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2015/04/07: Version 11.1.4 - Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at>
	* Makefile: sysstat init script may sometimes be called rc.sysstat.
	  So use that name when needed [11.0.4].
	* pidstat: Don't stop if gtime and cgtime fields are unavailable
	* sar: Fix output with filesystems having more than MAX_FS_LEN
	  characters in length.
	* Updated DTD and XSD documents. XML document, as displayed by
	  sadf -x, should now be properly validated against them.
	* [Peter Schiffer]: Replace spaces with tabs in [11.0.4].
	* [Peter Schiffer]: Create appropriate directories in DESTDIR if
	  missing [11.0.4].
	* [Peter Schiffer]: Fixed installation of systemd/cron files on
	  systems w/o systemd [11.0.4].
	* [Peter Schiffer]: Don't look in weird places for programs during
	  configuration [11.0.4].
	* [Steve Kay]: sar: Added option to display mountpoint names instead
	  of filesystem names.
	* [Steve Kay]: sar/sadf: Permit hh:mm:ss as well as hh:mm.
	* [Steve Kay]: Fix mpstat SCPU alignment output [11.0.4].
	* [Steve Kay]: Fix unproperly indented line in sar -h output.
	* Makefile: Call chkconfig only if $(COPY_ONLY) is set to no [11.0.4].
	* sysstat(5) manual page updated [11.0.4].
	* [Dimitrios Apostolou]: Updated sargraph tool.
	* [Dimitrios Apostolou]: Updated sa2 script to support more compression
	  formats. Simplify logic with regexes.
	* [Dimitrios Apostolou]: YESTERDAY variable can now be changed in sysstat
	  config file (/etc/sysconfig/sysstat).
	* [Dimitrios Apostolou]: By default sa2 now generates yesterday's summary.
	* CREDITS file updated.

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