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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 17 months ago

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comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 17 months ago

Changelog for released sg3_utils-1.47 [20211110] [svn: r919]

  • sg_rep_zones: add support for REPORT ZONE DOMAINS and REPORT REALMS in this utility
  • sg_raw: fix prints of NVMe NVM command names
  • sg_ses: fix Windows problem "No command (cdb) given"
    • fix crash when '-m LEN' < 252
    • guard against smaller '--maxlen=' values
  • sg_logs: additions to Volume statistics lpage [ssc5r05c]
    • additions to Command duration limits statistics log page [spc6r06]
  • sg_vpd: fix do_hex type on some recent pages
    • zoned block dev char vpd: add zone alignment mode and zone starting LBA granularity [zbc2r11]
  • sg_read_buffer: fix --length= problem
  • sg_dd, sgm_dd, sgp_dd: don't close negative file descriptors
  • sg_dd: srand48_r() and mrand48_r() are GNU libc specific, put conditional in so non-reentrant version used otherwise
    • 'iflag=00,ff' places the 32 bit block address (big endian) into each block
  • sgp_dd: major rework, fix issue with error being ignored
    • new: --chkaddr which checks for block address in each block
    • add check for stdatomic.h presence in configure.ac
  • sg_xcopy: tweak CSCD identification descriptor
  • sg_get_elem_status: fix issue with '--maxlen=' option
    • add 2 depopulation revocation health attributes [sbc5r01]
  • transport error handling improved. To fix report of a BAD_TARGET transport error but the utility still continued.
    • introduce SG_LIB_TRANSPORT_ERROR [35] exit status
  • several utilities: override '--maxlen=LEN' when LEN is < 16 (or 4), take default (or 4) instead
  • scripts: 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules remove outdated rule
  • sg_lib: add sg_scsi_status_is_good(), sg_scsi_status_is_bad() and sg_get_zone_type_str()
  • pt_linux: fix verify(BytChk=0) which Linux SNTL translated to write, other SNTL cleanups
  • pt_linux_nvme: fix fua setting
  • pt: check_pt_file_handle() add return value of 5 for FreeBSD for nvme(cam)
  • pt: new configure option --enable-pt_dummy builds the library with sg_pt_dummy.c instead of OS specific code; for experimenting with --inhex= decoding on netbsd
  • pt: add Haiku OS support
  • gcc -fanalyzer fixes: in sg_pt_linux.c + sg_write_x.c
  • sg_pt_dummy.c: add list of functions that a new pt needs to define
  • configure.ac: tweak to accept uclinux as linux
  • move some hex files from examples to inhex directory
  • major rework of lib/sg_pt_freebsd.c; make SNTL as similar as practical to the Linux implementation
  • add testing/sg_take_snap
  • change links to http://sg.danny/cz/sg/* to https

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 17 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at commit 7fa5ff6cd3161e8012649fbfdbaa09f9309a1fe7

Package updates.
    Update to git-2.34.0.
    Update to libuninameslist-20211114.
    Update to sg3_utils-1.47.
    Update to pipewire-0.3.40.
    Update to curl-7.80.0.
    Update to mlt-7.2.0.
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