pick 9e75217 (Colin Ihrig) #33521
    [8803d7e8cf] - deps: update node-inspect to v2.0.0 (Jan Krems) #33447
    [5d3f818e9e] - dns: make dns.Resolver timeout configurable (Ben Noordhuis) #33472
    [10b88cb117] - dns: use ternary operator simplify statement (Wenning Zhang) #33234
    [fbd6fe5839] - doc: update code language flag for internal doc (Rich Trott) #33852
    [24fd15778a] - doc: specify maxHeaderCount alias for maxHeaderListPairs (Pranshu Srivastava) #33519
    [04ceeaf5eb] - doc: add allowed info strings to style guide (Derek Lewis) #34024
    [ee36c87fd7] - doc: clarify thread-safe function references (legendecas) #33871
    [30b5e76ffd] - doc: use npm team for npm upgrades in collaborator guide (Rich Trott) #33999
    [06937249d0] - doc: correct default values in http2 docs (Rich Trott) #33997
    [498dfba33a] - doc: use a single space between sentences (Rich Trott) #33995
    [47ea3067d0] - doc: revise text in dns module documentation introduction (Rich Trott) #33986
    [f29f77f111] - doc: update (Shakil-Shahadat) #33820
    [ddc5afdddc] - doc: warn that tls.connect() doesn't set SNI (Alba Mendez) #33855
    [732b80b474] - doc: fix lexical sorting of bottom-references in dns doc (Rich Trott) #33987
    [6af2ed3fdc] - doc: change "GitHub Repo" to "Code repository" (Rich Trott) #33985
    [322a51e582] - doc: use Class: consistently (Rich Trott) #33978
    [410b23398d] - doc: update WASM code sample (Pragyan Das) #33626
    [335f405f1b] - doc: link readable._read in (Pranshu Srivastava) #33767
    [3789c28c89] - doc: specify default encoding in writable.write (Pranshu Srivastava) #33765
    [5609b17e2d] - doc: move --force-context-aware option in (Daniel Bevenius) #33823
    [f39ee7d245] - doc: add snippet for AsyncResource and EE integration (Andrey Pechkurov) #33751
    [f8baeccaaa] - doc: use single quotes in --tls-cipher-list (Daniel Bevenius) #33709
    [4654e2321b] - doc: fix misc. mislabeled code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33548
    [046dee6eb3] - doc: update V8 inspector example (Colin Ihrig) #33758
    [d547d1c1bc] - doc: fix linting in (Pranshu Srivastava) #33787
    [3b437416d5] - doc: add formatting for version numbers to (Rich Trott) #33755
    [b00996ce35] - doc: remove "currently" from (Rich Trott) #33756
    [7595d15286] - doc: remove "currently" from (Rich Trott) #33756
    [36a8af7a5e] - doc: remove "currently" from (Rich Trott) #33756
    [27e797687f] - doc: remove "currently" from (Rich Trott) #33756
    [94ac13678d] - doc: change "pre Node.js v0.10" to "prior to Node.js 0.10" (Rich Trott) #33754
    [f1a810880e] - doc: normalize C++ code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33483
    [289d0bf105] - doc: remove default parameter value from header (Rich Trott) #33752
    [35cee03849] - doc: remove shell dollar signs without output (Nick Schonning) #33692
    [d10fac73a3] - doc: add lint disabling comment for collaborator list (Rich Trott) #33719
    [8dbf3349d0] - doc: fix urls to avoid redirection (sapics) #33614
    [5416635677] - doc: improve a tiny bit (Tom Nagle) #33547
    [a3b6095db1] - doc: normalize Markdown code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33542
    [4fcbfdc45c] - doc: normalize JavaScript code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33531
    [543605782d] - doc: outline when origin is set to unhandledRejection (Ruben Bridgewater) #33530
    [7dc28ab4d3] - doc: update txt fandamental and raw code blocks (Zeke Sikelianos) #33028
