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bind9-9.16.21 bind

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New point version.

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9.16.21 released

5711. [bug]    "map" files exceeding 2GB in size failed to load due to
         a size comparison that incorrectly treated the file size
         as a signed integer. [GL #2878]

5710. [port]      win32: incorrect parentheses resulted in the wrong
         sizeof() tests being used to pick the appropriate
         Windows atomic operations for the object's size.
         [GL #2891]

5709. [cleanup]   Enum values throughout the code have been updated
         to use the terms "primary" and "secondary" instead of
         "master" and "slave", respectively. [GL #1944]

5708. [bug]    The thread-local isc_tid_v variable was not properly
         initialized when running BIND 9 as a Windows Service,
         leading to a crash on startup. [GL #2837]

5705. [bug]    Change #5686 altered the internal memory structure of
         zone databases, but neglected to update the MAPAPI value
         for zone files in "map" format. This caused named to
         attempt to load incompatible map files, triggering an
         assertion failure on startup. The MAPAPI value has now
         been updated, so named rejects outdated files when
         encountering them. [GL #2872]

5704. [bug]    Change #5317 caused the EDNS TCP Keepalive option to be
         ignored inadvertently in client requests. It has now
         been fixed and this option is handled properly again.
         [GL #1927]

5701. [bug]    named-checkconf failed to detect syntactically invalid
         values of the "key" and "tls" parameters used to define
         members of remote server lists. [GL #2461]

5700. [bug]    When a member zone was removed from a catalog zone,
         journal files for the former were not deleted.
         [GL #2842]

5699. [func]      Data structures holding DNSSEC signing statistics are
         now grown and shrunk as necessary upon key rollover
         events. [GL #1721]

5698. [bug]    When a DNSSEC-signed zone which only has a single
         signing key available is migrated to use KASP, that key
         is now treated as a Combined Signing Key (CSK).
         [GL #2857]

5696. [protocol]  Support for HTTPS and SVCB record types has been added.
         (This does not include ADDITIONAL section processing for
         these record types, only basic support for RR type
         parsing and printing.) [GL #1132]

5694. [bug]    Stale data in the cache could cause named to send
         non-minimized queries despite QNAME minimization being
         enabled. [GL #2665]

5691. [bug]    When a dynamic zone was made available in another view
         using the "in-view" statement, running "rndc freeze"
         always reported an "already frozen" error even though
         the zone was successfully frozen. [GL #2844]

5690. [func]      dnssec-signzone now honors Predecessor and Successor
         metadata found in private key files: if a signature for
         an RRset generated by the inactive predecessor exists
         and does not need to be replaced, no additional
         signature is now created for that RRset using the
         successor key. This enables dnssec-signzone to gradually
         replace RRSIGs during a ZSK rollover.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 21 months ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at commit c176fc79122f368aee3665e2d2f1c24e5bb21282

Package updates.
    Update to bind9-9.16.21.
    Update to pipewire-0.3.36.
    Update to ModemManager-1.18.2.
    Update to sudo-1.9.8p1.
    Update to acpid-2.0.33.
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