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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
Priority: normal Milestone: 11.3
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New minor version.

Previously this was version was marked as a development release in a ticket, but it appears to be a stable release. Arch is using this version.

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comment:1 by pierre, 19 months ago


Many versions are available in the gc_source subdirectory. Currently a recent stable version is gc-8.0.6.tar.gz

and at

 8.2.0 Pre-release

We may have a good reason to use a pre-release (new API/CODEC/whatever available and needed, or security advisory), but in this case I am not sure.

comment:2 by pierre, 19 months ago

Note that I am not sure how the currency script could be fixed... For SA, the last CVE is from 2012 AFAICS.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 19 months ago

Summary: gc-8.2.0gc-8.2.0 (Wait for next release)

OK, we can wait unless something comes up. I missed the pre-release tag.

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 17 months ago

Milestone: 11.199-Waiting

comment:5 by pierre, 9 months ago

Milestone: 99-Waiting11.3
Summary: gc-8.2.0 (Wait for next release)gc-8.2.2

Now, 8.2.2:

8.2.2 Latest

  • Abort if no progress with thread suspend/resume signals resending
  • Add CMake option to force libatomic_ops headers usage
  • Add _PROP suffix to CORD/GC[CPP]_VERSION variables in CMake script
  • Allow not to bypass pthread_cancel hardening in pthread_start
  • Allow to start marker threads in child of single-threaded client
  • Avoid potential race in GC_init_real_syms after GC_allow_register_threads
  • Avoid potential signal loss before sigsuspend in suspend_handler if TSan
  • Define SUNOS5SIGS macro for kFreeBSD
  • Distribute gc_gcj.h and some other headers in single-obj-compilation
  • Do not assert that GC is initialized at DLL_THREAD_DETACH (Win32)
  • Do not call SET_HDR() to remove forwarding counts if none exists in hblk
  • Do not call mprotect/mmap to GC_unmap/remap (Linux)
  • Do not count unmapped regions if GC_unmap is madvise-based (Linux)
  • Do not define NEED_FIND_LIMIT in case of OpenBSD user threads
  • Do not fail tests if pthread_create returns resource unavailable error
  • Do not name GCC intrinsics as C11 ones
  • Do not probe to find main data root start if dl_iterate_phdr exists
  • Do not send signal to thread which is suspended manually
  • Do not use usleep between signals resend if ThreadSanitizer
  • Eliminate '-pedantic is not option that controls warnings' GCC-6.3 message
  • Eliminate '/GS can not protect parameters' MS VC warning in msvc_dbg
  • Eliminate 'R_AARCH64_ABS64 used with TLS symbol' linker warning (clang)
  • Eliminate 'buffer overflow detected' FP error in realloc_test
  • Eliminate 'extension used' clang warning in sparc_mach_dep.S (configure)
  • Eliminate 'function/data pointer conversion in expression' MSVC warning
  • Eliminate 'implicit decl of _setjmp' gcc warning if -std=c11 on Cygwin
  • Eliminate 'layout of aggregates has changed in GCC 5' warning in test_cpp
  • Eliminate 'new_l may be used uninitialized' gcc warning in os_dep (Cygwin)
