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New minor version

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comment:1 by ken@…, 2 years ago

Hopefully, this might mean we no longer need the sed in node.js, just in time for node.js v16 becoming LTS.

comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

Summary: c-ares-1.18.0c-ares-1.18.1

Now 1.18.1

comment:3 by ken@…, 2 years ago

c-ares version 1.18.1 - Oct 27 2021

Bug fixes:

ares_getaddrinfo() would return ai_addrlen of 16 for ipv6 adddresses rather than the sizeof(struct sockaddr_in6)

c-ares version 1.18.0 - Oct 25 2021


Add support for URI(Uniform Resource Identifier) records via ares_parse_uri_reply()

Provide ares_nameser.h as a public interface as needed by NodeJS

Update URLs from to

During a domain search, treat ARES_ENODATA as ARES_NXDOMAIN so that the search process will continue to the next domain in the search.

Turn ares_gethostbyname() into a wrapper for ares_getaddrinfo() as they followed very similar code paths and ares_gethostbyaddr() has some more desirable features such as priority sorting and parallel queries for AF_UNSPEC.

ares_getaddrinfo() now contains a name element in the address info structure as the last element. This is not an API or ABI break due to the structure always being internally allocated and it being the last element.

ares_parse_a_reply() and ares_parse_aaaa_reply() were nearly identical, those now use the same helper functions for parsing rather than having their own code.

RFC6761 Section 6.3 says "localhost" lookups need to be special cased to return loopback addresses, and not forward queries to recursive dns servers. On Windows this now returns all loopback addresses, on other systems it returns or ::1 always, and will never forward a request for "localhost" to outside DNS servers.

Haiki: port

Bug fixes:

add build to .gitignore

z/OS minor update, add missing semicolon in ares_init.c

Fix building when latest ax_code_coverage.m4 is imported

Work around autotools 'error: too many loops' and other newer autotools import related bugs.

MinGW cross builds need advapi32 link as lower case

Cygwin build fix due to containing both socket.h and winsock2.h

ares_expand_name should allow underscores (_) as SRV records legitimately use them

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