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New point version.

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Version 1.68.1

  • Many stability fixes due to refactoring how disposed GObjects are handled. Special thanks to Marco Trevisan for the substantial effort.
  • Closed bugs and merge requests:
  • Accessing GLib.ByteArray throws
  • Missing hyphen and camelCase getters for CONSTRUCT_ONLY GObject properties defined in JavaScript
  • gnome-shell crashes on deferencing a destroyed wrapper object
  • GNOME crash "JS object wrapper for GObject 0x563bf88f5f50 (GSettings) is being released..."
  • Finalizing wrapper for an already freed object
  • Calling implemented methods or getters on disposed objects returns function pointers
  • overrides/Gio: Fix _LocalFilePrototype
  • doc: Fix documentation for dynamic imports
  • Added the meson installation command in dependencies
  • Upgrade codespell to 2.0.0 in CI
  • cairo: Add missing semi-colons from dummy class declarations
  • Fixed System.addressOfGObject and System.dumpHeap missing from System ES module
  • Error: Failed to convert GValue to a fundamental instance in Gtk.EventControllerLegacy
  • doc: add an example to get relative filename and dirname with import.meta.url
  • wrapperutils: Use native ostringstream pointer to string conversion
  • testFundamental: Add more tests ensuring we properly handle subtypes
  • Some simple Visual Studio fixes for master
  • Using GFileMonitor crashes GNOME Shell with toggling down object error
  • Deadlock on toggle queue due to GWeakRef
  • Using g_thread_join from JS is crashing
  • GObject: Ensure to call setter methods for construct-only properties

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed
1c3fc6f0b5 Update to gjs-1.68.1
676e928dd2 Update to gnome-autoar-0.3.2
3e208a503c Update to gnome-desktop-40.1
f409953815 Update to gnome-online-accounts-3.40.0
80f5e8c9e1 Update to libwnck-40.0
3dc007fb14 Update to gvfs-1.48.1

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Milestone: 10.211.0

Milestone renamed

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