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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: thomas
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.0
Component: BOOK Version: git
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New minor version

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comment:1 by thomas, 3 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to thomas
Status: newassigned

Jan Beich (2):

  • CI: unhardcode pip and install python3 symlink (#373)
  • CI: update freebsd-vm to unbreak build

Jason Gerecke (2):

  • data: Add ISDv4 2d1f:0163 (Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-Caroline)
  • data: Add multiple Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6 PIDs

Mek101 (1):

  • data: add support for Huion h640p (#360)

Peter Hutterer (69):

  • Github CI: use a custom actions installing and meson building (#341)
  • data: switch the SVG layout README to markdown
  • tools/ format with python black
  • tools/ fix a few flake8 warnings
  • tools/ fix to work with Python3
  • README: fix the udev instructions
  • Compare the name too where vid and pid match
  • tools: list i2c devices as well
  • database: de-duplicate the device entries in the returned list
  • database: load all stylus files first, then the tablet files
  • tools: define the full database path in the build system
  • tools: invert an if condition to use continue instead
  • tools: add a --format argument to list-devices
  • tools: install our list-devices helper tool
  • drop an unused directory definition
  • README: more markdown, rewording, and better line wrapping
  • CI: name the main workflow "linux"
  • tools: drop the trailing colons in a hwdb entry
  • tools: replace the hwdb generator with a python script
  • tools: free leaking directory entries in list-local-devices
  • tools: localize a variable
  • tools: de-duplicate the list-local-devices output
  • tools: return EXIT_FAILURE for consistency
  • tools: switch from scandir to glib's opendir
  • Short-cut device comparison for identical pointers
  • tools: add a --format argument to list-local-devices
  • tools: expand the error message for "no devices"
  • tools: print known tablets that are not supported by libwacom
  • use / instead of join_paths
  • test: add a load test for the dell canvas
  • meson/autotools: always check for python
  • meson/autotools: run the hwdb-generator explicitly through python
  • database: don't print the nullstring on a failed match
  • database: immediately print any failed match
  • CI: split the valgrind run into its own job
  • CI: change "autogen" for "autotools" in the human-readable specifier
  • tools: free the list once we're done with it
  • libwacom: switch the matches to a GArray
  • libwacom: allow for duplicates across data directories
  • README: mention the new libwacom-list-devices tools
  • Drop use of streq/strneq, use glib's versions instead
  • Avoid using g_array_copy
  • generate a config.h file
  • Use g_memdup2 when we have it (meson only)
  • Switch the styli to use a GArray
  • Switch the buttons to a GHashTable
  • Mark our static lookup tables with static const
  • Switch the status leds to using a GArray
  • Switch the stylus' paired_ids to a GArray
  • data: add a test for receiver IDs
  • tools: drop a leftover commented out line
  • tools: make the hwdb entry its own object
  • tools: abstract the tablet database into its own object
  • tool: change the hwdb generator to the libwacom-update-db tool
  • CI: remove the postgres apt sources hack
  • Rename a woefully misnamed internal function
  • Overhaul match generation logic
  • Add a helper function to modify the default match
  • Reset the default match when removing a match
  • Store the default match as refcount instead of index
  • Rename a comparison function for more obviousness
  • Abstract comparing matches into a helper function
  • Reorder the fallback handling for better readability
  • tools: use a YAML-compatible format by default
  • tools: fix an indentation issue in list-compatible-styli
  • data: add support for ELAN-2514 variant 04f3:25bf
  • rename the receiver ID test to just "pytest"
  • test: use the glib function for a tmpdir in $TMP
  • libwacom 1.10

comment:2 by thomas, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed in [9677284137]

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Milestone: 10.211.0

Milestone renamed

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