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PipeWire 0.3.18

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.

  • Highlights
    • More work in the PulseAudio server. It should be compatible with more applications.
    • Bluetooth now support extra codecs such as AptX/HD and LDAC.
    • Support for virtual sources and sink was improved a lot.
    • Added a new pw-dump tool to dump the objects in JSON formats and for filtering them with tools like jq.
    • Many more stability fixes and improvements.
  • PipeWire improvements
    • Silence some harmless warnings
    • pw-cli can now be used to set parameters.
    • Streams now perform the correct channel mapping when linked to non-standard multichannel devices. Previously channels would get swapped.
    • port, node and device params are now cached in the server. This avoids opening and closing devices whenever some client enumerates formats, which improves performance a lot, especially in cases where opening a device is slow.
    • Add a command to keep a device open during negotiation. This is used to enumerate and set a format while opening the device just once, improving performance.
    • The null-sink scheduling was fixed.
    • A memory corruption bug was fixed in format conversion, this could cause crashes, silent channels or other undefined behaviour.
    • There is now a simple JSON parser.
  • Session-manager
    • Settings files are now stored in JSON. With the json parser this is easier to parse and extend
  • Device support
    • Bluetooth now supports additional codecs: LDAC, AptX and AptX HD. LDAC is known to not work very well yet.
    • ALSA devices will now default to the max supported channels if nothing else is specified. This makes it possible to use 8+ channel cards with the alsa-pcm module, which is not supported with the default alsa-acp module.
    • Enable mSBC support in oFono.
    • Add an option to disable hardware mixers
    • ALSA now improves support for batch devices.
    • The udev rules had references to Pulseaudio removed in order to not create conflicts.
    • Fix a potential crash in bluetooth devices when disconnecting.
    • UCM cards now use HW volume when possible.
  • PulseAudio server
    • The id can now be used as the name to locate cards and devices
    • Report streams with planar formats as well
    • Better error reporting when stream create fails
    • module-null-sink can now handle channels, rate and channel_map properties
    • Add support for 3 types of virtual devices: source, sink and duplex.
    • set-port was fixed
    • Some buffer parameters were tweaked to improve performance, compatibility and stuttering with lower latency.
    • NULL can be used as a name for the device sink/source
    • Support lookup of monitor names
    • Set properties more like pulseaudio so that some clients (Teamspeak) don't crash anymore

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Fixed at revision 23998.

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