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koffice dependencies

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Koffice doesn't recognize Python-2.6, the configure script stops at version 2.5. I had to hack configure by hand to fix it, at:

38925:if test -z ""2.5""; then
38928:  version=""2.5""
51129:if test -z ""2.5""; then
51132:  version=""2.5""

I switched these to 2.6, to fix include directory and library names.

Koffice also asks for GraphicsMagick.

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comment:1 by willimm, 15 years ago

Hmm... GraphicsMagick. Judging by the name, GraphicsMagick must be similar to ImageMagick.


Latest version: 1.3.5

Deps: Yup, I was right, GraphicsMagick uses the same deps as ImageMagick, except it also uses OpenEXR. Also, according to it's web site, it uses OpenMP.

Compilation instructions: ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared \

--enable-magick-compat &&

make And as root: make install

(Note, this was from CBLFS. I use it for making packages not in the book (BLFS), like Lua and OpenEXR.)

KOffice can use [ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick] both, so, unless you want OpenEXR support, stick with ImageMagick.

Other "Recommendend" Deps (acording to CBLFS:)

KdeBase 3.*


This is a library for M$ Word documents, that are made with Word 97, 2000, XP. Not sure if it supports 2003, but for sure it doesn't support 2007.

It needs libgsf, compiles with ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-debug && make && sudo make install.

Downloads location:


This is a library for WordPerfect documents. (For those that don't know, WordPerfect is Corel's rival to M$ Word.) It is most commonly used to import WordPerfect documents into other word processors.

Download location:

Deps: Like wv2: Libwpd needs libgsf, and it can use Doxygen for API docs.

Compilations instructions: Standard compilation instructions. (./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install)

(BTW, this [Libwpd] is also a opt. dep for OpenOffice.)

As mentioned above, either ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick.


C++ bindings for PostgreSQL. (like GTK+mm is for GTK+)

Download location:

Deps: Obsvley, this needs PostgreSQL for it to build. It can use Doxygen for API docs, and xmlto for extra docs.

Compilation instructions: Standard, but with a configure option added. (--enable-shared)


And the recommended deps for koffice are there.

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