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New minor version.

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Summary: ModemManager-1.16.0ModemManager-1.16.2

Now 1.16.2

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago


Hey hey,

This is a new major release of ModemManager, which will be the base for the 1.16.x stable series (the new "mm-1-16" branch in git). The release has been tagged as "1.16.0".

Thanks to everyone involved!

ModemManager 1.16.0

The following notes are directed to package maintainers:

  * This version now requires:
    ** libqmi >= 1.28.0 (for the optional QMI support)

  * The 1.16.x branch will be the last one supporting the 'LEGACY' and 'PARANOID' filter modes; standard distributions are advised to use the default 'STRICT' mode if they aren't using it already (i.e. running the daemon without any explicit '--filter-policy' option).

  * A new 'qcom-soc' plugin is implemented to be able to use ModemManager in Qualcomm SoCs like the MSM8916 or MSM8974. This plugin uses a combination of RPMSG based control ports plus BAM-DMUX based network ports. This plugin is disabled by default, even when `--enable-all-plugins` is used, and if wanted it must be explicitly enabled with `--enable-plugin-qcom-soc`. Systems targeting this kind of SoCs, like postmarketos, should enable it. Standard distributions may or may not include it, up to the targeted hardware in each distribution.

  * Gentoo's 'libelogind' library may now be used to detect the systemd suspend/resume support.

The API is backwards compatible with the previous releases, the only updates are the following:

  * Modem interface:
    ** Updated the 'Ports' property so that it exposes all ports that are owned by the modem even if they are explicitly ignored and not used.
    ** New 'SimSlots' property that exposes the available SIM slots in the modem, including the SIM object paths in each of them if the cards are present.
    ** New 'PrimarySimSlot' property indicating which of the slots in the 'SimSlots' array is the one currently active.
    ** New 'SetPrimarySimSlot' method to select which SIM slot in the 'SimSlots' array should be considered active. When the switch happens, the modem will be fully re-probed.

  * Signal interface:
    ** New 'Nr5g' dictionary property including signal information for the 5GNR access technology.

  * SIM interface:
    ** New 'Active' boolean property, indicating whether the SIM object is the currently active one.
    ** New 'Eid' string property, indicating the EID of the card, if any.

  * New udev tags:
    ** New 'ID_MM_PORT_TYPE_QMI' tag to explicitly flag a port as being QMI, when there is no other way to guess the type of port; e.g. this tag is not needed for ports exposed by the qmi_wwan driver.
    ** New 'ID_MM_PORT_TYPE_MBIM' tag to explicitly flag a port as being MBIM, when there is no other way to guess the type of port; e.g. this tag is not needed for ports exposed by the cdc_mbim driver.

The most important features and changes in this release are the following:

  * Implemented support for Multi SIM Single Standby support, for systems that have multiple SIM slots and they can select which of them (only one) is active at any given time. Currently implemented for QMI modems only.

  * If the modem enabling phase fails in a fatal way, an implicit disabling sequence is now run, in order to avoid leaving the modem in an inconsistent state.

  * If the connection attempt includes user/password information but no explicit authentication type, CHAP will now be used by default instead of PAP.

  * Full USB device removal events reported via udev are no longer used. The device removal logic relies exclusively on independent port removal events, as that logic is supported for all subsystems and kernel device backends (e.g. also working for non-USB devices and for systems without udev like OpenWRT).

  * Added support to monitor the 'rpmsg' subsystem, but only in plugins that explicitly require its use (e.g. the 'qcom-soc' plugin).

  * New options in the ModemManager daemon:
    ** Added new '--test-no-suspend-resume' option to disable the runtime suspend/resume support even if the daemon was built with it.
    ** Added new '--test-no-udev' option to disable the runtime udev support even if the daemon was built with it.

  * Serial:
    ** Also match OK or ERROR responses that are not at end of line.

  * SIM:
    ** Force reprobing the modem if a new SIM is detected in a modem that initially started in Failed state without SIM.
    ** Force reprobing the modem if the lock status cannot be read after sending SIM-PUK, so that it transitions to the Failed state.
    ** Force reprobing the modem if a PUK lock is discovered after sending SIM-PIN, so that it transitions to the Failed state.

  * QMI:
    ** The logic no longer depends on the service version reported by each client, the support for each feature is explicitly probed instead.
    ** Implemented SIM profile (eUICC) change detection.
    ** Support for QMI modems on kernels < 3.6 is dropped. Only kernels where the QMI control ports are exposed in the 'usbmisc' subsystem are supported.
    ** Implemented additional step in the connection logic to allow binding the WDS client to a given SIO port, required in the BAM-DMUX driver setup.
    ** Implemented support for the initial EPS bearer settings logic.
    ** Disabled explicit signal and access technology polling if indications have been correctly enabled.

  * MBIM:
    ** Enable SIM hot swap detection logic with QMI over MBIM.
    ** Allow plugins to specify explicitly that QMI over MBIM is not supported.

  * libmm-glib:
    ** Added missing APIs to get/set RM protocol in the Simple connect settings.

  * Plugins:
    ** gosuncn: new plugin, for now just with port type hints for the GM800.
    ** quectel: implemented GPS support with +QGPS.
    ** quectel: implemented custom time support check to prefer +CTZU=3 instead of +CTZU=1 so that the modem reports localtime instead of UTC in +CCLK.
    ** sierra: added support for XMM-specific features (e.g. EM7345).
    ** cinterion: implemented support for the initial EPS bearer settings logic.
    ** cinterion: added SIM hot swap support to AT-based modems.
    ** huawei: updated to avoid applying multiple port type hint methods.
    ** huawei: updated the ^GETPORTMODE logic so that we don't assume the hints in the response apply to specific USB interfaces.

The following features which were backported to 1.14.x releases are also present in ModemManager 1.16.0:

  * location: allow CID only updates.
  * sms: allow sending/receiving UTF-16 as if it were UCS-2.
  * modem: don't consider charset setup failure as fatal.
  * QMI: fix reporting signal strength indications.
  * QMI: fix parsing of USSD indications with UTF-16 data.
  * QMI: run network registration with NAS Set System Selection Preference.
  * QMI: when connection aborted, ensure network handles are released.
  * MBIM: don't fail IPv4v6 connection attempt if only IPv4 succeeds.
  * cinterion: improve user/password handling in AT^SGAUTH calls.
  * cinterion: removed limitation to IPv4 only PDP contexts.
  * cinterion: configure the PLAS9 to send URCs correctly.
  * quectel: add support for MBIM devices.
  * telit: add initial delay for AT ports to become responsive.


Worth noting especially for our uses is this:

  • Gentoo's 'libelogind' library may now be used to detect the systemd suspend/resume support.

That'll be very useful for SysV systems

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago


Just a quick update to fix the builds with GLib < 2.54.

This is the first bugfix release in the 1.16.x series, built from the mm-1-16 branch.

ModemManager 1.16.2

 * build: fixed with GLib < 2.54.
 * qmi: fixed network regitration cancellation when asserts disabled.
 * libmm-glib: fix allow-roaming setting comparison in bearer properties.


comment:5 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r24333

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