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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: Bruce Dubbs
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comment:1 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

Summary: mesa-21.0.0mesa-21.0.0 (wait for 21.0.1)

The release note says:

Mesa 21.0.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned with stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or wait for Mesa 21.0.1.

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Milestone: 10.2hold

comment:3 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

Description: modified (diff)
Milestone: hold10.2
Summary: mesa-21.0.0 (wait for 21.0.1)mesa-21.0.1

comment:5 by Xi Ruoyao, 3 years ago

-Dosmesa=gallium -> -Dosmesa=true

A question: is libOSMesa really needed by BLFS?

comment:6 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

libOSMesa is really nice to have for those of us who have to use NVIDIA cards (especially with their proprietary driver)

comment:7 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Summary: mesa-21.0.1mesa-21.0.3

Now 21.0.3

comment:8 by ken@…, 3 years ago

I find it hard to find any reliable details about what libOSMesa is actually used for. It provides offscreen rendering, and I found one report where someone was using it (perhaps in a VM) for that. Beyond that, there have been reports that people using Wine use it. For nvidia binary drivers, most articles seem to suggest it is not used ? And for nouveau I can find no matches to OSMesa.

I'm going to suggest that we relegate it to an option and in the explanation say it is to enable offscreen rendering.

But I don't have any nvidia machines at the moment, so I might well be talking out my gluteus maximus.

comment:9 by thomas, 3 years ago


../ WARNING: valgrind option "false" deprecated, please use "disabled" instead.

../ WARNING: libunwind option "false" deprecated, please use "disabled" instead.


-Dvalgrind=false  -->  -Dvalgrind=disabled
-Dlibunwind=false -->  -Dlibunwind=disabled

comment:10 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to Bruce Dubbs
Status: newassigned

comment:11 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Summary: mesa-21.0.3mesa-21.1.0

Now version 21.1.0.

Mesa 21.1.0 is a new development release. People who are concerned with stability and reliability should stick with a previous release or wait for Mesa 21.1.1.

comment:12 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Upon further research, there were three -rc releases leading to this release. I'll note that arch is now using it.

New features

  • VK_KHR_workgroup_memory_explicit_layout on Intel, RADV
  • DRM format modifiers for AMD.
  • VK_KHR_zero_initialize_workgroup_memory on Intel, RADV
  • Zink exposes GL 4.6 and ES 3.1
  • GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test on softpipe, zink
  • GL_EXT_texture_filter_minmax on nvc0 (gm200+)
  • GL_ARB_texture_filter_minmax on nvc0 (gm200+)
  • GL_ARB_post_depth_coverage on zink
  • VK_KHR_copy_commands2 on lavapipe
  • lavapipe exposes Vulkan 1.1
  • VRS attachment on RADV

