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New point version.

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Release 1.9.1

(release date 08-01-2021)
Bug fixes

    issue #8282: Error on ALIAS declaration without quotes [view]
    issue #8286: Incorrect processing of VHDL strings [view], [view]
    issue #8291: Doxygen crash on Windows when INLINE_SIMPLE_STRUCTS=YES [view]
    issue #8294: Draw sibling dependee directories within same parent directoy in directory dependency graph. [view], [view], [view], [view], and [view]
    issue #8295: segmentation fault [view]
    issue #8296: LaTeX Error: File ... not found. [view], and [view]
    issue #8297: fails to parse list of INPUT files [view]
    issue #8300: File naming changed in Doxygen 1.9.0 [view]
    issue #8304: compilation failure [view]
    issue #8311: Markdown table: double-quote ruins the output [view]
    Fix cases where classes inside inline namespaces could lead to crashes [view]
    Fix coverity dead-code warning [view]
    Fix potential crash with inline namespace [view]
    Incorrect entries on treeview [view]
    Layout in doxywizard documentation [view]
    Various fixes based on coverity scan results [view]
    bug_549093 Regular HTML comments are removed. [view]


    Add a CLANG_ADD_INC_PATHS option which can be used to control whether the directory of every input file is added as an include when using Clang assisted parsing. [view], and [view]
    Add some missing info to the XML output [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], [view], and [view]

Refactoring and cleanup

    Embed MemberGroup objects directly in their container [view]
    Modernise client side part of searchindex [view]
    avoid copying MemberLists by not embedding them directly [view]
    change MemberGroupSDict to MemberGroupList [view]
    change type of m_cache [view]
    change type of vhdlSummaryTitles from SDict<QCString> to StringSet [view]
    moderize Doxygen::dirRelations [view]
    modernise Doxygen::clangUsrMap [view]
    modernise MemberGroupList [view]
    modernise member indices [view]
    modernize getMemberLists() [view]
    remove SIntDict and SIntList (no longer used) [view]
    remove unused ClassList [view]
    remove unused DirSDict class [view]
    remove unused Doxygen::entryDBFileName and Doxygen::objDBFileName [view]
    remove unused Doxygen::htmlDirMap [view]
    remove unused GenericsSDict class [view]
    remove unused IndexFieldSDict class [view]
    replace Doxygen::directories by Doxygen::dirLinkedMap [view]
    replace Doxygen::groupSDict by Doxygen::groupLinkedMap [view]
    replace Doxygen::memGrpInfoDict by Doxygen::memberGroupInfoMap [view]
    replace ExampleSDict by ExampleList [view]
    replace MemberSDict by MemberLinkedRefMap [view]
    replace QMap by std::map in vhdldocgen [view]
    replace type of pack variable from SDict<QCString> to StringSet [view]
    replaced PageSDict by PageLinked*Map [view]
    Optimize: usedDir can not be parent of dd if they have the same parent. [view]
    Replaced UsedDirsContainer with UsedDirLinkedMap [view]
    Substitute `QDict<UsedDir>` with `std::map<QCString, UsedDir * >`. [view]

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r24106

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