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New point version.

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comment:1 by pierre, 2 years ago

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comment:2 by pierre, 2 years ago

19/10/2021 autofs-5.1.8
- add xdr_exports().
- remove mount.x and rpcgen dependencies.
- dont use realloc in host exports list processing.
- use sprintf() when constructing hosts mapent.
- fix mnts_remove_amdmount() uses wrong list.
- Fix option for master read wait.
- eliminate cache_lookup_offset() usage.
- fix is mounted check on non existent path.
- simplify cache_get_parent().
- set offset parent in update_offset_entry().
- remove redundant variables from mount_autofs_offset().
- remove unused parameter form do_mount_autofs_offset().
- refactor umount_multi_triggers().
- eliminate clean_stale_multi_triggers().
- simplify mount_subtree() mount check.
- fix mnts_get_expire_list() expire list construction.
- fix inconsistent locking in umount_subtree_mounts().
- fix return from umount_subtree_mounts() on offset list delete.
- pass mapent_cache to update_offset_entry().
- fix inconsistent locking in parse_mount().
- remove unused mount offset list lock functions.
- eliminate count_mounts() from expire_proc_indirect().
- eliminate some strlen calls in offset handling.
- don't add offset mounts to mounted mounts table.
- reduce umount EBUSY check delay.
- cleanup cache_delete() a little.
- rename path to m_offset in update_offset_entry().
- don't pass root to do_mount_autofs_offset().
- rename tree implementation functions.
- add some multi-mount macros.
- remove unused functions cache_dump_multi() and cache_dump_cache().
- add a len field to struct autofs_point.
- make tree implementation data independent.
- add mapent tree implementation.
- add tree_mapent_add_node().
- add tree_mapent_delete_offsets().
- add tree_mapent_traverse_subtree().
- fix mount_fullpath().
- add tree_mapent_cleanup_offsets().
- add set_offset_tree_catatonic().
- add mount and umount offsets functions.
- switch to use tree implementation for offsets.
- remove obsolete functions.
- remove redundant local var from sun_mount().
- use mount_fullpath() in one spot in parse_mount().
- pass root length to mount_fullpath().
- remove unused function master_submount_list_empty().
- move amd mounts removal into lib/mounts.c.
- check for offset with no mount location.
- remove mounts_mutex.
- remove unused variable from get_exports().
- add missing free in handle_mounts().
- remove redundant if check.
- fix possible memory leak in master_parse().
- fix possible memory leak in mnts_add_amdmount().
- fix double unlock in parse_mount().
- add length check in umount_subtree_mounts().
- fix flags check in umount_multi().
- dont try umount after stat() ENOENT fail.
- remove redundant assignment in master_add_amd_mount_section_mounts().
- fix dead code in mnts_add_mount().
- fix arg not used in error print.
- fix missing lock release in mount_subtree().
- fix double free in parse_mapent().
- refactor lookup_prune_one_cache() a bit.
- cater for empty mounts list in mnts_get_expire_list().
- add ext_mount_hash_mutex lock helpers.
- fix amd section mounts map reload.
- fix dandling symlink creation if nis support is not available.
- fix lookup_prune_one_cache() refactoring change.
- fix amd hosts mount expire.
- fix offset entries order.
- use mapent tree root for tree_mapent_add_node().
- eliminate redundant cache lookup in tree_mapent_add_node().
- fix hosts map offset order.
- fix direct mount deadlock.
- add missing description of null map option.
- fix nonstrict offset mount fail handling.
- fix concat_options() error handling.
- eliminate some more alloca usage.
- use default stack size for threads.
- fix use of possibly NULL var in lookup_program.c:match_key().
- fix incorrect print format specifiers in get_pkt().
- add mapent path length check in handle_packet_expire_direct().
- add copy length check in umount_autofs_indirect().
- add some buffer length checks to master map parser.
- add buffer length check to rmdir_path().
- eliminate buffer usage from handle_mounts_cleanup().
- add buffer length checks to autofs mount_mount().
- make NFS version check flags consistent.
- refactor get_nfs_info().
- also require TCP_REQUESTED when setting NFS port.

comment:3 by pierre, 2 years ago

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