Bug fixes

  • No sRGB capable visuals/fbconfigs reported in glx
  • Graphics corruption and GPU hang with RADV/LLVM
  • old kernels (4.19) support in radv
  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha crashes GPU on launch
  • CSGO: Some default variables can cause problems with trust mode
  • mesa git started to break wine + UnrealTournament.exe (old dx6 game)
  • SuperTuxKart artifacting on RK3399
  • [amdgpu]: Golf With Your Friends (431240): ERROR Waiting for fences timed out
  • Strange results when trying to read from VK_FORMAT_R64_SFLOAT in compute shader
  • anv: dEQPVK.binding_model.buffer_device_address.set3.depth3.basessbo .convertcheck* slow
  • Iris doesn't support INTEL_performance_query anymore
  • RADV: TRUNC_COORD breaks gather operations
  • [RADV] corruption in avatar after dying in Heroes of the Storm
  • Metro Exodus crashing due to memory overflow
  • Sauerbraten shader rendering broken on RV530 (r300g)
  • texture glitches on CS:GO on Tiger Lake
  • Build fail due to "parameter name omitted" on Gallium Nine
  • Non-DRI builds broken by recent cleanups in Mesa core
  • Cinnamon core dump after installing latest oibaf mesa build (165a69d2)
  • yuv sampler lowering regression
  • anv: anv_descriptor_set_binding_layout::array_size overflows u16
  • RADV - Vertex explosion in DIRT 5 on RDNA2
  • ci: Use renderdoc from debian
  • ci: Use debian apitrace in x86 images
  • SIGSEV in v3d_emit_gl_shader_state
  • Xorg crash due to assertion failure after GPU soft reset
  • AMD hevc_vaapi ffmpeg encoding = wrong image width (48px black bar on the right)
  • panfrost: Page fault in glamor when running GIMP with X11 on Mali T860
  • gallium: python trace scripts need updating
  • EGL context creation fails when EGL_KHR_create_context_no_error is mentioned for OpenGL ES 1.1.
  • [spirv-fuzz] NIR validation failed after spirv_to_nir: error: nir_block_dominates
  • [bisected][regression][i965,iris] dEQP-VK.clipping.user_defined.clip_cull _distance.* failing on multiple platforms
  • No Mans Sky GPU hang on Radeon ACO
  • radeonsi: prusa-slicer crashes on mesa 21
  • anv: dEQP-VK.subgroups.ballot_broadcast.compute.subgroupbroadcast_i8vec3 _requiredsubgroupsize16 fails on ICL, TGL
  • [radeonsi] Rendering of Firefox UI and website content corrupts randomly and after window geometry changes
  • max_binding inconsistency in vulkan descriptor set drivers
  • anv: conservative rasterization ext question mark
  • Unigine Tropics MSAA failure
  • warning: xnack 'Off' was requested for a processor that does not support it! [AMD VEGAM with LLVM 12.0.0]
  • Compiling some ARB assembly shaders leads to memory corruption
  • Specifying an explicit location for an array output messes up transform feedback
  • Request for VK_EXT_conservative_rasterization support on Anvil Intel driver for newest DXVK..
  • radv: dEQP regressions after addrlib update
  • Up to 30% performance drop (GLBenchmark, GfxBench)
  • DOTA 2 don't no longer starts since commit ad241b15a9e517dd4c4e8d7b1d5dab7c3a74b37c
  • Clover doesn't work for kmsro drivers
  • aco_tests isel.sparse.clause fails with llvm-12
  • util cpu detection breaks on 128-core AMD machines
  • util cpu detection breaks on 128-core AMD machines
  • Default GL_MAX_TEXTURE_BUFFER_SIZE very small
  • intel_nullhw.c:41:38: error: field ‘vtable’ has incomplete type
  • ACO error with GCN 1 GPU
  • kmsro advertises EGL_MESA_device_software
  • d3d12: Use ID3D12Device9::CreateCommandQueue1 when available
  • [RADV] Halo: The Master Chief Collection: Crash in Halo Reach Firefight
  • freedreno: use SAMPLE_COUNT to autotune sysmem vs gmem
  • freedreno: draw_vbo optimizations
  • [Bisected][RadeonSI] Mesa crashes when rendering with Eevee in Blender
  • subgroupBallotFindMSB() broken in RADV/ACO 20.3.4
  • nir_print: util_cpu_detect() is not called prior to _mesa_half_to_float()
