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opencv opencv_contrib-4.5.4

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New point version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

According to Arch, there was an ABI break with opencv-4.5.4, but no soname bump. Upstream refuses to do a soname bump, saying that there is no ABI guarantee with any OpenCV version.

The same thing applies to the recent libvpx update. Anyone who updates libvpx or opencv needs to rebuild the following packages to use the new libraries:


xsoft/graphweb/firefox.xml:      <xref linkend="libvpx"/>,
multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml:      <xref linkend="libvpx"/>,
multimedia/videoutils/mplayer.xml:      <xref linkend="libvpx"/>,
multimedia/libdriv/gst10-plugins-good.xml:      <xref linkend="libvpx"/>,
multimedia/libdriv/xine-lib.xml:      <xref linkend="libvpx"/>,


comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago


multimedia/videoutils/ffmpeg.xml:      <xref linkend="opencv"/>,
multimedia/libdriv/gst10-plugins-bad.xml:      <xref linkend="opencv"/> (with additional modules),

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

Highlights of this release:

    GSoC 2021 is over. 11 projects are successful, and most of the results are already merged into OpenCV tree and available in 4.5.4 (in the main repository or in opencv_contrib). Here is the list of merged functionality:
        8-bit quantization in DNN Module: #20228 + onnx importer #20535
        Improved OpenCV bindings for Julia: opencv_contib#3009
        Speech recognition sample: #20291
        Optimizing OpenCV DNN for RISC-V: #20287 + #20521
        Tutorial for Universal Intrinsics and parallel_for_ for efficient cross-platform algorithm implementation: #20361

    DNN module patches:

        Improved layers / activations / supported more models:
            GRU, CumSum, Max, Min, ExpandDims
            Fixed convolution with asymmetric padding
            Fixed Unsqueeze (ONNX opset 13)
            Fixed several memory access issues in OpenCL kernels

        Implement CTC prefix beam search decode for TextRecognitionModel: #20524

        Added SoftNMS implementation: #20813

        Intel® Inference Engine backend ( OpenVINO™ ):
            added support for OpenVINO 2021.4.1 LTS release
            added support for models with non-FP32 outputs or for outputs with 1D layout

    G-API module:

        G-API framework:
            Introduced generic visitor(s) for the G-API's own implementation of variant<> data structure: #20039.
            Introduced a full-featured graph reshape support for the heterogeneous graphs: #20705.
            Fixed cv::RMat handling in the regular execution mode: #20593.
            Fixed cv::RMat and introduced cv::MediaFrame handling with the desync() operation: #20747.

        OpenVINO™ Toolkit backend:
            Introduced FP16 data type support in the OpenVINO™ inference backend: #20490.
            Fixed issues with incorrect precision and preprocessing options set for imported binary network blobs: #20528;
            Fixed issue with possible extra external resources being held during the inference execution, causing hangs at some platforms (e.g. with GStreamer memory in): #20791.

        Python bindings:
            Extended OpenVINO™ inference backend parameters in Python with methods to configure constant input layers and the number of asynchronous infer requests: #20508;
            Aligned the compileStreaming() behavior in Python with the C++ version: #20555;

            Covered serialization-related methods with Doxygen documentation: #20163;
            Added serialization support for graph constant data: #20372;
            Added serialization support for the cv::MediaFrame data structure: #20329;

        Media integration:
            Merged the first bits of the upcoming oneVPL integration for accelerated Media on Windows;

        Samples and demos:
            Added various graph-level optimizations to the MTCNN demo: #20383, #20474;
            Extended the Semantic Segmentation demo with new type of networks (unet-camvid-onnx-0001): #20476;
            Fixed various issues in the Python port of the gaze estimation demo: #20510.

        Other changes and fixes:
            Fixed various issues with ONNX RT inference tests: #20359.
            Extended Render fixture with more parameters: #20771.

    And many other contributions:

        Add DNN-based face detection and face recognition into modules/objdetect: #20422

        Restore LineSegmentDetector (LSD) implementation

        Python: cv.Mat wrapper over numpy.ndarray is introduced to handle issues with passing of 3D arrays into C++ algorithms: #19091

        Python: support OpenCV extension with pure Python modules: #20611

        Debugging: Add gdb pretty printer for cv::Mat: #20547

        Add Quicklook for Mat on iOS and macOS: #20457

        Add generation of new type of radon checkerboard: #20735

comment:5 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

If you have NumPy installed, you can ignore the message regarding numpy.distutils not being available

comment:6 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

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