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New point version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

PipeWire 0.3.23

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible
with previous 0.3.x releases.

- Highlights
  - Fixes for some critical bugs in last release.
  - Fix bug where audio was not drained properly at the end of
    playback, causing repeating sound.
  - Profile and route switching was improved and should mimic
    more what pulseaudio did.
  - Various fixes for xruns in capture and playback.
  - Bluetooth now supports delay adjustment and various other
  - The pulseaudio server now correctly identifies AC3 and DTS
    streams and returns a not supported error instead of playing
  - Multichannel support was improved in the alsa plugin and
    the channel mixer. Channels should now play on the right
    speakers in all cases.

- PipeWire improvements
  - Small fixes and improvements in JSON parsing and encoding.
  - Improvements to param handling in audioconverter. It would
    previously not always notify of changes.
  - Avoid updating some properties that we use internally such
    as the object id and the
  - log.level in the config files is now actually used.
  - the PIPEWIRE_LATENCY env variable should always override
    any application settings in filter/stream/jack.
  - The config file can now contain filer and stream properties
    to, for example, control the resampler, mixer and latency.
  - Add sandboxing to the systemd services
  - Various FreeBSD fixes.
  - Improve draining and a way to exit the drain state as well.
  - Many multichannel fixes. Channel remapping should now be
  - Fix bug with repeating audio at the end of playback because
    the drain in the resampler was not draining all channels.
  - RTKit default rt.prio has been increased to 88. This will
    likely still be clamped to 20 until distros increase the
    max priority.

- Session-manager
  - Don't try to switch to Pro Audio profile, this should be
    a user choice only.
  - Don't crash when metadata was disabled such as when not
    using the audio features of pipewire.
  - Rework the profile and route handling.
  - Add systemd unit files for the media-session
  - Device names should now also have sane names so that tab
    pactl completion works on them.

- Device support
  - Fix ALSA format enumeration in more cases. Use the channels
    and rate as a filter.
  - Make sure the graph doesn't ever use buffers larger than
    the alsa device buffer size or we get xruns.
  - Tuning of the alsa device timeout handling and dynamic
    resampler. There should now not be any xruns when streams
    appear and disappear or when the quantum changes.
  - Fix bug in alsa device when reassigning to a new driver,
    in some cases the dynamic resampler was not activated and
    things would drift out of sync and fail.
  - Fixes in quantum changes for ALSA capture and how the
    resampler is drained and fed with the new samples.

- Bluetooth
  - Delay adjustment has been implemented now. Bluetooth
    devices should now be more synchronized with video due
    to proper delay reporting. Because BT delays can be
    large, it can cause hickups in some players.
  - Fix volume in bluetooth devices.
  - Codec switch improvements.

- PulseAudio server
  - Latency offset adjustment is now implemented and functional
    for bluetooth devices. It is not working for alsa devices
  - Handle unsupported formats. Previously we would accept encoded
    formats and play noise. This fixes AC3 playback in vlc.
  - Move some of the configurable parameters to the config file.
  - Fix a fatal use after free when playing samples
  - Improve module handling. loaded modules now show up in the
    list of modules and can be unloaded. This also prepares the
    core for more module implementations later.

- ALSA plugin
  - Fix drain with very large buffers, we need to manually start
    the stream before draining.
  - Fix the channel layout handling.
  - Improve compatibility with apps that expect the poll to only
    return when there is activity.
  - Fix drain for capture

  - Add a config option to shorten and filter client names
  - Increase the length of the client name size and make sure
    we don't exceed the allocated size.
  - We now include our own jack header files so we can build
    without depending on another jack-devel package. We don't
    yet install the headers or provide pkgconfig files.

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r24358

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

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