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New point version

I'll submit this with the rest of GNOME Applications since it's time criticl.


* Important and time-critical fix to DST transitions which will happen in Europe
  on 2020-10-25 on distributions which use the ‘slim’ tzdata format (which is
  now the default in tzdata/tzcode 2020b) (work by Claudi M., LRN) (#2224)

* Further timezone handling changes to restore support for changing the timezone
  when `/etc/localtime/` changes (work by António Fernandes, Sebastian Keller) (#2204)

* Fix deadlock on Windows when `G_SLICE` is set in the environment (diagnosis by
  Christoph Reiter) (#2225)

* Fix UTF-8 validation when escaping URI components (thanks to Marc-André Lureau) (!1680)

* Bugs fixed:
 - #2203 fstatat is available only on macOS 10.10+
 - #2224 top bar time is incorrect, timezone map in control center is broken
 - #2225 Setting G_SLICE makes Windows programs hang since 2.66
 - !1682 Backport !1680 “guri: Fix UTF-8 validation when escaping URI components” to glib-2-66
 - !1685 Backport !1684 “glocalfileinfo: Fix use of fstatat() on macOS < 10.10” to glib-2-66
 - !1689 uri: add missing (not)nullable annotations
 - !1693 Backport !1691 “gmain: Fix possible locking issue in source unref” to glib-2-66
 - !1694 Backport !1692 “gsignal: Plug g_signal_connect_object leak” to glib-2-66
 - !1700 Backport !1661 “Lookup fallback time zones in the cache to improve performance” to glib-2-66
 - !1702 Backport !1698 “gslice: Inline win32 implementation of g_getenv() to avoid deadlock” to glib-2-66
 - !1705 Backport !1683 “Fix the 6-days-until-the-end-of-the-month bug” to glib-2-66
 - !1710 Backport !1706 “Add various missing nullable annotations” to glib-2-66

* Translation updates:
 - Chinese (Taiwan)
 - Portuguese
 - Slovak

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Fixed at r23826

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