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New point version.

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comment:1 by pierre, 23 months ago

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comment:2 by pierre, 23 months ago

Dhcpcd explicitly tell they don't provide changelog. The log can be found at

comment:3 by pierre, 23 months ago

Resolution: fixed
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in reply to:  2 comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 23 months ago

Replying to pierre:

Dhcpcd explicitly tell they don't provide changelog. The log can be found at

It looks like they've moved current dhcpcd-9 development to a separate branch:

comment:5 by Douglas R. Reno, 23 months ago

 script: Use rt_proto_add to ensure no duplicate interfaces on OpenBSD
 eloop: Allow eloop to process all fds returned from poll(2)
 Linux: fix a memory leak when dhcpcd exits or the log is reopened
 control: unlink privileged socket when shutting down without privsep
 Whitespace Fixes (x2 commits)
 control: log an error if we fail to remove the write callback
 privsep: Ensure BPF listener pid is logged in debug
 privsep: move setting signals to after clearing eloop
 BSD: Plug a memory leak
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for nds32 (#21)
 import-src: adjust build target so all .in files are pre-built
 import-src: Improve target so we don't create empty files
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for xtensa (#22)
 Linux: Add support for NDS32BE SECCOMP
 Typo with prior
 A belated welcome to 2021
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for microblaze (#24)
 Rename Master to Manager
 Rename Privileged Actioneer to Privileged Proxy
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for sh (#25)
 src/privsep-linux: fix build on sparc (#26)
 Force TOP as we know which directory we are in.
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for nios2 (#23)
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for or1k (#27)
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for arc (#28) remove dead reference to phabricator
 src/privsep-linux.c: add support for m68k (#29)
 BSD: Find the correct interface for tunneled routes
 IPv4LL: Don't remove statically assigned addresses
 configure: test -a|o is not POSIX
 Fix parsing of hex/octal escapes in strings (#42)
 Update man pages for default metric changes (#51)
 Fix rt_cmp_dest() for equivalent network prefixes with different netmasks. (#52)
 DHCP6: Only send FQDN for SOLICIT, REQUEST, RENEW, or REBIND messages.
 privsep: Enforce proper alignment of serialized struct cmsghdr
 DHCP6: Don't spam the log when a RA repeatedly triggers an INFORM
 privsep: Fix getting interface VLANID on BSD (#58)
 DHCP: Fix infinite INFORM messages
 DHCP: Set INFORM state only when we are about to inform Remove non existant man page links.
 privsep: Fix compile on Dragonfly BSD
 privsep: and again on OpenBSD
 Release dhcpcd-9.4.1
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