    [cf82adf87f] - doc: normalize Bash code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33510
    [7ea6b07b90] - doc: normalize shell code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33486
    [74a1493441] - doc: normalize C code block info strings (Derek Lewis) #33507
    [281d7f74d8] - doc: correct tls.rootCertificates to match implementation (Eric Bickle) #33313
    [6133639d53] - doc: fix Buffer.from(object) documentation (Nikolai Vavilov) #33327
    [b599037f78] - doc: fix typo in pathToFileURL example (Antoine du HAMEL) #33418
    [78734c2698] - doc: eliminate dead space in API section's sidebar (John Gardner) #33469
    [c76ec4d007] - doc: fixed a grammatical error in (Deep310) #33489
    [1b76377bce] - doc: correct CommonJS self-resolve spec (Guy Bedford) #33391
    [70d025f510] - doc: standardize on sentence case for headers (Rich Trott) #33889
    [3e68d21c6f] - doc: use sentence-case for headings in docs (Rich Trott) #33889
    [dfa8028254] - doc: fix readline key binding documentation (Ruben Bridgewater) #33361
    [6f8b7a85d2] - doc,tools: properly syntax highlight API ref docs (Derek Lewis) #33442
    [43d1d89d27] - domain: fix unintentional deprecation warning (Anna Henningsen) #34245
    [ba476326dd] - domain: remove native domain code (Stephen Belanger) #33801
    [76b06e53c6] - errors: fully inspect errors on exit (Ruben Bridgewater) #33523
    [9111fab663] - esm: fix loader hooks doc annotations (Derek Lewis) #33563
    [3559471153] - esm: share package.json cache between ESM and CJS loaders (Kirill Shatskiy) #33229
    [d09f6d55c7] - esm: doc & validate source values for formats (Bradley Farias) #32202
    [a76fa60c63] - fs: fix readdir failure when libuv returns UV_DIRENT_UNKNOWN (Kirill Shatskiy) #33395
    [b92c0cb15c] - fs: fix realpath inode link caching (Denys Otrishko) #33945
    [04fa6d675f] - fs: close file descriptor of promisified truncate (João Reis) #34239
    [c9cf41d841] - fs: support util.promisify for fs.readv (Lucas Holmquist) #33590
    [adb93f153b] - fs: unify style in preprocessSymlinkDestination (Bartosz Sosnowski) #33496
    [5fb1cc8cc1] - fs: replace checkPosition with validateInteger (rickyes) #33277
    [75107e23a8] - http2: always call callback on Http2ServerResponse#end (Pranshu Srivastava) #33911
    [0f0720a665] - http2: add writable* properties to compat api (Pranshu Srivastava) #33506
    [8def93429e] - http2: add type checks for Http2ServerResponse.end (Pranshu Srivastava) #33146
    [a3b7e5992d] - http2: use Object.create(null) for getHeaders (Pranshu Srivastava) #33188
    [bcdf4c808d] - http2: reuse ._onTimeout() in Http2Session and Http2Stream classes (rickyes) #33354
    [103a9af673] - inspector: drop 'chrome-' from inspector url (Colin Ihrig) #33758
    [0941635bb5] - inspector: throw error when activating an already active inspector (Joyee Cheung) #33015
    [0197ea4e56] - lib: replace charCodeAt with fixed Unicode (rickyes) #32758
    [69291e4b7d] - lib: add Int16Array primordials (Sebastien Ahkrin) #31205
    [83c9364bf1] - lib: update TODO comments (Ruben Bridgewater) #33361
    [a94e7dabcc] - lib: update executionAsyncId/triggerAsyncId comment (Daniel Bevenius) #33396
    [857ff68485] - meta: introduce codeowners again (James M Snell) #33895
    [f534ac06bd] - meta: fix a typo in the flaky test template (Colin Ihrig) #33677
    [1376c3bab2] - meta: wrap flaky test template at 80 characters (Colin Ihrig) #33677
