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Summary: pipewire-0.3.14pipewire-0.3.15
PipeWire 0.3.15

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.

- Highlights
  - This is a quick update to fix critical issues with the
    0.3.14 update, which broke screen sharing and accidentally
    enabled the experimental pulse-server.
  - Fix some compatibility issues in pulse-server with
    pavucontrol and fix an issue that would block the complete

- PipeWire improvements
  - Permission checks for new clients are now done from a
    global context, which makes it possible to assign initial
    permissions to objects.
  - Handle EINTR everywhere
  - Fix an issue with the node state changes where a quick
    pause/play would hang a client.

- Session manager improvements
  - Disable the bluez5 and pulse-bridge modules by default because
    they interfere with pulseaudio. These options should only be
    enabled if pulseaudio is removed or disabled in the system.
  - Fix an issue where the session manager could end up in
    infinite recursion while scanning for things to do.
  - The session manager will now always configure nodes to remix
    to the channel configuration of the device. This fixes the case
    where mono streams would only end up on one channel of a stereo

- Device support
  - Initial merge of A2DP extra codec support using the new bluez5

- pulse-server
  - Create the runtime directory when it doesn't exist.
  - Don't ever block the server, use non-blocking IO everywhere.
  - Fill description of profiles with the name if not otherwise set,
    this fixes a crash in pavucontrol.
  - the connection debug catergory will now also debug pulse
  - Respect the no_remix flag to make the control panel channel
    check work.

- ALSA plugin
  - implement pause

Older versions:

PipeWire 0.3.14

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.

- Highlights
  - This release focuses on bugfixes and stability
  - A new experimental pulse-server module was added. This
    module implements the pulseaudio protocol on top of
    PipeWire and can be used to make flatpaks work with
    PipeWire. It looks like this might be a better way
    forward compared to the replacement library.
  - A2DP bluetooth was reworked. Playback should work a lot
    better now. Support was also added to automatically link
    an A2DP source to a playback device, which makes it possible
    to use PipeWire as a bluetooth receiver as well.
  - Improvements to the routing and volume restore features
    of the session manager.

- PipeWire improvements
  - The channelmixer does not normalize volumes anymore. Volumes
    are only normalized for monitoring streams now.
  - Streams can actually start in the inactive state now.
  - The channelmixer can now also convert volume updates from one
    channel layout to another. This makes saved volumes work
    even when streams have different channel layouts.
  - Clients are only registered after the properties have been
  - Links now have a new active state.
  - Drivers can now also specify a minimum quantum. This makes it
    possible for bluetooth devices to specify an optimum quantum
    for the given codec settings and MTU.
  - The amount of data sent over the socket was reduced by only
    sending the data that changed.
  - Client objects are now exposed after they uploaded their
    properties, which makes the new object more useful.

- Tools improvements
  - pw-cat will now add metadata to the PipeWire streams.

- Session manager improvements
  - Fix crashes when reading bad data in stored settings.
  - volume and routing is improved. Settings are now remembered
    per application or media-role.
  - The session manager remembers the last device used per stream
  - Fix a bug when moving streams where it could sometimes end
    up with linking a stream to multiple devices.
  - Use RTKit to set realtime priority on the data thread in the
    session manager. This improves performance of the pulse-server
    and bluetooth devices.
  - Add a new property to mark streams that want to capture from
    the monitor of the default sink.
  - NODE_TARGET can now also contain the node name. This avoids
    some lookups in the pulseaudio layer when selecting target
    nodes by name.
  - the -e and -d options are more usable now and can be used to
    add and remove modules from the default list of modules.

- Device support
  - v4l2: add some workarounds for buggy drivers. Add Limited
    support for droidcam.
  - ACP: improve selection of default port and profiles.
  - ACP: add support for using the hardware mixer for more than
    8 channel streams.
  - ACP: support the new port type and availability group found
    in PulseAudio.
  - A2DP bluetooth timings were reworked. Automatic linking of
    A2DP sources was added to make it possible for PipeWire to
    act as a bluetooth receiver. The code was reworked to allow
    other codecs such as APTX and LDAC in the future.
  - Try harder to recover from ALSA errors.

- GStreamer improvements
  - Fix some crashes in the monitor that cause
    gnome-initial-setup to crash.

- PulseAudio layer improvements
  - Many compatibility improvements. Improved playback in
    chrome. Fix a crash in firefox when the daemon is stopped.
  - Fix a leak in the formats.
  - Fix !ADJUST_LATENCY streams like paplay.
  - Make the device option in paplay work.
  - Fix volume/mute notifications, this makes plasma volume updates
    work again.
  - Do the conversion between PulseAudio cubic volumes and PipeWire
    linear volumes. Volume levels should behave now like they did
    with PulseAudio.

- JACK layer improvements
  - Return an error when we run out of midi events. Some application
    rely on this behaviour.

- ALSA plugin improvements
  - The ALSA plugin now also supports the node name in the
    playback_node and capture_node properties.

Now 0.3.15

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Fixed at r23865

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