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Version increment

There is now updates to the 4.2 branch as well as what looks like a stable 4.4 branch. I have no clue what is stable and what is dev.

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comment:1 by alexander@…, 16 years ago

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Summary: XFce-??? (You pick)XFce-4.4.0

I take this update.

comment:2 by alexander@…, 16 years ago

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Unassigning all tickets from myself due to hardware failure at work

comment:4 by laxy, 16 years ago

I built stable Xfce 4.4.1 couple days ago. It was a serious WoW-moment when it started, and a second one when I turned compositing and transparency on (those look just great!) Now I'm putting my spoon in too:

-libgtkhtml2 can only be used by the about box-app in xfce4-utils to show html. But as all about texts included are just that, text, it isn't needed at all

-I used the dbus version from the book. No problems so far

-Xfce4-utils includes a very good xinitrc. It's installed to /etc/xdg/xfce4. It takes care of merging Xdefaults, starting D-BUS etc.. So copying that to $HOME/.xinitrc is recommended

-for one of the source packages (don't remember which one) you need to give default browser and terminal emulator to configure script (if you don't, the terminal icon does nothing, but browser icon tries nearly every opensource browser: firefox, seamonkey, galeon, mozilla, dillo..)

-If you want Thunar to be able to manage removable media, you need HAL

-Thunar can use Gnome Thumbnailers if Gconf is installed

After deleting sources my Xfce installment took about ~220mb. Most of that is in icons and themes, but I didn't build xfprint, xfmedia, xarchiver, hal and thus hal-bound parts, and measured that after stripping..

comment:5 by laxy, 16 years ago

Adding what I forgot:

-librsvg is a must. Every package in Xfce has scalable icons, but only 1 size of png icons..

I built all packages with this var set: XFCE_CONF="--prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libexecdir=/usr/lib/xfce4" along with some flags for that package (like the default browser and terminal emulator for one)

It was a really easy and troublefree build. I had no errors. The required and recommended dependencies along with the correct build order are here:

comment:6 by laxy, 16 years ago

I meant like this: ./configure $XFCE_CONF

comment:7 by alexander@…, 16 years ago

Summary: XFce-4.4.0Remove XFce from the book

I have no time (due to writing a Russian equivalent of PhD dissertation) to do the update, and nobody else seems to care. A draft of the patch is available at, it also contains the rationale why HAL support is better left disabled. If nobody picks up this version update, the only sane choice is to drop XFce from the book.

comment:8 by dnicholson@…, 16 years ago

As I stated in that thread, I think the patch looks good, and I'm willing to support it if necessary. I'd prefer if someone else wants to take this, though. I can test out the build sometime soon, but I'm pretty busy at work.

comment:9 by Randy McMurchy, 16 years ago

Summary: Remove XFce from the bookXFCE-4.4.1

I don't think dropping this package from the book is the prudent thing to do. Changing the Summary back to show a version increment is the task.

comment:10 by Arthur Demchenkov, 16 years ago

Xfce 4.4.2 released

It's mostly bugfix release.

comment:11 by alexander@…, 16 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

I have updated the page in the book to Xfce-4.4.2 and commented it out, because, apparently, no editors are interested in this package, so the page is quickly going to become outdated again.

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