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# PipeWire 0.3.32 (2021-07-20)

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.

## Highlights

  • Real-time priority handling for threads was reworked. Freewheeling will now drop RT priorities to avoid being killed.
  • Problems with filter chains and echo-cancel being linked in a loop was fixed.
  • alsamixer should now be able to see the mixer controls again.
  • JACK has seen some latency reporting improvements that make Ardour report latencies correctly.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements.

## PipeWire

  • Fix a bug in the neon audio resampler code.
  • There is now a property to relate linked streams. this can be used to track the dataflow with coupled streams.
  • Fix a crash when recalculating latency on a destroyed port.
  • Filter chains and other modules that create streams can now also be added to the daemon config itself.
  • Fix some potential deadlocks in timerfd.
  • Feedback links are skipped when recalculating latency to avoid loops.
  • The dummy driver and null-sink now stop the timerfd when following another driver instead of generating useless graph wakeups.
  • rt.limit was increased to 2 seconds. Some applications got killed because they run lengthy code in the Real-Time thread.
  • Fix s24_32 to float, it was not sign extending properly.
  • The performance of the feedback loop check algorithm was improved a lot, making complex graphs start much much faster.
  • The zeroconf publish module now doesn't republish nodes every time the volume changes.
  • A potential memory corruption error has been fixed in the loop that could cause random crashes.
  • Mempools can now be created from multiple threads at the same time.

## media-session

  • Loops in coupled streams are now avoided.
  • Port changes for inactive profiles are ignored now by the default-route module.


  • Make sure tha alibpref is not part of the device node name because it is random.
  • Fixed an off-by-one that could cause midi events to end up with a wrong timestamp and thus being discarded by some apps.
  • Fix some memory leaks when destroying a card object.


  • Fix some invalid cycle wakeups that could cause JACK application to run with a 0 buffer size.
  • JACK can now use rtkit to manage realtime priorities on threads.
  • The Real-time priority is dropped when entering freewheel mode to make sure we don't get killed when using too much CPU.
  • jack_recompute_total_latencies() is now implemented, fixing the latency reporting in Ardour.
  • Fix some overflows in time calculations.
  • Ensure frame_rate in position is never 0.
  • Graph callbacks are now emitted as well.

## Bluetooth

  • RTP payload type is now set correctly for aptX, LDAC and SBC, which should improve compatibility with devices that care about this.

## PulseAudio server

  • There is now a quirks database to deal with bad clients. The database is builtin but can be made external later.
    • Teams is now lied to and told all sink/sources use s16 samples to make it show all sinks/sources.
    • Firefox is forced to remove the DONT_MOVE flag on capture streams so that you can move firefox streams with other tools.
  • The UNDERFLOW warnings are now made into info log messages to not spam the log too much. Many application just let things underrun and PulseAudio did not warn about this either.

## ALSA plugin

  • The alsa plugin now uses the right metadata for finding the default source and sink, which makes the volume controls reappear.

## Other

  • Cleanups in pulse-server and pipewire.
  • Documentation additions.

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Fixed at commit d233271a3fbd0083d905b0e3c7ba438a58b61ff1

Package updates.
    Update to pipewire-0.3.32.
    Update to shadow-4.9.
    Update to dbus-python-1.2.18 (Python module).
    Update to libidn-2.3.2.
    Update to libidn-1.38.

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