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GDB 7.9.1 brings the following fixes and enhancements over GDB 7.9:

   * PR build/18033 (C++ style comment used in gdb/iq2000-tdep.c and
   * PR build/18298 ("compile" command cannot find compiler if tools
     configured with triplet instead of quadruplet)
   * PR tui/18311 (Random SEGV when displaying registers in TUI mode)
   * PR python/18299 (exception when registering a global pretty-printer
     in verbose mode)
   * PR python/18066 (argument "word" seems broken in Command.complete
     (text, word))
   * PR pascal/17815 (Fix pascal behavior for class fields with testcase)
   * PR python/18285 (ptype expr-with-xmethod causes SEGV)

GDB 7.9 brings new targets, features and improvements, including:

   * Many improvements in GDB's Python scripting API.

   * Compilation and injection of source code into the inferior
     (requires GCC 5.0 or higher built with

   * On resume, GDB now always passes the signal the program had stopped
     for to the thread the signal was sent to, even if the user changed
     threads before resuming.  Previously GDB would often (but not
     always) deliver the signal to the thread that happens to be current
     at resume time.

   * Conversely, the "signal" command now consistently delivers the
     requested signal to the current thread.  GDB now asks for
     confirmation if the program had stopped for a signal and the user
     switched threads meanwhile.

   * Hardware watchpoint support on x86 GNU Hurd.

   * New target

     ** MIPS SDE                        mips*-sde*-elf*

   * New commands

     ** add-auto-load-scripts-directory directory
     ** compile code [-r|-raw] [--] [source code]
     ** compile file [-r|-raw] filename
     ** demangle [-l language] [--] name
     ** maint print user-registers
     ** queue-signal signal-name-or-number

   * New options

     ** set debug symbol-lookup
     ** show debug symbol-lookup

   * MI changes

     ** New exit-code field in -list-thread-groups command output

   * Support for these obsolete configurations has been removed.

     ** Alpha running OSF/1 (or Tru64)          alpha*-*-osf*
     ** SGI Irix-5.x                            mips-*-irix5*
     ** SGI Irix-6.x                            mips-*-irix6*
     ** VAX running (4.2 - 4.3 Reno) BSD        vax-*-bsd*
     ** VAX running Ultrix                      vax-*-ultrix*

   * The "dll-symbols" command, and its two aliases ("add-shared-symbol-files"
     and "assf"), have been removed.  Use the "sharedlibrary" command, or
     its alias "share", instead.

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Fixed at r15972.

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