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# PipeWire 0.3.34 (2021-08-26)

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.

## Highlights

  • Fixes some critical issues with previous release. Such as devices not showing up and default devices being lost.
  • Support for consumer driver streams to make the producer v-sync to the consumer monitor in a headless compositor setup.
  • Improvements to routing of streams.
  • Bluetooth battery status support for head-set profile and using Apple extensions. aptX-LL and FastStream codec support was added.
  • Internal latency of ALSA devices can now be configured.
  • A fast convolver was added to the filter-chain to implement virtual surround sinks or reverbs.

## PipeWire

  • Add support for streams that are driver nodes for the graph. This was already possible for source streams but it is now also possible for playback streams. This can be used to let a producer v-sync to the consumer monitor in a headless compositor setup.
  • State files are now stored in XDG_STATE_HOME instead of XDG_CONFIG_HOME. They will still be loaded from the config home if they are not in the new state home, to ease migration.
  • Set a driver on inactive nodes to make transport work in xjadeo.
  • Fix parsing of filter-chain controls.
  • A new FFT based convolver was added to module-filter-chain. It uses a 0-latency 2 stage convolver with small FFT for the head and a large FFT for the tail of the convolution. A convolution can be used to implement IR based reverbs, HRIR surround sound or other convolution based operations. An example HRIR virtual surround sound sink has been added as well.
  • module-filter-chain was reworked a bit to support more config options for the plugins.
  • Endian conversion and alaw/ulaw formats are now supported for streams.
  • pw-cat will now suggest a samplerate for the graph.
  • SPA_PLUGIN_DIR can now search in multiple paths separated with a ':'.
  • Passthrough mode has been worked on and has been partially merged. S/PDIF definitions have been added and ALSA devices updated to report and configure S/PDIF formats. The session manager changes to fully configure and enable passthrough mode will hopefully be merged next time.
  • Fix a race in pw-stream where it would not always emit the right events.


  • Fix volume changed check. It was checking against the wrong value and this could cause rounding errors.
  • The ALSA plugin now also uses RT scheduling.
  • Fix the behringer UMC202 usb device id, it was using a generic TI chip ID that caused problems.
  • Fix USB devices that don't show up anymore. Use an ALSA workaround to fix this.
  • Add a rule for the new firmware of Sennheiser GSX 1200.
  • ALSA sink and source can now use ProcessLatency param to configure the internal latency. The latencyOffsetNsec property is also exposed so that the latency can be adjusted in pavucontrol as well.

## media-session

  • Fix a critical issue where the default device was not remembered anymore when it was removed.
  • Fix the issue where some apps need to be restarted when nodes go away and reappear.
  • Improve routing of streams. Streams that have a specific target set will now be moved to the target when it appears instead of staying on the fallback.
  • Small memory leak fixes.
  • Try to switch back to the user selected profile after finishing a Bluetooth recording.

## Bluetooth

  • Add support for HF indicator 2 battery status.
  • Add support for XAPL battery status.
  • Set the Communication intended role for HFP profile.
  • Enable SBC-XQ by default if not disabled by quirks.
  • Fix some potential crashes due to excessive polling.
  • Add aptx-LL codec and enable duplex for aptx-LL devices.
  • Add FastStream codec. This is a codec that can use a duplex SBC channel.

## PulseAudio server

  • Suggests a samplerate for the graph.
  • Support for handling S/PDIF (IEC958) formats was added. This will start working when the session manager supports configuring streams and nodes in passthrough mode.
  • Be smarter when handling devices without a negotiated format yet so that they are visible as well. This makes virtual devices show up immediately.

## ALSA plugin

  • Now suggests a samplerate for the graph.


  • The jack.pc file can only be generated with meson >= 0.59.0. When the jack-devel option is enabled, it will generate an error with older meson.
  • Small stability improvements when connecting/disconnecting in Ardour.

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