    [b7ea7be2a8] - meta: add flaky test issue template (Ash Cripps) #33500
    [0867ab7da5] - module: fix error message about importing names from cjs (Fábio Santos) #33882
    [47f5eeb0d5] - n-api: add version to wasm registration (Gus Caplan) #34045
    [2e97d82509] - n-api: document nextTick timing in callbacks (Mathias Buus) #33804
    [90ddf0aa2e] - n-api: ensure scope present for finalization (Michael Dawson) #33508
    [ed741ecb1e] - n-api: remove napi_env::CallIntoModuleThrow (Gabriel Schulhof) #33570
    [0a949c3f93] - napi: add __wasm32__ guards (Gus Caplan) #33597
    [7c7f5c8869] - net: refactor check for Windows (rickyes) #33497
    [578e731321] - querystring: fix stringify for empty array (sapics) #33918
    [13b693fd54] - querystring: improve stringify() performance (Brian White) #33669
    [d3737a1c32] - src: add errorProperties on (himself65) #28426
    [b57778ff26] - src: tolerate EPERM returned from tcsetattr (patr0nus) #33944
    [9e1185afee] - src: clang_format base_object (Yash Ladha) #33680
    [69f962953c] - src: remove unnecessary calculation in base64.h (sapics) #33839
    [b1c9f75a20] - src: use ToLocal in (wenningplus) #33939
    [153f292a97] - src: handle empty Maybe(Local) in (Anna Henningsen) #33867
    [6d5383de35] - src: improve indention for (gengjiawen) #33976
    [437f387de9] - src: reduce scope of code cache mutex (Anna Henningsen) #33980
    [9199808355] - src: do not track BaseObjects via cleanup hooks (Anna Henningsen) #33809
    [5b987c46b7] - src: remove ref to tools/generate_code_cache.js (Daniel Bevenius) #33825
    [185657dfd7] - src: remove unused vector include in string_bytes (Daniel Bevenius) #33824
    [ec2452c4af] - src: avoid unnecessary ToLocalChecked calls (Daniel Bevenius) #33824
    [74843db28c] - src: simplify format in (himself65) #33660
    [86283aaa6a] - src: handle missing TracingController everywhere (Anna Henningsen) #33815
    [e07c1c2508] - src: simplify Reindent function in (sapics) #33722
    [449d9ec1c5] - src: add "missing" bash completion options (Daniel Bevenius) #33744
    [4b4fb1381b] - src: use Check() instead of FromJust in environment (Daniel Bevenius) #33706
    [6f1d38cd8f] - src: use ToLocal in SafeGetenv (Daniel Bevenius) #33695
    [5b8cac8cf5] - src: remove unnecessary ToLocalChecked call (Daniel Bevenius) #33683
    [eb8d6f5fd8] - src: simplify MaybeStackBuffer::capacity() (Ben Noordhuis) #33602
    [e3beb781e0] - src: avoid OOB read in URL parser (Anna Henningsen) #33640
    [99371ade2a] - src: use MaybeLocal.ToLocal instead of IsEmpty worker (Daniel Bevenius) #33599
    [9c69296990] - src: don't use semicolon outside function (Shelley Vohr) #33592
    [41d879616f] - src: remove unused using declarations (Daniel Bevenius) #33268
    [103479a0c5] - src: use MaybeLocal.ToLocal instead of IsEmpty (Daniel Bevenius) #33554
    [05cbd8f6f2] - src: use const in constant args.Length() (himself65) #33555
    [48035a2a35] - src: use MaybeLocal::FromMaybe to return exception (Daniel Bevenius) #33514
    [e1050344f8] - Revert "src: fix missing extra ca in tls.rootCertificates" (Eric Bickle) #33313
    [77b6298b67] - src: remove BeforeExit callback list (Ben Noordhuis) #33386
    [a522c0e2c7] - src: use MaybeLocal.ToLocal instead of IsEmpty (Daniel Bevenius) #33457
    [0837c2cc99] - src: remove unused headers in src/util.h (Juan José Arboleda) #33070
    [6f6fb1fcf5] - src: prefer make_unique (Michael Dawson) #33378