  • Eliminate 'old_gc_no is initialized but not referenced' MS VC false warning
  • Eliminate 'possible loss of data' compiler warning in GC_envfile_getenv
  • Eliminate 'potentially uninitialized local variable tc' warning (MSVC)
  • Eliminate 'skipping config since MAX_HEAP_SECTS is unknown' cppcheck FP
  • Eliminate 'unused but set variable' gcc warnings in cpptest
  • Eliminate 'value exceeds maximum size' warnings in debug_malloc, huge_test
  • Eliminate 'writing into region of size 0' gcc FP warning in realloc
  • Eliminate ASan stack-buffer-underflow FP in GC_mark_and_push_stack (E2K)
  • Eliminate code defect about incorrect size of allocated object (leaktest)
  • Eliminate data race reported by TSan in GC_have_errors
  • Eliminate division-by-zero FP warning in GC_ASSERT in reclaim_block
  • Eliminate stringop-overflow gcc-12 warning in CORDnext
  • Ensure typed objects descriptor is never located in the first word
  • Fix 'GC_greatest_stack_base_below is defined but not used' warning (IA64)
  • Fix 'GC_text_mapping not used' GCC warning if redirect malloc w/o threads
  • Fix 'ISO C forbids conversion of function pointer to object' warning
  • Fix 'undeclared getpagesize' compiler warning on AIX and OSF1
  • Fix 'undefined reference to data_start' linker error on Linux/aarch64
  • Fix 'unresolved impwsprintfA' linker error in msvc_dbg.c (MSVC)
  • Fix 'unresolved symbol GetModuleHandle' error in win32_threads.c (UWP)
  • Fix (workaround) stack overflow in gctest on Alpine Linux/s390x
  • Fix GC_ATTR_NO_SANITIZE_THREAD definition for GCC
  • Fix GC_allocate_ml incorrect cleanup in GC_deinit if pthreads (MinGW)
  • Fix GC_dirty() argument in GC_malloc_explicitly_typed_ignore_off_page
  • Fix GC_make_descriptor for zero length argument
  • Fix GC_suspend_thread if called before thread destructor
  • Fix GC_unmapped_bytes update in GC_unmap for Sony PS/3
  • Fix SIGSEGV caused by dropped stack access from child process in gctest
  • Fix SUNOS5SIGS documentation to match macro definition in gcconfig.h
  • Fix abort in Win32 DllMain if PARALLEL_MARK
  • Fix abort when GC_repeat_read returns zero
  • Fix assertion about built-in AO_test_and_set_acquire on sparc64 (gcc-12)
  • Fix assertion violation in GC_allow_register_threads on Windows
  • Fix assertion violation of GC_thread_key alignment if pthread-based TLS
  • Fix comment in GC_init regarding GC_init_parallel call
  • Fix context saving when GC_suspend_thread(self)
  • Fix data race in fail_proc1 of gctest
  • Fix hang in GC_free if GC_PREFER_MPROTECT_VDB (Mingw64)
  • Fix hang in select() called from suspend signal handler if TSan
  • Fix hang on sem_wait in GC_suspend_thread if thread was resumed recently
  • Fix hb_obj_kind type in documentation (ASCII diagram) describing hblkhdr
  • Fix incremental mode enabling in gctest if TEST_MANUAL_VDB
  • Fix linking of tests in case of finalization is off
  • Fix lock assertion violation in GC_find_limit if always multi-threaded
  • Fix memory return to OS in GC_unmap
  • Fix missing lock when GC_generate_random_valid_address is called
  • Fix missing write() declaration if CONSOLE_LOG (Watcom)
  • Fix nodist_libgc_la_SOURCES value in for Solaris/sparc
  • Fix oldProc initialization in gc_cleanup and eliminate related warnings
