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New point version.

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Version 2.03.12 - 07th May 2021

  • Allow attaching cache to thin data volume.
  • Fix memleak when generating list of outdated pvs.
  • Better hyphenation usage in man pages.
  • Replace use of deprecated security_context_t with char*.
  • Configure supports AIO_LIBS and AIO_CFLAGS.
  • Improve build process for static builds.
  • New --setautoactivation option to modify LV or VG auto activation.
  • New metadata based autoactivation property for LVs and VGs.
  • Improve signal handling with lvmpolld.
  • Signal handler can interrupt command also for SIGTERM.
  • Lvreduce --yes support.
  • Add configure option --with/out-symvers for non-glibc builds.
  • Report error when the filesystem is missing on fsadm resized volume.
  • Handle better blockdev with --getsize64 support for fsadm.
  • Do not include editline/history.h when using editline library.
  • Support error and zero segtype for thin-pool data for testing.
  • Support mixed extension for striped, error and zero segtypes.
  • Support resize also for stacked virtual volumes.
  • Skip dm-zero devices just like with dm-error target.
  • Reduce ioctl() calls when checking target status.
  • Merge polling does not fail, when LV is found to be already merged.
  • Poll volumes with at least 100ms delays.
  • Do not flush dm cache when cached LV is going to be removed.
  • New lvmlockctl_kill_command configuration option.
  • Support interruption while waiting on device close before deactivation.
  • Flush thin-pool messages before removing more thin volumes.
  • Improve hash function with less collisions and make it faster.
  • Reduce ioctl count when deactivating volumes.
  • Reduce number of metadata parsing.
  • Enhance performance of lvremove and vgremove commands.
  • Support interruption when taking archive and backup.
  • Accelerate large lvremoves.
  • Speedup search for cached device nodes.
  • Speedup command initialization.
  • Add devices file feature, off by default for now.
  • Support extension of writecached volumes.
  • Fix problem with unbound variable usage within fsadm.
  • Fix IMSM MD RAID detection on 4k devices.
  • Check for presence of VDO target before starting any conversion.
  • Support metatadata profiles with volume VDO pool conversions.
  • Support -Zn for conversion of already formated VDO pools.
  • Avoid removing LVs on error path of lvconvert during creation volumes.
  • Fix crashing lvdisplay when thin volume was waiting for merge.
  • Support option --errorwhenfull when converting volume to thin-pool.
  • Improve thin-performance profile support conversion to thin-pool.
  • Add workaround to avoid read of internal 'converted' devices.
  • Prohibit merging snapshot into the read-only thick snapshot origin.
  • Restore support for flipping rw/r permissions for thin snapshot origin.
  • Support resize of cached volumes.
  • Disable autoactivation with global/event_activation=0.
  • Check if lvcreate passes read_only_volume_list with tags and skips zeroing.
  • Allocation prints better error when metadata cannot fit on a single PV.
  • Pvmove can better resolve full thin-pool tree move.
  • Limit pool metadata spare to 16GiB.
  • Improves conversion and allocation of pool metadata.
  • Support thin pool metadata 15.88GiB, adds 64MiB, thin_pool_crop_metadata=0.
  • Enhance lvdisplay to report raid available/partial.
  • Support online rename of VDO pools.
  • Improve removal of pmspare when last pool is removed.
  • Fix problem with wiping of converted LVs.
  • Fix memleak in scanning (2.03.11).
  • Fix corner case allocation for thin-pools.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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841daa3f80 Update to vlc-3.0.13
0936f56279 Update to LVM2.2.03.12
ae90b83d47 Update to pipewire-0.3.27
0145208a69 Update to at_3.2.2
284ad8b8ae Update to File-Which-1.27 (Perl module)

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