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gstreamer gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-ugly gstreamer-vaapi gst-libav- 1.18.1

Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
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New point version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Priority: normalhigh

Upstream describes this release as an emergency security release, with a new version of 1.16.x coming out along side it. I'll post the release notes once I begin the update, I'm going to go do lxtask and eat first.

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Highlighted bugfixes in 1.18.1

    important security fixes
    bug fixes and memory leak fixes
    various stability and reliability improvements


    aggregator: make peek() has() pop() drop() buffer API threadsafe
    gstvalue: don't write to const char *
    meson: Disallow DbgHelp for UWP build
    info: Fix build on Windows ARM64 device
    build: use cpu_family for arch checks
    basetransform: Fix in/outbuf confusion of _default_transform_meta
    Fix documentation
    info: Load DbgHelp.dll using g_module_open()
    padtemplate: mark documentation caps as may be leaked
    gstmeta: intern registered impl string
    aggregator: Hold SRC_LOCK while unblocking via SRC_BROADCAST() deal with none
    skip elements/leak.c if tracer is not available
    aggregator: Wake up source pad in PAUSED<->PLAYING transitions
    input-selector: Wake up blocking pads when releasing them
    ptp: Also handle gnu/kfreebsd


    theoradec: Set telemetry options only if they are nonzero
    glslstage: delete shader on finalize of stage
    urisourcebin: Fix crash caused by use after free
    decodebin3: Store stream-start event on output pad before exposing it
    Add some missing nullable annotations
    typefind/xdgmime: Validate mimetypes to be valid GstStructure names before using them
    uridecodebin3: Forward upstream events to decodebin3 directly
    video-converter: Add fast paths from v210 to I420/YV12, Y42B, UYVY and YUY2
    videoaggregator: Limit accepted caps by template caps
    gstrtpbuffer: fix header extension length validation
    decodebin3: only force streams-selected seqnum after a select-streams
    videodecoder: don't copy interlace-mode from reference state
    enable abi checks
    multihandlesink: Don't pass NULL caps to gst_caps_is_equal
    audio: video: Fix in/outbuf confusion of transform_meta
    meson: Always wrap "prefix" option with join_paths() to make Windows happy
    videoaggregator: ensure peek_next_sample() uses the correct caps
    meson: Actually build gstgl without implicit include dirs
    videoaggregator: Don't require any pads to be configured for negotiating source pad caps
    gst-libs: gl: Fix documentation typo and clarify gl_memory_texsubimage
    audioaggregator: Reset offset if the output rate is renegotiated
    video-anc: Implement transform functions for AFD/Bar metas
    appsrc: Wake up the create() function on caps changes
    rtpbasepayload: do not forget delayed segment when forwarding gaps


    v4l2object: Only offer inactive pools and if needed
    vpx: Fix the check to unfixed/unknown framerate to set bitrate
    qmlglsink: fix crash when created/destroyed in quick succession
    rtputils: Count metas with an empty tag list for copying/keeping
    rtpbin: Remove the rtpjitterbuffer with the stream
    rtph26*depay: drop FU's without a corresponding start bit
    imagefreeze: Response caps query from srcpad
    rtpmp4gdepay: Allow lower-case "aac-hbr" instead of correct "AAC-hbr"
    rtspsrc: Fix push-backchannel-buffer parameter mismatch
    jpegdec: check buffer size before dereferencing
    flvmux: Move stream skipping to GstAggregatorPadClass.skip_buffer
    v4l2object: plug memory leak
    splitmuxsink: fix sink pad release while PLAYING


    codecparsers: h264parser: guard against ref_pic_markings overflow
    v4l2codecs: Various fixes
    h265parse: Don't enable passthrough by default
    srt: Fix "Fix timestamping"
    srt: Fixes for 1.4.2
    dtlsconnection: Ignore OpenSSL system call errors
    h265parse: set interlace-mode=interleaved on interlaced content
    Replace GPL v2 with LGPL v2 in COPYING file
    srt: Consume the error from gst_srt_object_write
    srt: Check socket state before retrieving payload size
    x265enc: fix deadlock on reconfig
    webrtc: Require gstreamer-sdp in the pkg-config file
    srtsrc: Fix timestamping
    mfvideosrc: Use only the first video stream per device
    srtobject: typecast SRTO_LINGER to linger
    decklink: Correctly order the different dependent mode tables
    wasapisrc: Make sure that wasapisrc produces data in loopback mode
    wpesrc: fix some caps leaks using the non-GL output
    smoothstreaming: clear live adapter on seek
    vtdec/vulkan: use Shared storage mode for IOSurface textures
    wpe: Move webview load waiting to WPEView
    wpe: Use proper callback for TLS errors signal handling
    kmssink: Do not source using padded width/height
    avtp: avtpaafdepay: fix crash when building caps
    opencv: set opencv_dep when option is disabled to fix the build
    line21encoder: miscellaneous enhancements
    Hls youtube issues with urisourcebin/queue2
    rtmp2: Replace stats queue with stats lock
    rtmp2sink: support EOS event for graceful connection shutdown
    mpegtsmux: Make handling of sinkpads thread-safe
    hlssink2: Actually release splitmuxsink's pads
    mpegtsmux: Don't create streams with reserved PID


    no changes


    avaudenc/avvidenc: Reopen encoding session if it's required
    avauddec/audenc/videnc: Don't return GST_FLOW_EOS when draining
    avauddec/avviddec: Avoid dropping non-OK flow return
    avcodecmap: Enable 24 bit WMA Lossless decoding


    decoder: don't reply src caps query with allowed if pad is fixed
    plugins: decode: fix a DMA caps typo in ensure_allowed_srcpad_caps

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r23847

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