  • Fix parallel_initialized assertion violation in initsecondarythread (Win32)
  • Fix potential race if start_mark_threads called from threads in child
  • Fix propagation of out-of-memory occurred in GC_make_sequence_descriptor
  • Fix pthread_setname_np and dladdr detection by CMake
  • Fix race between calloc_explicitly_typed and push_complex_descriptor
  • Fix typos in comments and
  • Fix undefined stack_base on UWP/arm64 (llvm-mingw)
  • Force GC_with_callee_saves_pushed in suspend_handler if NO_SA_SIGACTION
  • Link with rt library to get clock_gettime where necessary
  • Make finalizer_closure pointer read/write atomic in malloc and callback
  • Move platform-specific sleep call to GC_usleep (refactoring)
  • Pass -lrt linker option in CMake script on HP/UX, NetBSD
  • Prevent (fix) parallel custom mark procs run in single-threaded clients
  • Prevent changing of GC_markers_m1 value while collection in progress
  • Refer to instead of deleted Makefile file in README
  • Relax assertion of hb_n_marks in reclaim_block if more than two markers
  • Remove IF_IA64 macro in pthread_stop_world (refactoring)
  • Remove checking of RS6000 completely
  • Remove duplicate check of MSWIN_XBOX1 in os_dep.c
  • Remove duplicate include gc_tiny_fl.h in gc_priv.h
  • Remove non-working check of M68K in gctest
  • Remove useless TSan W/A about read of mark_lock_holder for Windows
  • Replace RAISE_SIGNAL macro with a static function (refactoring)
  • Replace SSH cloning with HTTPS one in README
  • Retry pthread_kill if EAGAIN (Linux)
  • Revert "Check real-symbols are already initialized in pthread_join/detach"
  • Revert "Remove nested always-false ifdef for HPUX and FREEBSD"
  • Revert addition of msvc_dbg.h in
  • Set default build type to RelWithDebInfo (CMake)
  • Start configure help messages with a lower case letter
  • Support 'z' format modifier by CORD_vsprintf
  • Support Elbrus 2000 (Linux/e2k)
  • Support GCC MCF thread model (mcfgthreads) in configure (MinGW)
  • Support GC_remove_roots on Win32
  • Support OpenBSD/riscv64
  • Support build using on Linux/sparc
  • Support space-separated flags in CFLAGS_EXTRA passed to CMake
  • Update README.win32 about default build configuration (configure, cmake)
  • Update documentation of GC_RATE and MAX_PRIOR_ATTEMPTS
  • Use SIGRTMIN+6 as suspend signal if sigrt-signals on OpenBSD
  • Use SIGUSR1/2 on FreeBSD/arm64
  • Use compiler TLS on NetBSD only if at least gcc-4.4 or clang-3.9
  • Workaround 'info is not assigned' cppcheck FP if assertions on (OS X)
  • Workaround SIG_SUSPEND delivery to thread inside mutex_lock fail if TSan
  • Workaround TSan FP about race between generic_malloc and array_mark_proc
  • Workaround TSan FP in acquire_mark_lock called from fork_prepare_proc
  • Workaround TSan FP warning in finalized_malloc, push_unconditionally
  • Workaround TSan FP warning in fork_prepare_proc
  • Workaround TSan FP warning in push_marked1/2/4, ptr_store_and_dirty
  • Workaround Thread Sanitizer (TSan) FP warning in is_valid_displacement
  • Workaround call stack size exceeded in gctest (Wasm)
  • Workaround crash in FreeBSD rand() by avoiding its concurrent usage
  • Workaround gctest hang if test compiled as C++ code by MSVC (CMake)
  • Workaround msvc_dbg.c build failure on arm[64] (MSVC)

