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Berkeley DB 6.0.30

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The database record format for databases containing BLOBs has changed in Any database from version or earlier that contains BLOBs must be upgraded before it can be opened by this or any later version of Berkeley DB. Databases without BLOBs do not require upgrading.

Correct a problem with DB_LOCKDOWN which would cause an mlock error ENOMEM on some operating systems. #21379

Fixed an error which prevented encrypted databases from being upgraded correctly. #22215

Fixed a bug where opening a partition database would fail if the range keys did not fit within a single database page. #22280

Fixed several build failures for different configurations on QNX. #22310

Databases containing BLOBs are now portable between machines of opposite endianness. #22455

Fixed a bug that would prevent a client from rejoining the group when it had been deleted from the replication group earlier. #22460

Update the db_dump and db_printlog utilities to use a -D option to control the amount of data printed. #22485

Old log files will once again be automatically removed in the SQL API. #22521

When a removed site rejoins a two-site replication group with DB_REPMGR_CONF_2SITE_STRICT turned off, defer its election so that the rejoining site does not prematurely elect itself master with only its own vote when the other site is already master. #22683

DB_ENV->close() now detaches from the environment's mmap and shared memory regions even when a panic error (DB_RUNRECOVERY) has been returned. #22805

Fixed a bug the would cause an environment panick when creating in-memory heap databases on certain endian machines. #22929

Empty directories in the BLOB directory will now be deleted after executing a non-transaction protected remove operation on a BLOB enabled database. #22935

All BLOB files will now be deleted when removing a BLOB enabled database that contains subdatabases. #22938

Fixed a bug where a Replication Manager subordinate process could fail its automatic takeover as the replication process because it is unnecessarily waiting for acknowledgements from other sites before the connections to these sites are properly established. #22998

Aborting the creation of a BLOB-enabled database will no longer leave various support files in the environment. #23000

Changes between and

Updated the PHP API to work with PHP 5.4 and above. #22594

Changes between and

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Fixed at r12843.

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