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New major version. Required for kdenlive.

Version 7.0.1

This version is just build fixes for the most immediate problems with the somewhat new but exclusive build system in v7.

  • Fixed docker image not working.
  • Fixed a system-installed build cannot finds its modules and data.
  • Fixed the python installation path for binaries.
  • Added support for the DESTDIR environment variable when creating melt symlink.
  • Increased the build constant for the maximum size of a line of a properties file.
  • Fixed the vid.stab metadata install path.

Version 7.0.0

This is a major new version that breaks API to add a major new feature to the framework: retiming. This is accomplished through new classes mlt_chain and mlt_link. And since we are breaking API we decided to clean house by removing deprecations and switching the build system over entirely to CMake. For more information see our [migration guide](


  • Added mlt_chain and Mlt::Chain classes.
  • Added mlt_link and Mlt::Link classes.
  • Added a link value to service type in the service metadata schema.
  • Added a boolean animation parameter attribute to the service metadata schema.
  • Added mlt_animation_shift_frame() and Mlt::Animation::shift_frames().
  • Added mlt_animation_get_string().
  • Fixed using a stale cached property animation string.
  • Added mlt_image and Mlt::Image classes.
  • Remove legacy "height + 1" workaround in image allocation.
  • Fixed a crash on setting timewarp speed higher than 23x.
  • Added mlt_audio_silence().
  • Removed mlt_image_opengl.
  • Replaced variadic arguments in mlt_events with new mlt_event_data APIs.
  • Removed mlt_geometry APIs.
  • Renamed mlt_image_rgb24a as mlt_image_rgba.
  • Renamed mlt_image_rgb24 to mlt_image_rgb.
  • Renamed mlt_image_glsl to mlt_image_movit.
  • Renamed mlt_image_glsl_texture to mlt_image_opengl_texture.
  • Removed virtual function mlt_frame::get_alpha_mask().
  • Removed mlt_frame_get_alpha_mask().
  • Removed deprecated functions:
    • mlt_sample_calculator
    • mlt_sample_calculator_to_now
    • mlt_channel_layout_name
    • mlt_channel_layout_id
    • mlt_channel_layout_channels
    • mlt_channel_layout_default
    • mlt_slices_init
    • mlt_slices_close
    • mlt_slices_run
    • mlt_playlist_move_region
    • Mlt::Playlist::move_region
  • Fixed a rounding error calculating display aspect ratio in mlt_profile_from_producer().


  • Added a timeremap link to the core module with animatable map property. (Speed can increase or decrease between keyframes including reverse.)
  • Added chain and link XML elements to xml module.
  • Added "" property to avformat producer.
  • Removed deprecated modules:
    • dv
    • gtk2 (not gdk)
    • kino
    • linsys
    • lumas
    • motion_est
    • swfdec
    • videostab
  • Removed the following services:
    • data_feed filter
    • data_show filter
    • region filter and transition
    • sdl_image
  • Converted filters to use new mlt_image class:
    • brightness
    • imageconver
    • mirror
    • spot_remover
  • Deprecated the audiowave filter.
  • Added the ability to build the jackrack module without JACK to get only LADSPA producers and filters.
  • Deprecated start and end properties for the following filters:
    • brightness
    • panner
    • boxblur
    • wave
    • volume
  • Removed deprecated font property from pango producer.
  • Improved album art (attached pic) detection in avformat producer.
  • Improved the resample filter to have less artifacts and use less memory.


  • CMake: nearly complete rewrite.
  • Removed the old configure bash scripts and Makefiles.
  • Added -chain and -link options to melt command line.

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