  • turnip: buffer overflow read on dEQP-VK.ycbcr.query.levels.tess_eval.r8g8b8a8_unorm
  • RuneScape crashes GLOn12
  • d3d12: Surfaces need to use shareable descriptors
  • [RADV][RDNA2] Red Dead Redemption 2 image glitches during menu/overlay menu transitions
  • "unknown intrinsic" assertion triggered by multiview shader in non-multiview renderpass in Vulkan on intel
  • [i965][g965,ilk,g33,g45][bisected] dEQP-GLES2.functional.fbo.completeness.attachment _combinations.* failures
  • anv: android building error after commit 4fb6c05
  • Compiling mesa with -Dtools=all throws deprecation warnings for intel tools
  • DXVK is broken in latest master
  • OpenCLOn12: Affinity Photo CL kernels produce invalid DXIL phis
  • nir -> tgsi conversion problem
  • [i965][g965,ilk,g33][bisected] fp16 enablement causes deqp test failures
  • mesa/st: Uniforms are not updated after lowering alpha test
  • [i965][bisected][regression] piglit failing primitive-restart- vbo_combined_vertex_and_index on multiple platforms
  • [RADV] Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition: "Bloom" on lights
  • [RADV] Oblivion: Poor Performance while MSAA Is Enabled
  • lima context state bugs with shader compile
  • [RADV][BISECTED] The Surge 2 (644830) - In-game assets do not render correctly since 20.3.4.
  • amd clang cannot convert ‘llvm::AtomicOrdering’ to ‘llvm::MaybeAlign’ build failure
  • [iris][icl,tgl][bisected][regression] failure on piglit.spec.arb_separate _shader_objects.programuniform coverage
  • opencl build fail
  • anv: dEQP-VK.glsl.builtin_var.fragcoord_msaa.* fails
  • Request - depth format feature SAMPLED_IMAGE_FILTER_LINEAR
  • "radeonsi: Check pitch and offset for validity." is a bad commit
  • Add OpenCL information to docs/features.txt
  • [regression] [bisected] piglit.spec.arb_framebuffer_object.fbo-drawbuffers -none gldrawpixels fails
  • RADV: robustBufferAccessUpdateAfterBind is not exposed
  • debug build compilation failed: inlining failed in call to ‘always_inline’ ‘_nir_visit_dest_indirect’: indirect function call with a yet undetermined callee
  • [RADV/DXVK] Shadow artifacts with different games
  • glxgears segfaults with classic i915
  • mesa_glthread=true Black Mesa
  • freedreno: rendering corruption in dead cells
  • ac/rgp: Android building error after commit 12515d6
  • d3d12: Assert failures & crashes on latest master
  • RADV/ACO - DCC causing garbled output on RX570
  • draw.c:121: _mesa_set_draw_vao: Assertion \`vao->_EnabledWithMapMode == _mesa_vao_enable_to_vp_inputs(vao->_AttributeMapMode, vao->Enabled)' failed.
  • ANV: Weird jitter in Witcher 1
  • RADV - Path of Exile: Shimmering outlines where water and other objects meet
  • ANV: Weird jitter in Witcher 1
  • ANV: Weird jitter in Witcher 1
  • meson: meson-built libraries have inconsistent compatability / current versions compared to older autotools-built libraries
  • device select layer breaks other layers
  • RADV: Extreme overhead in vkQueueSubmit
  • Graphical glitch of popupping missing texture on Mesa version >18.0.5 (Padoka Stable + Unstable/Oibaf/ubuntu-x-swat PPAs)
  • [regression] [bisected] dEQP-GLES2.functional.fbo.render.stencil_clear .rbo_rgb5_a1_stencil_index8 fails
  • occasional corruption issue with RADV in multiple games, disappears after using amdvlk
  • panfrost T860 regression
  • OpenGL on GMA4500MHD
  • piglit-replay: JUnit file contains wrong links to the tracie dashboard
  • R8 texture upload / corruption bug on Radeon RX 5700 XT
  • Ambient Occlusion in Two Point Hospital shows black spot artifacts
  • freedreno: async background shader compile
  • AMD VAAPI encoding has ceased to work
  • Rage 2: Visual corruption on in-game menu with ACO.
  • ACO doesn't correctly render map in Borderlands 3 vs. LLVM on 5700 XT
  • Invalid shader under panfrost/wayland
  • Strange Brigade refuses to load correctly since some recent commits
  • GLonD3D12: Crashes and suboptimal fallback
