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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Changelog for released sg3_utils-1.46 [20210329] [svn: r891]
  - sg_rep_pip: new utility: report provisioning initialization
    pattern command
  - sg_turs: estimated time-to-ready [spc6r03]
    - add --delay=MS option
  - sg_requests: substantial cleanup
  - sg_vpd: add Format presets and Concurrent positioning ranges
    - add hot-pluggable field in standard Inquiry [spc6r05]
    - fix vendor struct opts_t alignment
  - sg_inq: add hot-pluggable field in standard Inquiry
  - sg_dd: --verify : separate category for miscompare errors
    - --verify : oflag=coe continue on miscompares, counts them
    - add cdl= operand for command duration limit indexes
    - add oflag=nocreat and conv=nocreat : OFILE must exist
    - add iflag=00, ff, random flags
    - setup conditional auto rule for getrandom()
    - add command timeout after comma in time= operand
  - sg_get_elem_status: add ralwd bit sbc4r20a
  - sg_write_x: add dld bits to write(32) [sbc4r19a]
  - sg_rep_zones: print invalid write pointer LBA as -1 rather
    than 16 "f"s
  - sg_opcodes: improve handling of RWCDLP field
  - sg_ses: use fan speed factor field for calculation [ses4r04]
    - add --all (-a) option, same action as --join
  - sg_compare_and_write: add examples section to its manpage
  - sg_modes: document '-s' option (same as '-6')
  - sg_sanitize + sg_format: when --verbose given once report
    probable success; without --verbose 'no news is good news'
  - sg_zone: add Remove element and modify zones command
  - sg_raw: increase maximum data-in and data-out buffer size
    from 64 KB to 1 MB
    - fix --cmdfile= handling
    - add --nvm option to send commands from the NVM command set
    - add --cmdset option to bypass cdb heuristic
    - add --scan= first_opcode,last_opcode
  - sg_pt_freebsd: allow device names without leading /dev/
    thus fix for regression introduced in rev 731 (ver: 1.43)
  - sg_pt_solaris+sg_pt_osf1: fix problem with clear_scsi_pt_obj()
    which needs to remember is_nvme and dev_fd values
  - sg_lib: add ZBC (2020) feature set entries
  - sg_lib: restore elements and rebuild command added
  - sg_lib,sg_pt: add partial_clear_scsi_pt_obj(),
    get_scsi_pt_cdb_len() and get_scsi_pt_cdb_buf()
    - add do_nvm_pt() for the NVM (sub-)command set
    - tweak transport error handling in Linux
  - sg_lib: Linux NVMe SNTL: add read, write and verify;
    synchronize cache and write same translations
    - add dummy start stop unit and test unit ready commands
    - wire cache mpage's WCE to nvme 'volatile write cache'
    - fix crash in sg_f2hex_arr() when fname not found
  - sg_lib: reprint cdb with illegal request sense key
    - asc/ascq match asc-num.txt @t10 20200708 [spc6r02]
  - gcc-10: suppress warnings
  - autoconf: upgrade version 2.69 to 2.70
  - remove space from end of source lines for git-svn
  - testing/sg_mrq_testing: new, for blocking mrq usage
  - testing/sgs_dd: add evfd flags and eventfd processing
  - testing: remove master-slave terminology for sgv4
  - examples: add nvme_read_ctl.hex and nvme_write_ctl.hex

The release notes mention a new utility: sg_rep_pip

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r24417

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Milestone: 10.211.0

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