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New minor version

This does contain a security fix in it.

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libass (0.15.0)
 * Fix backwards/VSFilter-incompatible font sizes with FreeType 2.10+
 * Improve speed via better caching
 * Require HarfBuzz unconditionally to ensure good shaping for complex scripts
 * ass_set_use_margins(true) now simply places text on the whole
   screen instead of attempting to tie it to video positioning
   (set by the margin values) and failing in various ways when
   margins are used to implement pan & scan in a video player
 * Add ass_track_set_feature() & catch-all ASS_FEATURE_INCOMPATIBLE_EXTENSIONS
 * Add ASS_FEATURE_BIDI_BRACKETS to enable Unicode 6.3+ bracket matching
   when applying the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
   (incompatible with VSFilter; requires libass built with FriBidi 1.0+)
 * Fix stack overflow on deeply nested \t tags
 * Fix positioning of events with leading line breaks
 * Fix small but nonzero \bord becoming \bord0 (regression in 0.14.0)
 * Measure BorderStyle=4 box padding from glyph border, not from glyph fill
 * Scale everything from script resolution if storage size is not set
   (including borders and shadows regardless of ScaledBorderAndShadow)
 * Fix the default aspect ratio calculation when neither
   ass_set_pixel_aspect() nor ass_set_aspect_ratio() is called
 * Multiple fixes for karaoke override tags
 * Handle memory allocation failures better:
   avoid some crashes and produce images closer to truth
 * Avoid some integer overflows
 * Add internal infrastructure for regression testing
 * Improve VSFilter compatibility:
    * Treat invalid nested \t tags like VSFilter
    * Make \t(T,T,...) at time exactly T use the post-transition values
    * Make lines stack more like they do in VSFilter
    * Default ScaledBorderAndShadow to 0 (like VSFilter),
      except for subtitles that were produced by old FFmpeg/Libav
    * Make shadow positioning with 3D transforms match VSFilter's
    * Cut out glyphs from border & shadow in all the same cases as VSFilter
    * Match VSFilter on animated color tags with negative acceleration
    * Fix parsing of some files that VSFilter accepts but libass didn't
      by ignoring leading whitespace in each line of an ASS file or CodecPrivate
    * Improve font selection with CoreText
    * Stop faux-bolding fonts that are too bold to get faux bold in VSFilter
    * Ignore leading/trailing spaces when calculating height of nonblank lines
    * Match VSFilter on \fade with large alpha value arguments
    * Stop splitting bitmaps on font substitution
    * Multiple fixes for Banner and Scroll effects
    * Multiple fixes for karaoke override tags

The security fix is known as CVE-2020-26682

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r23855

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