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New major version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Release icewm-2.0.0 released 2020-12-14

  • Fix positioning of window list title for non-standard SmallIconSize settings
  • Remove wmmgr.h from wmframe.h. Add classHint() to ClientData.
  • Remove loseFocus().
  • Prefer actionPerformed().
  • Set task title.
  • Add support for Imlib2 as a possible replacement for gdk-pixbuf
  • Improve alpha blending for Imlib2 support
  • Convert last IMLIB to IMLIB2.
  • Prevent unsigned overflow.
  • Add imlib2 to dependencies.
  • Improve rendering quality for MiniIcons
  • Free fAutoScroll when its YWindow is destroyed.
  • Improve alpha thresholding for Imlib2 support for issue #513.
  • Instead of render.h include Xrender.h for dependency checking
  • Report errors if enabled packages are missing for issue #516.
  • Only change a schema key if it exists for issue ice-wm/man#1.
  • Don't resize when trying to move when dragging at y=0 for issue #520.
  • Add errno_string.
  • YLabel and YMsgBox use cstrings.
  • Add layouts for dialogs.
  • Add ylayout.h
  • Better MiniIcons for Imlib2. Support SVG in Imlib2. Add renderName.
  • Show render engine in About. Use layout classes.
  • Support SVG in Imlib2. Make Imlib2 the default render engine.
  • Add libimlib2-dev dependency.
  • If Imlib2 then disable GdkPixbuf.
  • Fix for showing the icon_pixmap from WM_HINTS, which fixes the icon for NEdit and xmgrace.
  • XGetGeometry returns True.
  • Center MiniIcon.
  • Remove superfluous.
  • Fixes for showing the icon_pixmap from WM_HINTS for timidity and fontforge.
  • Check for destroyed when reparenting.
  • Add more WM_HINTS accessor functions. Check if WM_HINTS update actually changes anything.
  • In unmanage first delete MiniIcon.
  • Add support for WM_HINTS icon_window in MiniIcons.
  • Prevent deprecated warnings for librsvg.
  • Simplify call to nl_langinfo and improve readability.
  • Remove unwanted space and separator in taskbar if toolbar is empty
  • Fix typo for yorigin in composite.
  • Drop const from parameters.
  • Fix for drawing TitleAB and TitleIB pixmaps when they are gradients
  • Don't blend MiniIcon when not in 32-bit mode.
  • Don't blend MiniIcon when not in 32-bit mode.
  • Don't unroll on button press
  • Remove support for _WIN_PROTOCOL properties.
  • Update man.
  • Subtract border from icon_window position in MiniIcon.
  • Update 4.1.9 Icons for icon_pixmap and icon_window.
  • Tests for ypointer.h.
  • Use _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN instead of IconicState for minimize.
  • Ignore graphics exposures when in scrollWindow.
  • Optimize scrollbars.
  • Fix horizontal scrolling in icehelp.
  • Optimize scrolling images in iceview.
  • Reposition window list if it got offscreen.
  • make update-po
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/icewm-1-4-BRANCH' into icewm-1-4-BRANCH
  • Merge branch 'icewm-1-4-BRANCH'
  • Revert "Revert "Stop overpainting clock every second when not needed""
  • [cmake] Print CONFIG_IMLIB2 variable status
  • No attempt to draw Unicode in non-UTF-8 environment
  • Check CONFIG_I18N prior to calling nl_langinfo
  • If-case formating fix
  • support BR_Portuguese language in 2 files /lib

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

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comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

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Fixed at revision 23998.

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