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docutils-0.18 (Python module)

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New minor version.

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Release 0.18 (2021-10-26)

Docutils 0.18.x is the last version supporting Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6.

    Output changes:


        During identifier normalization, leading number and hyphen characters are no longer stripped from a reference name, if the id_prefix setting is non-empty.


            with --id-prefix="DU-", a section with title "34. May" currently gets the identifier key DU-may and after the change the identifier key DU-34-may.

        The default value for the auto_id_prefix setting changed to %: "use the tag name as prefix for auto-generated IDs". Set auto_id_prefix to id for unchanged auto-IDs.

        Use the semantic tag <aside> for footnote text and citations, topics (except abstract and toc), admonitions, and system messages. Use <nav> for the Table of Contents.

        Make "auto" table column widths the default: Only specify column widths, if the "widths" option is set and not "auto". The table-style setting "colwidths-grid" restores the current default.

        Items of a definition list with class argument "details" are converted to details disclosure elements. Example:

        ..class:: details
          This additional information should be hidden.

        Do not add "compound-first", "compound-middle", or "compound-last" to elements nested in a compound. Use child selector and ":first-child", ":last-child" pseudo classes instead. Use class value "backrefs" instead of "fn-backref" for a span of back-references.

        Write footnote brackets and field term colons to HTML, so that they are present also without CSS and when copying text.

        Move space character between section number and heading into "sectnum" span.

    math-output: html

        Support more commands, fix mapping of commands to Unicode characters. Scale variable sized operators and big delimiters with CSS. Don't use <tt> element (deprecated in HTML5). Use STIX fonts if available.


        legacy_class_functions setting default changed to "False", admonitions are now environments.

    New standard Docutils doctree node: <meta>.

    New configuration settings: [latex writers] legacy_column_widths and [html5 writer] image_loading.

    Removed files: iepngfix.htc and blank.gif (IE 6 workaround for s5_html).

    Removed function: utils.unique_combinations (obsoleted by itertools.combinations).

    Removed attribute: HTMLTranslator.topic_classes (check node.parent.classes instead).

    Major refactoring and fixes/additions in docutils/utils/math/math2html.py and docutils/utils/math/latex2mathml.py (mathematical notation in HTML, cf. LaTeX syntax for mathematics).

    nodes.Node.traverse() returns an iterator instead of a list.

    Various bugfixes and improvements (see HISTORY).

    Fix spelling errors in documentation and docstrings. Thanks to Dimitri Papadopoulos.

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