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TeX Live does not build xindy fron source

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Xindy is supplied by the TeX binary installer, but not rebuilt from source. Separated out from #4647.

Brief summary (see that ticket for more details)

  1. needs clisp, which is a bit of a pain to build, and perhaps other packages.

For me, the clisp testsuite ends in a segfault and I have no suitable document for testing if the from-source xindy works.

  1. needs
    --enable-xindy --enable-xindy-rules --enable-xindy-doc
  2. there is a file from the binary which did NOT get replaced when I installed the source with the above switch. Perhaps there is some alternative way of forcing that to get installed.

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comment:1 by Homer Simpson, 9 years ago

Looking At xindy link in the bin folder

From the changelog

# Revision 1.13 2009/03/29 11:14:04 jschrod # does not exist any more, call clisp directly.

ok here is the only ref to

my $xindy_run = ( $is_windows ?

"$lib_dir/xindy-lisp.exe" : "$lib_dir/" );

$clisp = $xindy_run if -e $xindy_run;

our $clisp = ( $is_windows ? 'clisp.exe' : 'clisp' ) ;

context be dammed ....

if there is a file it is the CLISP runtime if it does not exist it uses the system clisp runtime deleteing is "safe" with a clisp runtime in path.

I still dont get a segfault id say post a BT of core but im not familiar with lisp or clisp code but may work something out from it.

comment:2 by Homer Simpson, 9 years ago

Ah but thats not all im using the devtree not the tarball that may be relevant.

seems like is static

comment:3 by ken@…, 9 years ago

Thanks for the comments. I don't have the build tree anymore and I'm progressing other things. Testsuite failures aren't particularly interesting in themselves, I just wanted some assurance that clisp would work. There was another optional package which I omitted, maybe that helps.

But what we really need is a way of using xindy "in anger" to generate an index, i.e. example document, and instructions. And if it's like asy, it probably will cause some anger during the process :)

comment:4 by bdubbs@…, 9 years ago

Milestone: 7.6future

comment:5 by ken@…, 9 years ago

Test files are in

They do basic tests for latex, lualatex, asy and xindy. For xindy, 'make encyclopedium' (or just 'make' to test them all. Each test creates a PDF, so they require Xorg, DejaVu Serif or FreeSerif fonts, TeX (of course!), and a PDF reader. If the xindy test passes, encyclopedium.pdf will contain 4 pages, of which the last is the index. If it fails but everything else it uses is working, there will only be 3 pages.

comment:6 by ken@…, 9 years ago

Forgot to add that with my builds so far, using libsigsegv and clisp, and adding the switches to enable xindy, the test fails because no index is present in the PDF - but it works on last year's binary.

comment:7 by ken@…, 9 years ago

If and when both this and #5228 (biber) have been addressed, the following line in install-tl-unx should be changed : "You can rebuild most of the programs from source" to omit 'most of'.

comment:8 by ken@…, 9 years ago

Got xindy working ;-) I started by trying to build libsigsegv, ffcall, clisp in the TeX Live tree, based on but that failed abysmally - no matter what I did, clisp could not find libsigsegv.

Along the way, I discovered that *nobody* runs the tests in clisp, so my past failures there are probably not important.

I also found a buildscript from Robbie at slackware : which appears to suggest that TeX Live can be built without a pre-installed binary (first build the main part, then use that to enable xindy to be built). That was tempting, but it will apparently not install the symlinks, scripts, fonts, what have you - so, the result on its own might not be usable. That is something to try another day.

What I did get from that is the addition of --with-clisp-runtime=system as well as --enable-xindy --enable-xindy-rules --enable-xindy-doc. Doing that has created xindy.mem (instead of the binary's and (after renaming my current tex-test-20140628 all works (i.e. encyclopedium.pdf contains an index, which it did not on my previous attempt).

I do NOT feel like trying to squeeze libsigsegv and clisp into the book before 7.6, and I have not started to look at biber [ for the moment, I do not have a test case to prove if biber seems to work ], but if anybody cares, I will note that I added the following two deps:

libsigsegv-2.10 ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --disable-static

clisp-2.49 mkdir build ; cd build ; ../configure --srcdir=../ --prefix=/usr --with-libsigsegv-prefix=/usr (needs to be built with -j1, tests still fail).

comment:9 by ken@…, 9 years ago

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comment:10 by ken@…, 9 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r14115.

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