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Reported by: Fernando de Oliveira Owned by: Fernando de Oliveira
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.8
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 Fixed in 7.42.0 - April 22 2015


   • openssl: show the cipher selection to use in verbose text
   • gtls: implement CURLOPT_CERTINFO
   • add CURLOPT_SSL_FALSESTART option (darwinssl and NSS)
   • curl: add --false-start option
   • curl: add --path-as-is option
   • curl: create output file on successful download of an empty file 


   • ConnectionExists: for NTLM re-use, require credentials to match
   • cookie: cookie parser out of boundary memory access
   • fix_hostname: zero length host name caused -1 index offset
   • http_done: close Negotiate connections when done
   • sws: timeout idle CONNECT connections
   • nss: improve error handling in Curl_nss_random()
   • nss: do not skip Curl_nss_seed() if data is NULL
   • eliminate double quotes around CURL_CA_BUNDLE
   • http2: move lots of verbose output to be debug-only
   • dist: add to the tarball
   • http2: return recv error on unexpected EOF
   • build: Use default RandomizedBaseAddress directive in VC9+ project files
   • build: Removed DataExecutionPrevention directive from VC9+ project files
   • tool: Updated the warnf() function to use the GlobalConfig structure
   • http2: Return error if stream was closed with other than NO_ERROR
   • mprintf.h: remove #ifdef CURLDEBUG
   • libtest: fixed linker errors on msvc
   • tool: use ENABLE_CURLX_PRINTF instead of _MPRINTF_REPLACE
   • curl.1: fix "The the" typo
   • cmake: handle build definitions CURLDEBUG/DEBUGBUILD
   • openssl: remove all uses of USE_SSLEAY
   • multi: fix memory-leak on timeout (regression)
   • curl_easy_setopt.3: added CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS
   • metalink: add some error checks
   • TLS: make it possible to enable ALPN/NPN without HTTP/2
   • http2: use CURL_HTTP_VERSION_* symbols instead of NPN_*
   • conncontrol: only log changes to the connection bit
   • multi: fix *getsock() with CONNECT
   • handle '-' in the deprecated field
   • MacOSX-Framework: use @rpath instead of @executable_path
   • GnuTLS: add support for CURLOPT_CAPATH
   • GnuTLS: print negotiated TLS version and full cipher suite name
   • GnuTLS: don't print double newline after certificate dates
   • handle free(NULL)
   • proxy: re-use proxy connections (regression)
   • mk-ca-bundle: Don't report SHA1 numbers with "-q"
   • http: always send Host: header as first header
   • openssl: sort ciphers to use based on strength
   • openssl: use colons properly in the ciphers list
   • http2: detect premature close without data transfered
   • hostip: Fix signal race in Curl_resolv_timeout
   • closesocket: call multi socket cb on close even with custom close
   • use std header and generate better nroff header
   • connect: Fix happy eyeballs logic for IPv4-only builds
   • curl_easy_perform.3: remove superfluous close brace from example
   • HTTP: don't use Expect: headers when on HTTP/2
   • Curl_sh_entry: remove unused 'timestamp'
   • docs/libcurl: makefile portability fix
   • mkhelp: Remove trailing carriage return from every line of input
   • nss: explicitly tell NSS to disable NPN/ALPN when libcurl disables it
   • curl_easy_setopt.3: added a few missing options
   • metalink: fix resource leak in OOM
   • axtls: version 1.5.2 now requires that config.h be manually included
   • HTTP: don't switch to HTTP/2 from 1.1 until we get the 101
   • cyassl: detect the library as renamed wolfssl
   • openssl: try to avoid accessing OCSP structs when possible
   • test938: added missing closing tags
   • testcurl: Allow '=' in values given on command line
   • tests/certs: added make target to rebuild certificates
   • tests/certs: rebuild certificates with modified key usage bits
   • gtls: avoid uninitialized variable
   • gtls: dereferencing NULL pointer
   • gtls: add check of return code
   • test1513: eliminated race condition in test run
   • dict: rename byte to avoid compiler shadowed declaration warning
   • curl_easy_recv/send: make them work with the multi interface
   • vtls: fix compile with --disable-crypto-auth but with SSL
   • openssl: adapt to ASN1/X509 things gone opaque in 1.1
   • openssl: verifystatus: only use the OCSP work-around <= 1.0.2a
   • curl_memory: make curl_memory.h the second-last header file loaded
   • add the --notes option to supply more info about a build
   • cyassl: If wolfSSL then identify as such in version string
   • cyassl: Check for invalid length parameter in Curl_cyassl_random
   • cyassl: default to highest possible TLS version
   • Curl_ssl_md5sum: return CURLcode (fixes OOM)
   • polarssl: remove dead code
   • polarssl: called mbedTLS in 1.3.10 and later
   • globbing: fix step parsing for character globbing ranges
   • globbing: fix url number calculation when using range with step
   • multi: on a request completion, check all CONNECT_PEND transfers
   • build: link curl to openssl libraries when openssl support is enabled
   • url: Don't accept CURLOPT_SSLVERSION unless USE_SSL is defined
   • vtls: Don't accept unknown CURLOPT_SSLVERSION values
   • build: Fix libcurl.sln erroneous mixed configurations
   • cyassl: remove undefined reference to CyaSSL_no_filesystem_verify
   • cyassl: add SSL context callback support for CyaSSL
   • tool: only set SSL options if SSL is enabled
   • multi: remove_handle: move pending connections
   • configure: Use KRB5CONFIG for krb5-config
   • axtls: add timeout within Curl_axtls_connect
   • CURLOPT_HTTP200ALIASES.3: Mainly SHOUTcast servers use "ICY 200"
   • cyassl: Fix library initialization return value
   • cookie: handle spaces after the name in Set-Cookie
   • http2: Fix missing nghttp2_session_send call in Curl_http2_switched
   • cyassl: Fix certificate load check
   • build-openssl.bat: Fix mixed line endings
   • checksrc.bat: Check lib\vtls source
   • DNS: fix refreshing of obsolete dns cache entries
   • CURLOPT_RESOLVE: actually implement removals
   • checksrc.bat: quotes to support an SRC_DIR with spaces
   • cyassl: Remove 'Connecting to' message from cyassl_connect_step2
   • cyassl: Use CYASSL_MAX_ERROR_SZ for error buffer size
   • lib/transfer.c: Remove factor of 8 from sleep time calculation
   • lib/makefile.m32: add missing libs to build libcurl.dll
   • build: Generate source prerequisites for Visual Studio in generate.bat
   • cyassl: Include the CyaSSL build config
   • firefox-db2pem: fix wildcard to find Firefox default profile
   • BUGS: refer to the github issue tracker now as primary
   • vtls_openssl: improve several certificate error messages
   • cyassl: Add support for TLS extension SNI
   • parsecfg: do not continue past a zero termination
   • configure --with-nss=PATH: query pkg-config if available
   • configure --with-nss: drop redundant if statement
   • cyassl: Fix include order
   • HTTP: fix PUT regression with Negotiate
   • curl_version_info.3: fixed the 'protocols' variable type 

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