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Significant changes since 1.4.1

[1] Fixed an issue whereby cjpeg would segfault if a Windows bitmap with
a negative width or height was used as an input image (Windows bitmaps
can have a negative height if they are stored in top-down order, but
such files are rare and not supported by libjpeg-turbo.)

[2] Fixed an issue whereby, under certain circumstances, libjpeg-turbo
would incorrectly encode certain JPEG images when quality=100 and the
fast integer forward DCT were used.  This was known to cause 'make test'
to fail when the library was built with '-march=haswell' on x86 systems.

[3] Fixed an issue whereby libjpeg-turbo would crash when built with the
latest & greatest development version of the Clang/LLVM compiler.  This
was caused by an x86-64 ABI conformance issue in some of libjpeg-turbo's
64-bit SSE2 SIMD routines.  Those routines were incorrectly using a
64-bit mov instruction to transfer a 32-bit JDIMENSION argument, whereas
the x86-64 ABI allows the upper (unused) 32 bits of a 32-bit argument's
register to be undefined.  The new Clang/LLVM optimizer uses load
combining to transfer multiple adjacent 32-bit structure members into a
single 64-bit register, and this exposed the ABI conformance issue.

[4] Fixed a bug in the MIPS DSPr2 4:2:0 "plain" (non-fancy and
non-merged) upsampling routine that caused a buffer overflow (and
subsequent segfault) when decompressing a 4:2:0 JPEG image whose scaled
output width was less than 16 pixels.  The "plain" upsampling routines
are normally only used when decompressing a non-YCbCr JPEG image, but
they are also used when decompressing a JPEG image whose scaled output
height is 1.

[5] Fixed various negative left shifts and other issues reported by the
GCC and Clang undefined behavior sanitizers.  None of these was known to
pose a security threat, but removing the warnings makes it easier to
detect actual security issues, should they arise in the future.

Source: README.txt, updated 2015-09-21

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Fixed at r16505

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