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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.0
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New point version.

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1.3.7b - Released 13-Jun-2021
- Issue 1063 - FTPS data transfers using TLSv1.3 might segfault when session
  tickets cannot be decrypted.
- Issue 1070 - Implement support for Redis 6.x AUTH semantics.
- Bug 4405 - Memory use-after-free in mod_sftp causes unexpected
  login/authentication issues.
- Issue 1079 - prxs fails to detect module-specific configure/Makefile,
  leading to unexpected module load errors.
- Issue 1074 - TLS SNI connections to name-based VirtualHosts with
  TLSCertificateChainFile fail unexpectedly.
- Issue 1106 - TLS SNI can cause mod_quotatab to crash due to null pointer
- Issue 1076 - TLS client-initiated renegotiations are supported unexpectedly.
- Issue 1105 - Improper handling of multiple IP addresses, ServerAliases in
  <VirtualHost> sections.
- Issue 1149 - mod_quotatab_sql failing due to SQL syntax errors.  This is
  a regression caused by Issue #392.
- Issue 1061 - Freeing uninitialized memory causes SFTP issues with ed25519
- Issue 1111 - "Corrupted MAC on input" errors using SFTP
- Issue 1171 - PassivePort randomization is broken due to SO_REUSEPORT option.
- Issue 1134 - AuthUserFile-based logins, directory listings are very slow due
  to unbuffered reads.
- Issue 1193 - Improper checking for reused TLS session for data transfers
  using OpenSSL 1.1.1.
- Issue 1168 - Improve error handling of OpenSSH host keys converted to PEM
- Issue 1179 - TLSRSACertificateKeyFile sanity checks fail unexpectedly for
  passphrase-protected keys.
- Issue 1174 - ftptop segfaults when using libncursesw on Gentoo.
- Issue 1204 - Once TLSTimeoutHandshake is reached, internal "timed out" flag
  never reset.
- Issue 1207 - On Gentoo, "./configure --disable-ncurses" fails to link ftptop,
  due to "undefined reference to symbol 'stdscr'" error.
- Issue 1212 - mod_sql_mysql needs to quote table names due to reserved MySQL
- Issue 754 - Some mod_snmp counters were not being incremented properly.
- Bug 4428 - <VirtualHost> name resolution does not include all associated
  IPv6 records.
- Issue 1230 - Stack overflow due to unlimited recursion possible when parsing
  JSON text.
- Issue 1232 - Unable to use %{env:FTPS} in a SQLNamedQuery.  The fix is to now
  use %{note:FTPS} instead.

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Resolution: fixed
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Milestone: 10.211.0

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