  • GLonD3D12: Crashes and suboptimal fallback
  • GLonD3D12: Crashes and suboptimal fallback
  • [RADV][REGRESSION][BISECTED] radv_GetMemoryFdPropertiesKHR returns no valid memory types for vaapi drmbuf
  • anv: vkQueueSubmit with waitSemaphore value of 0 hangs CPU
  • ttn: invalid base/range triggering nir_validate assertion
  • Sampling with mipmapped HiZ behaves unexpectedly on Gen9
  • zink: ARB_map_buffers issues on CI
  • u_upload_mgr: assert failure for large uploads
  • [RADV][ACO] Overwatch game crash: amd/compiler/aco_insert_exec_mask.cpp: Failed Assertion
  • PRIME render offloading broken
  • Use out encoding for float immediates
  • [RADV] Severe performance drop when exceeding VRAM compared to AMDVLK
  • LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 picks zink over actual software rasterizers
  • crash/assert in fd_set_viewport_states
  • RADV: Occlusion query hangs Big Navi GPU
  • "mesa: don't allocate matrices with malloc" cause eglCreateContext problem on android 7.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: texture issues and vertex stretches
  • [iris and Navi 10] piglit.spec.arb_multi_draw_indirect .arb_draw_elements_base_vertex-multidrawelements -indirect regression
  • miscompiled compute shader loop on llvmpipe (and Iris)
  • ci: minio caching of arm64 artifacts for bare-metal
  • Graphics glitches after upgrade to mesa 20.3 on Khadas VIM3 Pro (Mali G52 GPU)
  • glthread crash in _mesa_glthread_upload
  • freedreno piglit flakes
  • RADV: NonUniform OpArrayLength on SSBO ignores NonUniform.
  • Iris driver causing graphics glitch in QEMU spice egl DMA-BUF
  • [RADV/ACO] Death Stranding cause a GPU hung (\*ERROR* Waiting for fences timed out!)
  • [TGL] Elder Scrolls Online misrenders
  • [ANV] System hang with GRVK demos
  • ci: Fractional deqp runs with valgrind enabled.
  • Regression: Segfault in cso_destroy_context() regression in 20.2
  • Rendering artifacts in Barn Finders specifically on Radeon Vega
  • Graphics regression in Assassins Creed Odyssey
  • [ANV] Compilation warnings
  • regression in !8152
  • [bdw][icl][iris] fails new test \clearbuffer-depth-cs-probe
  • ci: new traces runner needs dashboard links in the job log and junit
  • zink: car model corruption with game TORCS
  • glGetInternalformati64v(GL_TEXTURE_2D, GL_SR8_EXT, GL_COLOR_ENCODING) returns GL_NONE
  • Windows: 32-bit build is broken hard
  • ANV: Not handling separate stencil layouts properly
  • [Regression][Intel][OpenGL][Bisected] Copying whole 2D array texture failed on latest driver
  • turnip: dEQP-VK.tessellation.invariance.outer_triangle_set .quads_fractional_odd_spacing failure
  • i915 regressions bisected to "vbo/dlist: use a shared index buffer"
  • intel: Chrome OS "hatch" (cometlake) fails on dEQP-GLES31.functional.geometry _shading.layered.render_with_default_layer_cubemap
  • radv: dEQP-VK.sparse_resources.* failures on GFX9
  • freedreno: rendering corruption in War Robots
  • radv: dEQP-VK.sparse_resources.* failures on GFX9
  • Mesa 20.3.x crashes pidgin on AMD RX480
  • timespec_get used unconditionally / build fails when targeting macOS 10.14 or earlier
  • libunwind not located / used on macOS
  • libunwind not located / used on macOS
  • meson fails to locate libexpat on macOS
  • CarX Drift Racing 2 fails to start
  • Some games using FNA framework show blank screen
  • Intel Vulkan regression of angle_end2end_tests
  • Defer lavapipe warning to queue / command / swapchain buffer creation

comment:13 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

41ce34b085 Update to mesa-21.1.0. 7df0924cd5 Update to gtk+3-3.24.29. c16f01e708 Update to adwaita-icon-theme-40.1.1 ad1831a989 Update to graphviz-2.47.1 and gedit-40.1

comment:14 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Milestone: 10.211.0

Milestone renamed

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