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New minor verison.

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  • build:
    • Fix up the build to actually build all library objects with libtool consistently, also ensuring no pointless static archives for output modules.
    • Adapted things to autoconf 2.71, requiring 2.69 now (the latter tested on Debian, with their patches).
    • Improved configure to be more useful --with-default-audio to define the search order, fix static build for --with-audio being a list (just choosing the first one).
    • Ensure consistent use of LINK_MPG123_DLL in headers.
  • build (ports/cmake):
    • Fix up ports/cmake to really work in MSVC also for users of the lib
    • Hardcode ports/cmake CPU detection for x64 and ARM as CMAKE_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR is useless crap (bug 298 for real).
    • Add missing io.h for _setmode() MSVC warned about (bug 311).
    • Added BUILD_NO_LARGENAME define to be used by MSVC builds. Note that an MSVC build of libmpg123 does not support 64 bit file offsets. That would need more morting to the explicit API. Thanks to MS for making off_t even more messy and less useful.
    • Added JACK output, fixed handling of compat_str there and in win32_wasapi.
  • libsyn123: Fix syn123_mix() to actually do intermediate conversion when input and output encoding are the same but non-float. This makes out123 --mix work with s16 input and output, which is not that special!
  • libmpg123: Fix misguided handling of part2_3_length checks in III_get_scale_factors_1() and III_get_scale_factors_2() which invalidated decoding of a mono source encoded as ms+i-stereo
  • libout123:
    • Print basic module loading errors only for last one in list. This enables use of an output module search list that anticipates module files not installed with the main package.
    • Fixes for win32_wasapi build with MSVC.

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at commit f12bb9570102523f60dd62f98d871a96c3f7c876

Package updates.
    Update to mpg123-1.28.0.
    Update to at-spi2-core-2.40.2.
    Update to polkit-0.119.
    Update to pipewire-0.3.29.

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Milestone: 10.211.0

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