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Version 1.02.96 - 2nd May 2015
  Fix selection to not match if using reserved value in criteria with >,<,>=,<.
  Fix selection to not match reserved values for size fields if using >,<,>=,<.
  Include uuid or device number in log message after ioctl failure.
  Add DM_INTERNAL_SUSPEND_FLAG to dm-ioctl.h.
  Install blkdeactivate script and its man page with make install_device-mapper.


Version 2.02.119 - 2nd May 2015
  New LVM_LOG_FILE_EPOCH, LVM_EXPECTED_EXIT_STATUS env vars. Man page to follow.
  Remove detailed content from lvm.conf man page: use lvmconfig instead.
  Generate complete config files with lvmconfig or 'make generate'.
  Also display info on deprecated config with lvmconfig --withcomments.
  Display version since which config is deprecated in lvmconfig --withversions.
  Add --showdeprecated to lvmconfig to also display deprecated settings.
  Hide deprecated settings in lvmconfig output for all types but current,diff.
  Introduce support for exit on idle feature in libdaemon
  Add --showunsupported to lvmconfig to also display unsupported settings.
  Display unsupported settings for lvmconfig --type current,diff only by default
  Honour lvmconfig --ignoreunsupported and --ignoreadvanced for all --type.
  Make python bindings usable with python3 (and compatible with 2.6 & 2.7).
  Add lvmconfig -l|--list as shortcut for lvmconfig --type list --withsummary.
  Add lvmconfig --type list to display plain list of configuration settings.
  Introduce lvmconfig as the preferred form of 'lvm dumpconfig'.
  Add lv_ancestors and lv_descendants reporting fields.
  Add --ignorelocal option to dumpconfig to ignore the local section.
  Close connection to lvmetad after fork.
  Make lvchange able to resume background pvmove polling again.
  Split pvmove update metadata fn in an initial one and a subsequent one.
  Refactor shared pvmove and lvconvert code into new _poll files.
  Add --unconfigured option to dumpconfig to print strings unconfigured.
  Add --withsummary option to dumpconfig to print first line - summary comment.
  Use number of device holders to help choose between duplicate PVs.
  Try to make lvmetad and non-lvmetad duplicate PV handling as similar as poss.
  Issue warnings about duplicate PVs discovered by lvmetad.
  Track alternative devices with matching PVIDs in lvmetad.
  Check for lvm binary in blkdeactivate and skip LVM processing if not present.
  Add --enable-halvm and --disable-halvm options to lvmconf script.
  Add --services, --mirrorservice and --startstopservices option to lvmconf.
  Use proper default value of global/use_lvmetad when processing lvmconf script.
  Respect allocation/cling_tag_list during intial contiguous allocation.
  Add A_PARTITION_BY_TAGS set when allocated areas should not share tags.
  Make changes persist with python addTag/removeTag.
  Set correct vgid when updating cache when writing PV metadata.
  More efficient clvmd singlenode locking emulation.
  Reject lvcreate -m with raid4/5/6 to avoid unexpected layout.
  Don't skip invalidation of cached orphans if vg write lck is held (2.02.118).
  Log relevant PV tags when using cling allocation.
  Add str_list_add_list() to combine two lists.
  Fix LV processing with selection to always do the selection on initial state.
  Add internal LV_REMOVED LV status flag.

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I will not update the tests, they always failed for me.

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Fixed at r15923.

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