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New minor version.

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Notable Changes in NSS 3.59

    Exported two existing functions from libnss,  CERT_AddCertToListHeadWithData and CERT_AddCertToListTailWithData

Build Requirements

    NSS will soon require GCC 4.8 or newer. Gyp-based builds will stop supporting older GCC versions first, followed a few releases later by the make-based builds. Users of older GCC versions can continue to use the make-based build system while they upgrade to newer versions of GCC.

Bugs fixed in NSS 3.59

    Bug 1607449 - Lock cert->nssCertificate to prevent a potential data race
    Bug 1672823 - Add Wycheproof test cases for HMAC, HKDF, and DSA
    Bug 1663661 - Guard against NULL token in nssSlot_IsTokenPresent
    Bug 1670835 - Support enabling and disabling signatures via Crypto Policy
    Bug 1672291 - Resolve libpkix OCSP failures on SHA1 self-signed root certs when SHA1 signatures are disabled.
    Bug 1644209 - Fix broken SelectedCipherSuiteReplacer filter to solve some test intermittents
    Bug 1672703 - Tolerate the first CCS in TLS 1.3  to fix a regression in our  CVE-2020-25648 fix that broke purple-discord
    Bug 1666891 - Support key wrap/unwrap with RSA-OAEP
    Bug 1667989 - Fix gyp linking on Solaris
    Bug 1668123 - Export CERT_AddCertToListHeadWithData and CERT_AddCertToListTailWithData from libnss
    Bug 1634584 - Set CKA_NSS_SERVER_DISTRUST_AFTER for Trustis FPS Root CA
    Bug 1663091 - Remove unnecessary assertions in the streaming ASN.1 decoder that affected decoding certain PKCS8 private keys when using NSS debug builds
    Bug 1670839 - Use ARM crypto extension for AES, SHA1 and SHA2 on MacOS.

This Bugzilla query returns all the bugs fixed in NSS 3.59:

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Fixed at r23908

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