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MariaDB 10.5.5 Release Notes

Notable Changes

Deprecated variables

  • innodb_thread_concurrency
  • innodb_commit_concurrency
  • innodb_replication_delay
  • innodb_concurrency_tickets
  • innodb_thread_sleep_delay
  • innodb_adaptive_max_sleep_delay


  • Fixed corruption in delete buffering
  • Fixed a deadlock in FLUSH TABLES…FOR EXPORT
  • InnoDB data file extension is not crash-safe
  • Minor fixes related to encryption and FULLTEXT INDEX
  • Dropping the adaptive hash index may cause DDL to lock up InnoDB
  • innodb_log_optimize_ddl=OFF is not crash safe
  • Mariadb service won't shutdown when it's running and the OS datetime updated backwards
  • Doublewrite recovery can corrupt data pages
  • Fixed race conditions related to buffer pool resizing
  • ALTER TABLE fixes
  • Slow InnoDB shutdown on large instance
  • Fixes to performance regressions introduced in MariaDB 10.5.4
  • Performance improvements
  • Correctly implemented the scrubbing of freed pages
  • Crash recovery fixes


  • Make the binlog dump thread to log into errorlog a requested GTID position
  • Fix stop of the optimistic parallel slave at requested START-SLAVE-UNTIL position
  • Properly handle RESET MASTER TO value, when the value exceeds the max allowed 2147483647
  • Correct '' updating by concurrent parallel workers
  • Eliminate deadlock involving parallel workers, STOP SLAVE and FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK
  • Correct master-slave automatic reconnection by slave to always pass through all steps of the initial connect. Specifically, do not skip master notification about slave binlog checksum awareness
  • Refine mysqlbinlog output to print out START TRANSACTION at Gtid_log_event processing which satisfies clients that submit the output with sql_mode=oracle
  • Replication aborts with ER_SLAVE_CONVERSION_FAILED upon CREATE ... SELECT in ORACLE mode


  • ALTER TABLE ... ANALYZE PARTITION ... with EITS reads and locks all rows ...
  • Print ranges in the optimizer trace created for non-indexed columns when optimizer_use_condition_selectivity >2 Now the optimizer trace shows the ranges constructed while getting estimates from EITS
  • LATERAL DERIVED is not clearly visible in EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON, make LATERAL DERIVED tables visible in EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON output
  • Crash on WITH RECURSIVE large query
  • Crash with Prepared Statement with a '?' parameter inside a re-used CTE


  • MariaDB could crash after changing the query_cache size
  • Errors and SIGSEGV on CREATE TABLE w/ various charsets
  • Crash in CREATE TABLE AS SELECT when the precision of returning type = 0
  • XA: Reject DDL operations between PREPARE and COMMIT
  • Stop mariabackup --prepare on errors during innodb redo log applying
  • Server crashes in mysql_alter_table upon adding a non-null date column under NO_ZERO_DATE with ALGORITHM=INPLACE
  • Can't uninstall plugin if the library file doesn't exist
  • Mariabackup parameter cleanup
  • Rounding functions return wrong datatype
  • Create mariadb.sys user on each update even is the user is not needed
  • Reinforce DDL operation rejection after XA PREPARE
  • As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.5 for Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan and Fedora 30

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Fixed at revision 23805.

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