    [c697b96dea] - src: remove unnecessary else in base_object-inl.h (Daniel Bevenius) #33413
    [abf04b245a] - src,build: add --openssl-default-cipher-list (Daniel Bevenius) #33708
    [62edaaefc2] - stream: fix the spellings (antsmartian) #33635
    [998b22cbbc] - test: add test for Http2ServerResponse#[writableCorked,cork,uncork] (Pranshu Srivastava) #33956
    [9b8695fb35] - test: account for non-node basename (Shelley Vohr) #33952
    [b9f8034f95] - test: fix typo in common/index.js (gengjiawen) #33976
    [7744f66e0d] - test: print arguments passed to mustNotCall function (Denys Otrishko) #33951
    [b5113d0b53] - test: temporarily exclude test on arm (Michael Dawson) #33814
    [c50bd2f954] - test: fix invalid regular expressions in case test-trace-exit (legendecas) #33769
    [d374e76428] - test: changed function to arrow function (Sagar Jadhav) #33711
    [0982bf4234] - test: uv_tty_init now returns EINVAL on IBM i (Xu Meng) #33629
    [3032f0f38d] - test: make flaky test stricter (Robert Nagy) #33539
    [ef27e6ce57] - test: mark test-dgram-multicast-ssmv6-multi-process flaky (AshCripps) #33498
    [a131c72586] - tools: enable no-else-return lint rule (Luigi Pinca) #32667
    [6651bde34e] - tools: update remark-preset-lint-node@1.15.1 to 1.16.0 (Rich Trott) #33852
    [2e38f0dafd] - tools: remove superfluous regex in tools/doc/json.js (Rich Trott) #33998
    [ba813dd0dd] - tools: prevent js2c from running if nothing changed (Daniel Bevenius) #33844
    [fd5ab63d96] - tools: remove unused vector include in mkdcodecache (Daniel Bevenius) #33828
    [54a4a816a4] - tools: update ESLint to 7.2.0 (Colin Ihrig) #33776
    [5328089c91] - tools: remove unused using declarations code_cache (Daniel Bevenius) #33697
    [2f02fbac3a] - tools: update remark-preset-lint-node from 1.15.0 to 1.15.1 (Rich Trott) #33727
    [3d05e3d861] - tools: fix to match on word boundaries (Richard Lau) #33268
    [ff4f9a9247] - tools: update ESLint to 7.1.0 (Colin Ihrig) #33526
    [f495ab3dcb] - tools: add docserve target (Antoine du HAMEL) #33221
    [a9dbb224af] - util: fix width detection for DEL without ICU (Ruben Bridgewater) #33650
    [02ae3f5625] - util: support Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols (Ruben Bridgewater) #33650
    [524b230143] - util: gracefully handle unknown colors (Ruben Bridgewater) #33797
    [e3533ab337] - util: mark classes while inspecting them (Ruben Bridgewater) #32332
    [c4129f91e8] - vm: allow proxy callbacks to throw (Gus Caplan) #33808
    [8adfb542eb] - wasi: allow WASI stdio to be configured (Colin Ihrig) #33544
    [33984d6e4d] - wasi: simplify WASI memory management (Colin Ihrig) #33525
    [5e5be9929b] - wasi: refactor and enable poll_oneoff() test (Colin Ihrig) #33521
    [383c5b3962] - wasi: relax WebAssembly.Instance type check (Ben Noordhuis) #33431
    [7df79f498c] - wasi,worker: handle termination exception (Ben Noordhuis) #33386
    [3b46e7f148] - win,fs: use namespaced path in absolute symlinks (Bartosz Sosnowski) #33351
    [4388dad537] - win,msi: add arm64 config for windows msi (Dennis Ameling) #33689
    [032c64f1e4] - worker: fix variable referencing in template string (Harshitha KP) #33467
    [1c64bc5e34] - worker: perform initial port.unref() before preload modules (Anna Henningsen) #33455
    [c502384ab7] - worker: use _writev in internal communication (Anna Henningsen) #33454

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