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New minor version.

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2020/07/31: Version 12.4.0:

  • All commands: Display statistics in color by default when the output is connected to a terminal.
  • sar: Now pretty-print all device names by default (that is to say, you no longer need to use option -p with option -d for that).
  • cifsiostat, iostat, sar: Add new --pretty option (this option makes the reports easier to read when long item names are used).
  • iostat: No longer use sysstat.ioconf file to determine the name of the devices. This file gave a wrong name for some devices with big minor numbers.
  • iostat, sar: Make device name consistent between both of them.
  • configure: Add new option "--enable-use-crond" to use standard cron daemon even if systemd is installed.
  • configure: Use AC_COMPILE_IFELSE instead of old AC_TRY_COMPILE macro. Remove other obsolete autoconf macros.
  • configure: Add new option "delay_range=". Used by sa2 script to wait for a random delay.
  • configure: Fix --enable-debuginfo option.
  • sa1: Insert a comment in daily datafile on system suspend/resume.
  • sa2: Wait for a random delay before running to prevent massive I/O burst on some systems.
  • sar: Fix typo in manual page.
  • sar, iostat, cifsiostat, mpstat, pidstat, tapestat and sa1 manual pages updated.
  • Update style for all manual pages.
  • Compress manual pages by default when they are installed.
  • Makefile: Remove all reports and date files (even those compressed with another program than gzip) when told to do so.
  • Add pcp help file to be used with iconfig script.
  • Update Travis script (now calls do_test script).
  • sadf: Output format which doesn't accept the use of option -T should not also reject the use of option -t [12.2.3].
  • [Tom Hebb]: Replace index() call with strchr() call [12.2.3].
  • Use NULL as an argument for time(2) system call [12.2.3].
  • Various cosmetic changes in code (comments updated, dead code removed, etc.)
  • NLS updated.
  • Non regression environment updated. New tests added.
  • Better handle big minor numbers in sysstat test code.
  • Fix gcc V10 warnings in sysstat 12.0.1 code used for test.

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Fixed at r23449

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