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We are using a development version (see NEWS for 0.3.0, not included below).

Version 0.4.0
Released: 2015-05-26

 - Remove extra-appstream support from the builder (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove all networking support when building metadata (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the batch output option from the builder (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the extra screenshots and appdata options from the builder
   (Richard Hughes)

New Features:
 - Add a mirror-screenshots command to appstream-util (Richard Hughes)
 - Detect recolorable symbolic icons (Richard Hughes)

 - Add text icons and sample text for some languages (Parag Nemade)
 - Allow using unwrapped description markup (Richard Hughes)
 - Check for duplicate screenshots when adding fonts (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not use the cache location when using install-origin with a
   DESTDIR (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix a crash for an invalid AppData file (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix exo-web-browser blacklist entry (Kalev Lember)
 - Link with GTK3 (Dominique Leuenberger)
 - Remove overzealous blacklisting entry (Richard Hughes)
 - Version the builder plugin location (Richard Hughes)

Version 0.3.6
Released: 2015-03-30

New Features:
 - Add a 'replace-screenshots' command to appstream-util (Richard
 - Add --batch-output to be able to disable the panel (Richard Hughes)
 - Make the AppStream builder support optional (Richard Hughes)
 - Now gcab is a hard requirement (Marc-Andre Lureau, Alberto Ruiz)
 - Put all the screenshots in a file (Richard Hughes)
 - Use the latest released version for unspecified (Richard Hughes)the
 - Use the upstream screenshot when we are using --no-net (Richard

 - Add the source-only tags when outputting AppData files (Richard
 - Allow uninstalling AppStream files from /var/cache (Richard Hughes)
 - Also subsume application licenses (Richard Hughes)
 - Always upscale screenshots if they are too small (Kalev Lember)
 - Assume the INF DriverVer is UTC (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not fail due to style warnings when using relaxed validation
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not trust the result of FcConfigAppFontAddFile() (Richard Hughes)
 - Remove the gtk3 dep from libappstream-glib (Richard Hughes)
 - Teach the builder how to write other archive formats (Richard Hughes)
 - Update the checksums for the gcab-generated firmware (Richard Hughes)
 - Use the correct image URL for HiDPI screenshots (Richard Hughes)

Version 0.3.5
Released: 2015-03-11

New Features:
 - Add new API required for firmware support (Richard Hughes)
 - Add new API required for OSTree and xdg-app support (Richard Hughes)
 - Add 'news-to-appdata' and 'appdata-to-news' cmds to appstream-util
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Support all of the yet-unreleased AppStream 0.9 spec (Richard Hughes)

 - Add releases from the upstream AppData files (Richard Hughes)
 - Allow short descriptions when validating <description> in releases
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Correctly load descriptions from <releases> in AppData files (Richard
 - Fix a builder crash where a package depends on itself (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix a crash when more than one thread tries to ensure the same
   package (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix DSO Linking error when built with --as-needed (Tim Lunn)
 - Make the failed AppStream metadata optional (Richard Hughes)
 - Make the icon tarball optional (Richard Hughes)
 - Relax validation checks to allow empty release sections (Richard
 - Return the correct exit code from appstream-builder (Richard Hughes)

Version 0.3.4
Released: 2015-01-17

New Features:
 - Add an --origin option to appstream-builder (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_app_get_search_tokens() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add show-search-tokens subcommand to appstream-util (Richard Hughes)
 - Add the matrix-html subcommand to appstream-util (Richard Hughes)
 - Add the VCS information to the AppStream metadata (Richard Hughes)

 - Add more applications to the blacklist (Richard Hughes, Igor
 - Allow specifying --packages-dir multiple times (Richard Hughes)
 - Alow setting the cachedir different from the outputdir (Richard
 - Always return errors from the correct domain when parsing broken
   AppData files (Richard Hughes)
 - Assume <image>foo</image> is a source image kind for AppData files
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Assume that stock icons are available in HiDPI sizes (Richard Hughes)
 - Blacklist the 40 most common search tokens (Richard Hughes)
 - Check if the search entries are valid before searching (Richard
 - Check screenshots are a reasonable size (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not absorb metainfo files for package deps (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not blacklist applications with broken AppData files (Richard
 - Do not veto applications with NoDisplay=false (Richard Hughes)
 - Fall back to the dumb tokenizer for keywords with special chars
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Handle other-endian MO files (Andreas Schwab)
 - Move as_utils_install_filename() into libappstream-glib (Richard
 - Output the full filename for local icons (Richard Hughes)
 - Preserve the URL for remote icon types and filename for local icons
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Require AppData for Xvfb-using applications (Richard Hughes)
 - Set an error if an XML file contains font markup (Richard Hughes)
 - Show the offending text when validation fails (Richard Hughes)

