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   BIND 9.10.0-P2 is a security fix release of BIND 9.10 which also
   includes changes to address GCC optimization issues described in
   ISC Operational Notification

   This document summarizes features added or significantly changed
   since the previous major release, BIND 9.9. Bug fixes since BIND
   9.10.0 are also summarized. Changes marked with '**' have been added
   since the previous release (BIND 9.10.0-P1). Please see the CHANGES
   file in the source code release for a complete list of all changes.

   A query specially crafted to exploit a defect in EDNS option
   processing can cause named to terminate with an assertion failure.
   This fixes a missing isc_buffer_availablelength check when
   printing out a packet.  [CVE-2014-3859] [RT #36078] **

   A programming error in the prefetch feature could cause named
   to crash with a "REQUIRE" assertion failure in name.c [CVE-2014-3214]
   [RT #35899]

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comment:1 by Fernando de Oliveira, 9 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book@… to Fernando de Oliveira
Status: newassigned

I have never done this. Will try and give back, if I fail to get it working.

comment:2 by Fernando de Oliveira, 9 years ago

I don't understand this:

[ $(uname -m) = x86_64 ] && ln -sv lib usr/lib64

Shouldn't be:

[ $(uname -m) = x86_64 ] && ln -sv lib /usr/lib64


comment:3 by bdubbs@…, 9 years ago

No, what's there is correct.

cd /srv/named 
mkdir -p usr/lib/engines 
[ $(uname -m) = x86_64 ] && ln -sv lib usr/lib64

We are creating /srv/named/usr/lib64 -> lib, but only for x86_64 systems.

comment:4 by Fernando de Oliveira, 9 years ago


I have 4 tests failures, 60 passes and 4 skips.

Failures: resolver, rpz, statistics and xfer (this was already in the book). So, will include three lines in the sed, but modify the text: "... some tests fail for unknown reasons."

Will include a sentence with a command to find which test failed.

comment:5 by Fernando de Oliveira, 9 years ago

Summary: bind-9.10.0-P2bind-9.10.0-P2/bind-utilities-9.10.0-P2

comment:6 by Fernando de Oliveira, 9 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

I didn't like the results of the tests and could not find anything about the new failures.

Also, Cannot understand why I had 68 tests, while Bruce had 185.

Will consider as fixed at r13235 and close, but if Bruce or somebody wants to investigate further the tests, please do, I will try to learn better, then.

comment:7 by Fernando de Oliveira, 9 years ago

Correction: forgot to run

grep "R:PASS" check.log | wc -l

Result is 191. Thus, it is greater than the 185 for Bruce.

I cannot remeber anymore why, but I knew that the number of tests had increased, so the failures I was getting were new. Forgot about that and reado only the tail of the log, which was giving me the much smaller number of tests.

I am happier, now.

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