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SANE-1.0.32 (backend only)

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We have missed a few point versions (book is at 1.0.29).

Looks like the tarball can now be downloaded from

Also the frontends are at

Also arch linux seems to have a patch for using lcms2 in xsane!

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Summary: SANE-1.0.32SANE-1.0.32 (backend only)

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A better tarball is at but the url has a shasum in it, so I uploaded it to anduin again.

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## New with 1.0.32 (released 2021-02-14)

### Backends

- all backends now respect the `local_only` parameter when `true` is
  passed to `sane_get_devices()` in that they do not actively go out
  looking for networked devices (!502)
- `artec_eplus48u`: fixes configuration for AstraSlim SE (!545)
- `avision`: adds the AV186+ and AV188 as supported (!532)
- `avision`: fixes doubled height issue (#402)
- `avision`: fixes a debug message and compiler warning (!515)
- `canon_dr`: adds support for the DR-C120 and DR-C130 (#175)
- `canon_dr`: adds support for uploading of fine calibration uploads
- `canon_dr`: enables fine calibration for the P-208
- `canon_dr`: improves DR-C225 support (#431)
- `canon_lide70`: adds support for document scanning on the Canon LiDE
  600(F), thanks to a hardware donation by Georg Sauthoff
- `dll`: fixes a memory leak (!537)
- `epson2`: adds support for the ET-2600 (#395)
- `epson2`: adds autofocus support for devices that support it (!531)
- `epson2`: fixes brightness support for DS-G20000/12000XL (!529)
- `epson2`: fixes an unchecked return value issue (!526)
- `escl`: adds support for brightness, threshold, sharpen and contrast
  options (!527, !528)
- `escl`: adds support for LaserJet FLowMFP M578 and MFP M630 (#424)
- `escl`: adds support for DeskJet 2710, 2723 (!519) and 3760 (!554)
- `escl`: adds support for the PIXMA TS-5351 (!544) and MG5765 (!517)
- `escl`: adds support for the Brother HL-L258DW (!517)
- `escl`: fixes Avahi device discovery (!536)
- `escl`: fixes crashes for devices without a flatbed (!554)
- `escl`: fixes segfaults in option handling (!557)
- `escl`: fixes sleep mode (!577)
- `escl`: fixes builds without libpoppler-glib-dev (#422)
- `escl`: fixes a memory issue in its capability handling (#425)
- `fujitsu`: fixes brightness/contrast for the iX500
- `fujitsu`: fixes memory corruption for duplex scans
- `genesys`: disables support for CanoScan 4400F to prevent possible
  physical damage (#436)
- `gt68xx`: fixes scan cancellation logic (#356)
- `pixma`: adds untested support for models released in 2020 (!553)
- `pixma`: adds support for ADF scans on the i-SENSYS MF260
- `pixma`: adds support for PIXMA M340 buttons and ADF status (!513)
- `pixma`: adds an option to control when to calibrate (#321)
- `pixma`: fixes support for the MX492 (!548)
- `pixma`: fixes ADF support for the MX490 Series
- `pixma`: fixes max resolution for ADF scans on the PIXMA M320 (#364)
- `pixma`: fixes compile errors when libxml2 is not available (#345)
- `plustek`: fixes CanoScanN650u discovery (#137)
- `test`: fixes several memory leaks (!537)

### Frontends

- `saned`: add support for listening on a custom or ephemeral port via
  a new `-p`/`--port` option (!549)
- `scanimage`: fixes crashes for multi-pass and handheld scans (#408)
- `scanimage`: fixes a memory leak (!551)
- `scanimage`: fixes option handling for non-compliant backends (#362)

### Documentation

- updates our copy of the GPL with the FSF's current postal address.
  This changes references to the Library GPL (LGPL-2.0) into refs to
  the Lesser GPL (LGPL-2.1) but does *not* affect the licensing of our
  backends (#320).
- source code now points to the Free Software Foundation's website for
  copies of the GPL and LGPL (#320)
- updates translations for British English and Ukrainian
- adds a pointer to our Ubuntu PPA for pre-built binaries
- adds SCSI IDs for the EPSON Perfection 1640SU (!509)
- fixes a boat-load of spelling mistakes (!516, thanks @marschap)
- updates description files for `scangearmp2` and `utsushi` external

