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New minor version.

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10.4.0: release

  • Add --allow-weak-crypto option to suppress warnings about use of weak cryptographic algorithms. Update documentation around this issue.

  • Relax xref recovery logic a bit so that files whose objects are either missing endobj or have endobj at other than the beginning of a line can still be recovered.

  • Add support for OpenSSL 3.
  • Add range check in QPDFNumberTreeObjectHelper
  • Add QIntC::range_check_subtract to do range checking on subtraction, which has different boundary conditions from addition.
  • Bug fix: fix crash that could occur under certain conditions when using --pages with files that had form fields.

  • Add an extra check to the library to detect when foreign objects are inserted directly (instead of using <function>QPDF::copyForeignObject</function>) at the time of insertion rather than when the file is written. Catching the error sooner makes it much easier to locate the incorrect code.
  • Bug fix: make overlay/underlay work on a page with no resource dictionary.

  • Add QPDF::findPage to the public API. This is primarily to help improve the efficiency of code that wraps the qpdf library, such as pikepdf.

  • zlib-flate: warn and exit with code 3 when there is corrupted input data even when decompression is possible. We do this in the zlib-flate CLI so that it can be more reliably used to test the validity of zlib streams, but we don't warn by default in qpdf itself because PDF files in the wild exist with this problem and other readers appear to tolerate it. There is a PDF in the qpdf test suite (form-filled-by-acrobat.pdf) that was written by a version of Adobe Acrobat that exhibits this problem.

  • Add Pl_Flate::setWarnCallback to make it possible to be notified of data errors that are recoverable but still indicate invalid data.

  • Improve error reporting when someone forgets the -- after --pages.

  • Bug fix: ensure we don't overflow any string bounds while handling completion, even when we are given bogus input values.

  • Improve performance of preservation of object streams by avoiding unnecessary traversal of objects when there are no object streams.

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at commit cd9f166ad6a5fc2b00e493524d0f1c170b3d9eb9

Package updates.
    Update to tigervnc-1.12.0.
    Update to wireshark-3.4.10.
    Update to qpdf-10.4.0.
    Update to Mako-1.1.6 (Python module).
    Update to bind/bind utilities 9.16.23.
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