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Abhishek Deshpande (4):
      Added rules for sanskrit symbols layout
      Updated name of layout 'Sanskrit symbols'.
      Change in name of 'Sanskrit symbols' layout

Algirdas Buckus (9):
      Update lt with new Lithuanian (Ergonomic) layouts
      Update base.xml with new Lithuanian (Ergonomic) layouts
      Update base.xml
      Update lt
      Update lt
      Update base.xml
      Update lt
      Update lt
      Update lt, "sun_type6" extra layout moved to bottom

Benno Schulenberg (31):
      symbols: add missing comma and circumflex to Russian layout for Sun
      symbols: fix three mistyped symbol names
      symbols: remove four unneeded includes from US layouts
      symbols: remove three pointlessly copy-pasted comments
      symbols: remove some useless blank lines, mainly at the end of layouts
      symbols: delete redundant variants with a capitalized "Sun" in the name
      symbols: delete four variants that are identical to the basic variant
      symbols: properly align the columns in the few "Sun dead keys" layouts
      symbols/eu: restore endash and emdash on upper levels of minus key
      symbols/nl: make the official layout match the standard exactly
      symbols: remove several comments that make no sense any more
      symbols/ca: unfold forty key definitions, each into a single line
      symbols/mv: align the two columns, within reason
      symbols/tm: align and arrange the columns more tightly
      symbols/bw: vertically align the columns, and order the rows better
      symbols/eg: replace tabs, and align columns where reasonably possible
      symbols/gn: say that the layout is meant for typing N'Ko, not French
      rules: add Switzerland among the countries that have a QWERTZ layout
      rules: update a comment and the list of three-level layouts
      replace bogus "SunFA" symbols with valid ones in two vendor files
      delete Icelandic "Sun dead keys" variant that lacks essential symbols
      delete the Icelandic 'nodeadkeys' variant, as it lacks essential symbols
      symbols/in: do not override essential digits with the Rupee sign
      symbols/pt: drop two key definitions that do not change anything
      delete two useless "Sun dead keys" variants for Portuguese
      delete the pointless "Sun dead keys" variant for Spanish
      delete a confused "Sun dead keys" variant for Latin American
      delete three pointless "Sun dead keys" variants for French
      delete two pointless "Sun dead keys" variants for Switzerland
      delete a pointless "Sun dead keys" variant for Belgium
      delete a useless "Sun dead keys" variant for Belgium

Edgars Liepiņš (2):
      Improving Latvian Apostrophe
      Added missing semicolon

L. K. Post (1):
      Restore "eu" Multi key

M Hickford (2):
      Remove unneeded compose key from layout gb(colemak)
      Fix dead link in comment. No change to behaviour.

Mariano Mollo (1):
      Add Italian Dvorak

Michael Hugo (2):
      Changes according to DIN 2137-1:2020-11 (from 2137-1:2018-12)
      Changes according to DIN 2137-1:2020-11 (from 2137-1:2018-12)

Niranjan (1):
      change layout names

Peter Hutterer (13):
      symbols: fix typo in my(phonetic) and jv
      symbols: fix two more unrecognized symbols
      Add the files to the tarballs
      models: remove duplicated teck229 and teck227 models
      gitlab CI: switch to using CI templates
      gitlab CI: bump the artifacts to 2 weeks
      rules: align the caps:ctrl_modifier doc with the others
      keycodes: fix some space vs tab issues
      gitlab CI: generate the evdev keycodes
      gitlab CI: the check MR job does not need previous artifacts
      gitlab CI: compress the layout test output
      Revert "gitlab CI: generate the evdev keycodes"
      keycodes: alias some used-by-default evdev keys

Petko Bordjukov (1):
      Revert changes to Bulgarian quotes mapping to AB08 and AB09.

Richard Gomes (1):
      Add level 5 layouts: us(hyena), us(miniguru) and us(yoda)

Romain Failliot (1):
      Add degree (°) on <AC11>+Shift+AltGr

Sergey Udaltsov (4):
      Fixed some descriptions
      Updated translations, pre-release
      Release 2.32

Slimane Selyan Amiri (2):
      Update dz (fix the english name of kabyle)
      Update base.xml (fix the english name of kabyle)

Steve P (1):
      Add support for the Colemak-DH keyboard layout

dumol (1):
      Romanian updates

निरंजन (1):
      remove Devanagari characters

𐰀𐰞𐰃:𐰺𐰃𐰔𐰀:𐰚𐰀𐰾𐰚𐰃𐰤 (𐰽𐰆𐰞𐰃𐰤𐰆𐰽) (1):
      fix missing < symbol altgr j and > symbol altgr ö

git tag: xkeyboard-config-2.32

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r24232

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