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Release candidate of new major version. 70.1 will be released on Oct 19.

We'll need to rebuild everything depending on it because the new major version is ABI incompatible with old releases.

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comment:1 by Xi Ruoyao, 2 years ago

113 tests in js78 fails with the release candidate.

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comment:2 by pierre, 2 years ago

Summary: icu4c-70rc (wait for 70.1)icu4c-70.1)

icu4c-70.1 has been out for 9 days:

ICU 70 updates to Unicode 14, including new characters, scripts, emoji, and corresponding API constants. ICU 70 adds support for emoji properties of strings. It also updates to CLDR 40 locale data with many additions and corrections. ICU 70 also includes many other bug fixes and enhancements, especially for measurement unit formatting, and it can now be built and used with C++20 compilers.

Common Changes

        Unicode 14:

            5 new scripts, 37 new emoji (plus additional new sequences), the som currency sign used in the Kyrgyz Republic, 838 total new characters

            Line breaking updated for emoji forward compatibility for emoji. Unicode 14 and ICU 70 already handle line breaking for emoji that will be added in Unicode 15/16.

        CLDR 40 (blog):

            Grammatical features (gender and case) for units of measurement in 29 additional locales

            Many improvements and bug fixes; see the CLDR release page

        New support for emoji properties of strings; for example, Basic_Emoji and RGI_Emoji (ICU-21652)

            This includes a new version of hasBinaryProperty() that takes a string argument.

            Complementing a set via pattern syntax (^ or \P) or applyPattern() and similar performs a “code point complement” (which removes multi-character strings) (ICU-21524)

    Time zone data (tzdata) version 2021e (2021-oct) except that for now we retain pre-1970 time zone data that has recently been removed from the TZ DB. (Reports as version "2021a3")

ICU4C Specific Changes

        ICU operator==() and operator!=() functions now return bool instead of UBool, as an adjustment for incompatible changes in C++20 (ICU-20973)

            ICU 70 can now be built and used with C++20 compilers.

        Memory management continues to be reviewed and made simpler & safer by using more smart pointers.

        String Search is slightly faster and uses less memory (ICU-21533, ICU-21710).

        API changes since ICU4C 69 (Markdown) / (HTML)

For API changes see:

comment:3 by pierre, 2 years ago

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comment:4 by pierre, 2 years ago

Summary: icu4c-70.1)icu4c-70.1

comment:5 by pierre, 2 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Rebuilt xfsprogs, boost, js78, libical, node.js, harfbuzz, samba, qt5, qtwebengine, webkitgtk, evolution-data-server, tracker3, tracker3-miners, vte, libreoffice, firefox, seamonkey, thunderbird, and texlive. Apart from the 113 failures in js78 tests (which should be harmless), the rebuild went smoothly.

Fixed a commit 3bc05c579682aaf599449dfc41e0eb7a7c4361d5

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