### Build

- removes support for `automake` maintainer mode (!522)
- removes `sane` subdirectory from the lock directory to fix issues
  when the lock directory is on `tmpfs` (#363)
- adds support for builds using GitLab "source" tarballs (#248)
- fixes static link scenarios (#124)
- fixes `python` invocations to use the detected program (!525)
- disables `genesys` testsuite when that backend is not built (#354)
- suppresses warnings about obsolete autoconf macros (#122)
- fixes availability of sane-backends.pot file inputs (#344)
- fixes `` for use with `autoconf-2.70` (#409)
- removes CVS keywords from the source to ease use by downstreams that
  still use CVS (!547)
### Miscellaneous

- `udev` rules now trigger on all events other than `remove` (!541).
  This aims to address a kernel API change introduced in 4.14.  The
  new behaviour may slow down `udev`'s processing of kernel events
  when still using our plain `udev` or `udev+acl` rules, even though
  these have been optimized slightly (#341).  If that bothers you, now
  is a good time to switch to our `udev+hwdb` rules in combination
  with the `hwdb` database if you have not done so already.

## New with 1.0.31 (released 2020-08-23)

### Backends

- adds the `canon_lide70` backend
- `avision`: adds support for the KODAK i1120, fixes thread
  cancellation issues, disables exposure option for non-filmscanners
- `canon_dr`: improves error reporting
- `dmc`: fixes compiler warnings on the scan area options
- `epsonds`: rewrites the network I/O following changes made to the
  `epson2` backend in 1.0.30 to fix security issues.  Network support
  is still unsupported.
- `escl`: adds ADF support, fixes many minor issues and improves error
  handling.  Now also supports devices behind a proxy (needs explicit
- `fujitsu`: adds support for the fi-800R and a card scanning slot,
  fixes a bug when reading hardware sensors on the first invocation.
  Adds USB IDs for fi-7800 and fi-7900.
- `genesys`: adds support for the Canon 5600F, Canon LiDE 90, Plustek
  OpticFilm 7200 and 7200 (v2), 7400, 7600i, 8100 and 8200i.  Fixes
  several issues with the Canon 8600F.  Adds 4800dpi support for the
  Canon LiDE 210 and fixes 3200dpi flatbed support on the Canon 8400F.
  Adds an option to fill dark calibration with a constant.  Adds
  transparency support for gl847 chipset based devices.  Fixes CIS
  scanner support for gl842 chipset based devices.  Removes lineart
  and image enhancement emulation support.
- `gphoto`: supports the PLANon DocuPen RC800 (with a recent enough
  version of `gphoto2`)
- `gt68xx`: modifies scan cancellation behaviour
- `hp5400`: adds button support, fixes a scan cancellation crash issue
- `pixma`: add supports for the i-SENSYS MF440 Series and untested
  support for the PIXMMA G7000 Series and GM4000 Series as well as the
  i-SENSYS MF720 Series.
- `plustek`: fixes a potential buffer overrun
- `test`: adds gamma options

### Documentation

- removes the SANE Standard.  This is now maintained as a separate
  project at  HTML and PDF
  versions can be found at
- adds and updates information for multiple supported and unsupported
- translation updates for British English, French, German, Italian and
- `scanimage`: documents the JPEG compression level
- minor improvements documenting build requirements

### Build

- removes the `--with-api-spec` option from `configure`
- replaces the `--enable-avahi` option with an `--with-avahi` that
  defaults to enabling if possible.  If the option is given and the
  required support is not available, `configure` will exit with an
- improves checking for libjpeg version dependent requirements
- has been made reproducible (#228)
- fixes build issues on MinGW

### Miscellaneous

- fixes OpenBSD hotplugd scriptlets (!375)
- fixes support for unconfigured USB scanners on MacOS (#38)
- various fixes and improvements in the USB record/replay support
- fixes a file descriptor validation test in sanei_pio
- adds missing include in sanei_usb

## New with 1.0.30 (released 2020-05-17)

This release fixes several security related issues and a build issue.

### Backends

- `epson2`: fixes CVE-2020-12867 (GHSL-2020-075) and several memory
  management issues found while addressing that CVE
- `epsonds`: addresses out-of-bound memory access issues to fix
  CVE-2020-12862 (GHSL-2020-082) and CVE-2020-12863 (GHSL-2020-083),
  addresses a buffer overflow fixing CVE-2020-12865 (GHSL-2020-084)
  and disables network autodiscovery to mitigate CVE-2020-12866
  (GHSL-2020-079), CVE-2020-12861 (GHSL-2020-080) and CVE-2020-12864
  (GHSL-2020-081).  Note that this backend does not support network
  scanners to begin with.
- `magicolor`: fixes a floating point exception and uninitialized data
- fixes an overflow in `sanei_tcp_read()`

### Build

- fixes a build issue where linker flags would become link time
  dependencies (#239)

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