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New point version.

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Notable Changes

    Galera wsrep library updated to 26.4.6
    Improved write performance (MDEV-23399, MDEV-23855, MDEV-24037)
    MDEV-18323 It is now possible to upgrade from MySQL 5.7 Tables containing JSON, by loading the MYSQL_JSON datatype plugin first.
    Update S3 engine to maturity Gamma
    mariadbd --temp-pool option deprecated and defaulted to zero (MDEV-22278)
    BLACKHOLE Storage Engine maximum index size increased from 1000 to 3500 bytes (MDEV-24017)
    Calculating(auto rounding) issue (MDEV-23702)
    Named pipe permission issue (MDEV-24040)
    Temporary tables can overwrite existing files (MDEV-23569)
    Binlog checksum verification at recovery time (MDEV-23832)
    Verbose print-out of Geometry types by mysqlbinlog (MDEV-22330)
    SHOW BINLOG EVENTS from <pos> validates <pos> when binlog checksummed (MDEV-21839)
    Freeing memory of replicate_do_table (MDEV-23534)
    Corrected verbose mysqlbinlog output for multi-record Rows-log-event (MDEV-16372)
    SET GLOBAL replicate_do_db = DEFAULT no longer causes crash (MDEV-20744) 

    Wrong direxec param data caused crash; Numerous fixes about Mac builds (by Dmitri Shulga) (MDEV-19838)
    server_audit plugin now logs proxy users (MDEV-19443)
    Crash on SELECT on a table with indexed virtual columns (MDEV-18366)
    InnoDB updated to 5.7.32 (MDEV-23989)
    Bug fixes related to adaptive hash index (MDEV-23452, MDEV-23370)
    Fixed a bug in the recovery of encrypted tables (MDEV-23456)
    Fixed a race condition in MVCC reads (MDEV-22924)
    ALTER TABLE fixes (MDEV-22277, MDEV-22939, MDEV-23199, MDEV-23356, MDEV-23499, MDEV-23672, MDEV-23685, MDEV-23722)
    Diskspace not reused for BLOB in data file (MDEV-23072)
    InnoDB: Failing assertion: !space->referenced() (MDEV-23651)
    SIGSEGV in maria_create() because of double free (MDEV-23222)
    CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE .. LIKE (system versioned table) returns error if unique index is defined in the table (MDEV-23968)
    Error upon querying the view, that selecting from versioned table with partitions (MDEV-23779)
    CREATE .. SELECT wrong result on join versioned table (MDEV-23799)
    SIGSEGV in check_fields on UPDATE (MDEV-22805)
    Parser fix (MDEV-23094)
    Add CRC-32 code to mysys, giving notable speedup in checksum calculation on x64 (MDEV-19935)
    Faster CRC-32C checksum calculations (MDEV-23495, MDEV-22749)
    Fixes to potential corruption bugs (MDEV-23973, MDEV-24054)
    Fixed delayed replication with S3 storage engine slave (MDEV-23691)
    Deadlock between BACKUP STAGE BLOCK_COMMIT and parallel replication (MDEV-23586)
    CREATE fails after DROP without .frm (MDEV-23549) 

    Fixed assertion failure on before_commit (MDEV-22681)
    Fixed assertion after ROLLBACK AND CHAIN (MDEV-22055)
    Fixed replication of DROP TRIGGER (MDEV-23638)
    IPv6 SST handling improved (MDEV-21770, MDEV-23576, MDEV-23580, MDEV-23581, MDEV-23574)
    Fixed SIGSEGV in lock_rec_unlock (MDEV-23101)
    Fixed replication of timezone if only 1 timezone is loaded (MDEV-22626)
    Fixed replication of CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER (MDEV-21578)
    Fixed SST FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK timeout (MDEV-22543) 

    As per the MariaDB Deprecation Policy, this will be the last release of MariaDB 10.5 for Fedora 31 

    Fixes for the following security vulnerabilities:

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r23869

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