comment:6 by pierre, 9 months ago

8.2.0 Pre-release

  • Add API for accessing incremental GC time limit with nanosecond precision
  • Add API function to force start of incremental collection
  • Add GC_ prefix to scan_ptr and some other static variables (refactoring)
  • Add GC_get/set_disable_automatic_collection API
  • Add I_HOLD_LOCK assertion to expand_hp_inner and related functions
  • Add assertion on free-list argument and result of GC_new_kind
  • Add assertion that GC is initialized to base incremental_protection_needs
  • Add assertions that GC_page_size is initialized
  • Add cordtest, staticrootstest, test_cpp, tracetest, disclaim tests (CMake)
  • Add debug messages on thread suspend/resume (Win32)
  • Add dummy testing of GC_incr_bytes_allocd/freed
  • Add table of contents in
  • Add testing of GC_CALLOC/MALLOC_EXPLICITLY_TYPED (gctest)
  • Adjust formatting of numbered lists in to match other .md files
  • Adjust highlighting of API prototypes in
  • Adjust macro def/usage for AVR32, CRIS, NETBSD, OPENBSD, SH4 in gcconfig.h
  • Adjust printf calls in gctest check_heap_stats so that each has new-line
  • Allow incremental GC on Cygwin
  • Allow memory unmapping in case of MPROTECT_VDB
  • Allow to disable GWW or mprotect-based VDB at build
  • Allow to disable Glibc FPU exception mask and TSX workarounds (Linux)
  • Allow to disable builtin_return_address(1) usage (x86 and x64)
  • Allow to specify custom value of LOG_PHT_ENTRIES
  • Always abort on failure to access /proc/self/maps (Linux)
  • Always define default_push_other_roots (code refactoring)
  • Avoid gcc stringop-overflow warning for intended overflow in smashtest
  • Avoid initial 3ms pause on world stop/start with GC_retry_signals (Linux)
  • Build gc as a shared multi-threaded library by default (CMake)
  • Build gccpp library by, NT_MAKEFILE and WCC_MAKEFILE
  • Build gctba library
  • Build shared libraries by default (WCC_MAKEFILE)
  • Change CLOCK_TYPE to timespec for Nintendo Switch (code refactoring)
  • Change EMSCRIPTEN macro for internal use to no-underscore format
  • Change log_size fields of finalizer to unsigned type (code refactoring)
  • Change type of toggleref_array_size/capacity to size_t (code refactoring)
  • Check leak of objects allocated by CRT malloc in gctest (MS VC)
  • Check real-symbols are already initialized in pthread_join/detach
  • Collapse multiple includes of windows.h (code refactoring)
  • Comments reformatting in mark.c to properly delimit sentences
  • Compile de test GUI app with resources (CMake)
  • Compile gc.c unless building static libraries (NT_MAKEFILE, WCC_MAKEFILE)
  • Compile msvc_dbg.c by CMake script (MS VC)
  • Declare API function and print amount of memory obtained from OS
  • Define GC_win32_free_heap API function for all Windows targets
  • Define STATIC macro to static by default
  • Depend number of fork_a_thread calls on NTHREADS (gctest)
  • Detect dladdr() presence in CMake script
  • Detect presence of execinfo.h system header in CMake script
  • Detect presence of getcontext and dl_iterate_phdr in CMake script
  • Detect sigsetjmp() availability in CMake script
  • Disable Clang/GCC aliasing optimization in CMake script by default
  • Do not build tests by default ( and other Makefiles)
  • Do not build the tests by default (CMake)
  • Do not call GC_push_conditional unless PROC_VDB
  • Do not call add_to_our_memory with null pointer (refactoring)
  • Do not compile pthread_*.c files in Cygwin or MSYS (CMake)
  • Do not define GC_write_cs for Xbox One target
  • Do not define HAVE_NO_FORK for all Unix-like systems
  • Do not hard-code CMAKE_DL_LIBS value and install paths (CMake)
  • Do not hard-code finalizable objects limit which triggers GC
  • Do not update scratch_last_end_ptr unless used by reg dynamic libraries
  • Document GC_incr_bytes_allocd/freed API function
  • Eliminate '(long)size<=0 is always false' cppcheck FP
  • Eliminate 'Consecutive return is unnecessary' cppcheck style warning
  • Eliminate 'accessing GC_dont_gc without lock' in GC_init code defect FP
  • Eliminate 'bytes_freed access w/o lock in incr_bytes_free' code defect FP
  • Eliminate 'checking if unsigned i < 0' cppcheck FP in is_heap_base
  • Eliminate 'hash_val value is never used' cppcheck false positive
  • Eliminate 'passing tainted var maps_buf to tainted sink' code defect FP
  • Eliminate 'retry_cnt is assigned value but never used' cppcheck FP
  • Eliminate 'stop variable is always 0' compiler warning in print_callers
  • Eliminate 'struct member os_callback is never used' cppcheck warning