Version 0.3.3
Released: 2014-11-24

New Features:
 - Allow filtering addons in the status html pages (Richard Hughes)

 - Detect missing parents in the old metadata (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not fail to load all the desktop files if one is bad (Richard
 - Improve appdata-xml.m4 deprecation notice (David King)
 - Use <update_contact> from the AppStream specification (Richard
 - When using install-origin install into /var/cache (Richard Hughes)

Version 0.3.2
Released: 2014-11-04

New Features:
 - Add --veto-ignore to appstream-builder (Richard Hughes)
 - Add BLUR and SHARPEN values for AsImageSaveFlags (Richard Hughes)
 - Add a simple 'search' command to appstream-util (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_app_set_origin() (Richard Hughes)

 - Add some more valid metadata licenses (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not composite an app with its duplicate (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not create a hardlink when the target does not exist (Richard
 - Do not generate metadata with an icon prefix (Richard Hughes)
 - Fix FTBFS on GNU/Hurd (Matthias Klumpp)
 - Fix extraction of hardlinks (Richard Hughes)
 - Obsolete the appdata-tools package (Richard Hughes)
 - Save the screenshots as soon as possible (Richard Hughes)
 - Show the kudo stats on the status page (Richard Hughes)
 - Support HiDPI YAML icons (Richard Hughes)
 - Support getting the origin from .yml files (Richard Hughes)

Version 0.3.1
Released: 2014-10-21

 - This branch is still unstable and should not be used in stable
 - This release allows appstream-builer to parse Alpm packages for Arch
 - HiDPI support is now working well for icons and screenshots.

New Features:
 - Add a kudo for a HiDPI icon (Richard Hughes)
 - Add an --enable-hidpi argument to appstream-builder (Richard Hughes)
 - Add asb_app_set_hidpi_enabled() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add asb_context_get_min_icon_size() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add asb_context_set_embedded_icons() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add AsIcon as a new abstract icon object (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_icon_convert_to_kind() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_node_add_attribute_as_int() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_screenshot_set_priority() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_store_convert_icons() (Richard Hughes)
 - Add as_utils_find_icon_filename_full() for HiDPI support (Richard
 - Add as_utils_get_string_overlap() (Richard Hughes)
 - Alpm backend for appstream-builder (Fabien Bourigault)
 - Support filtering by metadata in status-csv (Richard Hughes)

 - Add more applications to the blacklist (Richard Hughes)
 - Allow application with NoDisplay=true and an AppData file (Richard
 - Allow AppStream files to be upgraded using appstream-util (Richard
 - Correctly write symlinks when extracting packages (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not allow applications to extend themselves (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not crash when doing as_tag_from_string(NULL) (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not leak applications when building if more than one plugin
   returns results (Richard Hughes)
 - Do not subsume vetoed fonts into the parent component (Richard
 - Do not write provides with an unknown kind (Richard Hughes)
 - Flush the package log again after the metadata write (Richard Hughes)
 - Ignore translation for non-translatable tags (Richard Hughes)
 - Include the width and height in the <icon> tag (Richard Hughes)
 - Install AppStream files with correct permissions (Richard Hughes)
 - Log when applications are automatically composited (Richard Hughes)
 - Manually search for HiDPI icons if the application only has one
   listed icon (Richard Hughes)
 - Monitor the XML and icons path for changes (Richard Hughes)
 - Never allow more than one default screenshot (Richard Hughes)
 - Never return a smaller HiDPI icon than a LoDPI icon (Richard Hughes)
 - Only detect missing data after the application have been merged
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Only guess a project as GNOME if it uses the GNOME bugzilla (Richard
 - Only process fonts with valid metainfo files (Richard Hughes)
 - Relax validation requirements for font metainfo files (Richard
 - Respect AS_NODE_FROM_XML_FLAG_LITERAL_TEXT when dealing with comments
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Sort the screenshots with a priority value (Richard Hughes)
 - Support multiple XML comments per tag (Richard Hughes)
 - Support upgrading more than one AppData file at a time (Richard
 - When validating AppStream files also validate the application objects
   (Richard Hughes)
 - Write the application XML after all the vetos have been added
   (Richard Hughes)

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This package should replace appdata-tools. When the update happens, nuke appdata-tools and replace its deps with this package.

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fixed at r16135.

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