  • Eliminate 't->flags not atomically updated' code defect FP
  • Eliminate 'tmpl might be accessed at non-zero index' cppcheck error
  • Eliminate GCC warning of unsafe builtin_return_address(1)
  • Eliminate code duplication in reclaim_clear and disclaim_and_reclaim
  • Eliminate double lock code defect false positive in generic_lock
  • Eliminate memory leak reported in add_current_malloc_heap at exit (Win32)
  • Emscripten single-threaded support (detect stack base, push registers)
  • Enable CMake-based build for Borland and Watcom compilers
  • Enable compilation without C runtime (Win32)
  • Enable fork testing in single-thread builds (Unix-like)
  • Enable mprotect-based incremental GC for Linux/arm and Linux/aarch64
  • Enable true incremental collection even if parallel marker is on
  • Enable use of builtin_unwind_init() if clang-8 or later
  • Ensure ELFSIZE is defined in dyn_load.c for OpenBSD (code refactoring)
  • Ensure add_to_heap_inner arguments are valid (refactoring)
  • Ensure all getters and setters are run at least once by gctest (pthreads)
  • Export CMake targets with namespace BDWgc
  • Fix 'const obj must be initialized if not extern' error in gc_alloc_ptrs.h
  • Fix ./ dependency on FreeBSD (Automake)
  • Fix HOST determination in CMake script
  • Fix copyright message in de_win.rc,, ec.h and specific.h
  • Fix missing OS_TYPE definition for some targets
  • Fix mmap(PROT_NONE) failure if RLIMIT_AS value is low (Linux)
  • Generate cordtest and de executable files in GC base folder
  • Generate pkg-config metadata file (CMake)
  • Get rid of some non-ELF ifdefs (code refactoring)
  • Handle potential incomplete buffer read in GC_linux_main_stack_base
  • Implement GET_TIME for Nintendo Switch
  • Increase NTHREADS value in tests if code coverage analysis
  • Install docs and man page if enable_docs (CMake)
  • Install gc_gcj.h and gc_pthread_redirects.h only if appropriate
  • Log abort message details even if not print_stats (unless SMALL_CONFIG)
  • Mark buffer returned by get_maps as const (code refactoring)
  • Move C++ GC_ATTR_EXPLICIT and GC_NOEXCEPT definition to gc_config_macros.h
  • Move GC state non-pointer variables into GC_arrays (code refactoring)
  • Move GC state pointer variables into GC_arrays
  • Move GC_scratch_recycle_inner() to alloc.c (refactoring)
  • Move GC_throw_bad_alloc definition to new C++ file
  • Move QNX and Emscripten macro definitions to proper place in gcconfig.h
  • Move definition of GC_n_mark_procs and GC_n_kinds from mark.c to misc.c
  • New API (GC_set_markers_count) to control number of parallel markers
  • New API function to clear GC exclusion table
  • New API function to get size of object debug header
  • New API standalone functions to acquire and release the allocator lock
  • New CMake option (disable_gc_debug) to remove debugging code
  • New CMake option (disable_handle_fork) to disable fork handling completely
  • New macro (CONSOLE_LOG) to enable logging to console on Win32
  • New macro (GCTEST_PRINT_VERBOSE) to enable verbose logging in test.c only
  • New macro (NO_MSGBOX_ON_ERROR) to avoid message box on GC abort (Win32)
  • OpenBSD does not use ELF_CLASS (code refactoring)
  • Pass -D GC_DLL -fvisibility=hidden if default configure build is requested
  • Pass -no-undefined linker flag if building shared libraries (CMake)
  • Print pid of child processes if verbose logging (gctest)
  • Read environment variables from a file on WinCE (CMake script)
  • Reduce stack-allocated buffer in get_nprocs from 4KB to 1.7KB
  • Refine flags field comment in pthread_support.h
  • Reflect result of VDB selection at runtime in incremental_protection_needs
  • Reformat code of GC_push_roots
  • Reformat (wrap long lines)
  • Reformatting and code refactoring of CMake script
  • Remove 'current users' section from
  • Remove 'distributed ports', 'scalable versions' sections from
  • Remove AC_MSG_RESULT for THREADDLLIBS (dgux386)
  • Remove Borland-specific Makefile and gc.mak script
  • Remove GC_eobjfreelist variable in typd_mlc.c (code refactoring)
  • Remove GC_gcj_malloc_initialized variable (code refactoring)
  • Remove Linux-specific commands for building cord/de from
  • Remove Win32 main_thread static variable if threads discovery is disabled
  • Remove code duplication between GC_unmap and GC_unmap_gap (refactoring)
  • Remove code duplication between PROTECT and UNPROTECT macros (refactoring)
  • Remove commented out assignment of gc_use_mmap in configure (refactoring)
  • Remove dash characters comprising prefix of some verbose logs (gctest)
  • Remove dependency on user32.dll import library from static libgc (Win32)
  • Remove documentation specific to particular old BDWGC releases
  • Remove duplicate Linux-related macro definitions in gcconfig.h
  • Remove duplicate macro definitions in gcconfig.h except for Linux
  • Remove gcmt-dll generation, rename libgc-lib.a to libgc.a (CMake)
  • Remove goto statement in print_callers (code refactoring)
  • Remove limit on number of heap sections
  • Remove new_gc_alloc.h file
  • Remove redundant GC_with_callee_saves_pushed call in multi-threaded builds
  • Remove redundant check of GC_free argument in register_finalizer
  • Remove redundant type casts in backgraph HEIGHT_UNKNOWN/IN_PROGRESS
  • Remove unused GC_prev_heap_addr (refactoring)
  • Remove unused STACK_GRAN macro definitions (code refactoring)
  • Remove unused sparc_sunos4_mach_dep.s file
  • Remove useless empty statements after block ones (refactoring)
  • Remove weakobj_free_list variable in disclaim_weakmap_test (refactoring)
  • Rename READ to PROC_READ in os_dep.c (code refactoring)
  • Rename cord/cord test executable to de (CMake)
  • Rename ext_descr to typed_ext_descr_t (code refactoring)
  • Rename gc64.dll to gc.dll and gc[64]_dll.lib to gc.lib in NT_MAKEFILE
  • Rename gc68060.lib to gc.lib, cord/cord68060.lib to cord.lib in SMakefile
  • Rename make_as_lib option to enable_static in NT_MAKEFILE and WCC_MAKEFILE
  • Rename nothreads option to disable_threads in NT_MAKEFILE
  • Repeat run_one_test NTHREADS times by gctest if single-threaded
  • Replace "msecs" with "ms" in all comments and messages
  • Replace 'stack base' with 'stack bottom' in the documentation
  • Replace SN_TARGET_ORBIS to PLATFORM_* and GC_NO_* macros
  • Replace _M_AMD64 macro with _M_X64 (code refactoring)
  • Replace find_limit_openbsd to find_limit_with_bound (OpenBSD 5.2+)
  • Replace obsolete AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING (refactoring)
  • Replace push_one calls with push_many_regs one for Win32 thread context
  • Report memory region bounds and errno on GC_unmap/remap failure
  • Report presence of process fork testing (gctest)
  • Report time with a nanosecond precision where available
  • Retry suspend/resume signals on all platforms by default
  • Run tree and typed tests in child process (gctest)
  • Set GC_collecting hint for GC_collect_a_little_inner calls (pthreads)
  • Set name of GC marker threads
  • Set so-version for installed shared libraries (CMake)
  • Simplify logged message in scratch_recycle
  • Simplify loops of collect_a_little/stopped_mark invoking mark_some
  • Support -fvisibility=hidden option in CMake script
  • Support CFLAGS_EXTRA to pass extra user-defined compiler flags (CMake)
  • Support FreeBSD/RISC-V, Linux/arc, LoongArch, OpenBSD/powerpc64
  • Support header files installation (CMake)
  • Support most configure options in CMake script
  • Suppress warnings in test_tinyfl() of gctest reported by Watcom C complier
  • Take nanoseconds into account when updating full_gc_total_time
  • Turn off C++ API by default, export it in gccpp library (CMake)
  • Turn on automatic fork() handling by default on Android
  • Update README.cmake regarding Unix, C++ and tests
  • Update version info to differentiate against v8.0.x
  • Update the ASCII diagrams describing the tree structure for pointer lookups
  • Update the documentation to match the current GC implementation
  • Upgrade cmake_minimum_required(version) to 3.1
  • Use CreateThread without GC_ prefix in gctest (code refactoring)
  • Use KB/MB/GB abbreviations uniformly across entire documentation
  • Use USE_MMAP_ANON when USE_MMAP is configured on OpenBSD
  • Use a specific Emscripten allocator for Tiny
  • Use atomic primitives for Sony PlayStation Portable 2 and PS4
  • Use better precision Windows timers
  • Use clock_gettime() instead of clock() on Cygwin and Linux
  • Use compiler TLS on FreeBSD and NetBSD
  • Use mprotect-based VDB on PowerPC and S390 (Linux)
  • Use soft dirty bits on Linux (i386, powerpc, s390, x86_64)
  • Workaround 'condition result<=0 is always false' cppcheck FP in get_maps
  • Workaround 'push_regs configured incorrectly' error (GCC-11)
  • Workaround 'same value in both branches of ternary operator' cppcheck FP
  • Workaround various cppcheck false positives

comment:7 by Douglas R. Reno, 9 months ago

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comment:8 by Douglas R. Reno, 9 months ago

This version contains a new library - provides an interface to throw bad C++ allocations.

comment:9 by Douglas R. Reno, 9 months ago

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